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Newsbrief: NJ School Superintendent Says Young Women Are the Enemy, WMC Calls Out the WSJ

| April 19, 2011

NJ School Superintendent Says Young Women Are Worst Enemy

4/15/11 Clutch Magazine: NJ School Superintendent blames young women for community's problems, saying, "our worst enemy is the young ladies."

WMC to WSJ: Print Fair Coverage of Fair Pay

4/13/11 The Wall Street Journaldecided to honor

Equal Pay Day

With an anti-fair pay oped, the WMC has launched a call to action to hold them accountable.

Yemeni Women Will Not Remain Silent

4/16/11 BBC: After the President said co-ed protests defied Islamic law, thousands of women have taken part in anti-government demonstrations in the conservative country.


If You Can Tell Boys From Girls, the Air Force May Give You 20 Grand

4/14/11 Wired: The US Air Force has had problems distinguishing men from women and adults from children, resulting in targeting and killing the wrong people. They’ve issued a challenge for proposals for a new system: the winner could walk away with 20 thousand dollars in reward money.

Holding the Line to Protect Some Programs, But Defunding Others Important to Women and Their Families

4/14/11 NWLC: Although funding continues for critical family planning services that millions of women depend on for their contraception and preventive health care screenings, protecting these actions came at a high price.

Judge Gives Philly Area Students the Right to "Heart" Boobies

4/13/11 Good: Two middle schools got in trouble on Breast Cancer Awareness Day for wearing “I (heart) Boobies” bracelets, which were subsequently banned by their school. The ACLU filed a suit on their behalf and now, thanks to a federal judge, students in Pennsylvania are free to keep hearting boobies.

Blog Usage and Influence Growing Among Women

4/13/11 SF Gate: A new report says that 69 million women use social media weekly; 80 million use social media monthly.

Jon Stewart Sticks It To The Gender Police

4/15/11 Feministing: The media reports on a little boy with painted toenails like it’s about incest or cannibalism.

Sugar Raises $15M for Women’s Media Sites

4/12/11 Venture Beat: The women’s media startup announced a new round of funding that will expand its brand in to new markets. Best known for celebrity news site Popsugar, the expansion is part of a plan to become the world’s largest media company focused on women’s lifestyles.

Kirsten Gillibrand Takes Shot At Jon Kyl With 'Factual Statements'

4/14/11 Huffington Post:Gillibrand relates some factual statements, describing at length the numerous inequities women face in obtaining health care coverage.

Democratic Women Senators on 2011 Budget

4/8/11 C-SPAN: Democratic women senators spoke about the impasse between Republicans and Democrats in the budget debate.

When Will Employers Stop Treating Women Like Second Class Citizens?

4/12/11 Huffington Post: A woman's earnings are $400,000 less than a comparable male counterpart over a 35 year working life.

Protect, Don’t Prosecute: Amnesty for Long Island Sex Workers

4/14/11 Feministing: The remains of 10 people, apparently involved in sex work, were found on a beach in Long Island. To solve this case and others, sex workers must be promised amnesty not prosecuted.

Rap's Rape Culture: Ashley Judd Had a Point

4/12/11 The Root: Judd called rap music the “contemporary soundtrack of misogyny.”

Gender-Reveal Cakes Are The Latest YouTube Phenomenon

4/15/11 Jezebel: A new trend in parenting is gender-reveal parties, in which expectant parents give the sonogram tech's report to a baker for a surprise cake in either pink or blue.

Senate Rejects Measure to Defund Planned Parenthood

4/14/11 MSNBC: Five Republicans voted with Democrats to keep funding in place for Planned Parenthood.

Workers Push for California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

4/15/11 Jobs With Justice: Domestic workers and allies rallied for a California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. In the currently unregulated industry, the legislation is based on New York’s landmark law and would create guidelines for employers of housekeepers, nannies and other workers.

Liberals pride themselves on being tolerant. Are they really just suckers?

4/13/11 Washington Post: Is the deep-seated liberal dedication to tolerance actually a weakness in politics?


Teach a (Wo)Man to Farm

4/15/11 Good: The agricultural multiplier effect happens when investing in farming --especially women farmers in developing countries-- leads to larger-reaching benefits for the entire community.

The Libya-rators

4/16/11 New York Post: The revolution is about reclaiming identity, and writing women back into Libya’s history.

Global Health and American Moral Power

4/11/11 RH Reality Check: Some people think America can no longer afford to be a force for good, but the author argues that we must keep our moral compass on the road to economic vitality.


Holding Women’s Health Hostage

4/13/11 Huffington Post: Women’s health is still under attack, being used as a bargaining chip in a game with very real consequences.

Now the GOP Is Going After Sexual Health and the Pill

4/13/11 Alternet: The war on contraception and women’s health care is only just beginning.

Buy and Cellulite

4/13/11 Colbert Report: The comedian mocks corporations for “inventing women’s insecurities” to make a profit.


The Power of “Ruined”

4/14/11 WMC: With her play Ruined, Lynn Nottage not only won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize but continues to inform her audiences about the war in the Congo and how rape is used as a weapon in that war.

'Buffy' and 'Dollhouse': Visions of Female Empowerment and Disempowerment

4/11/11 Alternet:What kinds of messages are popular shows portraying about empowerment and feminism?

Geena Davis Says Life Imitates Art

4/11/11 Wall Street Journal: As founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, the actress aims to work with content creators to increase the number of girls and women in films and television shows aimed at kids.

The Singing Grannies: Don’t Say Uterus

4/17/11 RH Reality Check: The “Singing Grannies” sing an ode to the Florida state legislature.

Tina Fey: As Expected, A Totally Normal Person

4/15/11 NPR: For a conversation with Fey, 800 tickets sold out in 12 minutes.


Athletics Adopts New Gender Rules After Semenya Row

4/12/11 AFP: The IAAF announced the introduction of new eligibility rules for female athletes triggered by the controversy surrounding South Africa's 800metre runner Caster Semenya.

A Gay Former NBA Player Responds to Kobe Bryant

4/15/11 New York Times: After using an anti-gay slur, Bryant has apologized but is appealing the NBA fine. A former player writes about how what our heroes say does indeed matter.