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Newsbrief: Nawal El Saadawi on Counter Revolution, Gendered Favoritism at MIT

March 22, 2011

Nawal El Saadwi on Counter-Revolution

3/17/11 Bloomberg: Egyptian activist Nawal El-Saadawi discusses her thoughts on the counter- revolution and the future of Egypt at a WMC event.

Female Favoritism at MIT

3/21/11 Jezebel: MIT started a program in 1999 to have a gender-equal faculty. It has become so successful, people question if it is right.

Attacks on Elizabeth Warren, a Woman Speaking Out Against Goldman Sachs

3/18/11 Alternet: Elizabeth Warren, a former banker for Goldman Sachs and now chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, is known for scrutinizing Goldman Sachs. Members of Goldman Sachs retaliate.


High Maternal Death for NYC Women

3/16/11 Women’s eNews: Pregnant Black women suffer more than the national average. There are several explanations, but few sound promising.

Women Lead in Unpaid Work

3/10/11 NYT: In all countries, women do more unpaid work than men.

Gender Politics on College Campuses

3/21/11 The Daily Beast: Princeton women may beat their male classmates in GPA, honors, and leadership positions, except males still take the top positions.

GOP Bill Would Force IRS to Audit Abortion

3/18/11 Mother Jones: Taxpayers may have to prove they did not use tax benefits to pay for an abortion.

Republican Likens 11-year-old Rape Victim to “21-yr-old prostitute”

3/16/11 Alternet: Florida lawmaker Kathleen Passidomo blames victim of 18 person gang rape for dressing above her age.

Prison Romance between Female Guards and Male Prisoners

3/21/11 Jezebel: A new book looks at romance between female guards and male prisoners.

Nawal El-Saadawi Video on Protests in Egypt

2/2/11 Newsweek: Video of Egyptian activist Nawal El-Saadawi talking about her experiences during the Mubarak protests.


Leading Women in Obama Administration Favor Intervention in Libya

3/15/11 Alternet: Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power believe there is a need to attack Libya, while Robert Gates and Tom Donilon believe there is not.

India’s Maternal Deaths Tied to Teen Mom’s Anemia

3/18/11 Women’s eNews: Almost half of female adolescents in India are married before the age of 18 leading to serious problems regarding mothers’ and childrens’ health and quality of life. Center for Health, Education, and Nutrition Awareness brings aid.

Afghan Women’s Rights Activist Denied US Visa

3/18/11 Huffington Post: Afghan political activist not allowed to enter the U.S. on the grounds that she is ‘unemployed’ and ‘lives underground’.

Women & Revolution: What’s Next?

3/18/11 Huffington Post: Women were treated as equals in the beginning of the revolution against Mubarak. Egypt and UN take measures to push for gender-equality in Egyptian government.

Centuries old Nepal banishment ritual endangers girls and women

3/20/11 Women’s eNews: Women and girls are forced into isolation while menstruating leading to dangerous health problems and even death.

LGBT Rights Emphasized in Moldova’s Path to Joining the European Union

3/17/11 AWID: While bringing light to LGBT rights, Moldova gets closer to becoming part of the European Union.

HEALTH New Abortion Laws Going to Extreme

3/15/11 Alternet: South Dakota leads U.S. in having the most restrictive anti-abortion laws. South Dakota lawmakers argue that by prosecuting abortion doctors, they are fending off potential attackers.


A Gendered Lens Both Literal and Metaphoric

3/18/11 WMC: A WMC Exclusive discusses photography exhibits on both coasts—one massive, the other showcasing one artist’s vision. Both reveal the quality of women’s insights that shed light on our times.

UK Channel Agrees to Improve Coverage of Transgender Issues

3/16/11 Feministing: A major UK network decides to take a step in fighting against discrimination.

Kate Walsh on Not Having Kids

3/21/11 Huffington Post: In an interview, Kate Walsh talks about her career, personal life, and not having kids.


Lack of Coverage of Women’s March Madness

3/14/11 Ms.: Media concentrates on Men’s teams during March Madness.

Woman Coaches Boys Basketball Team to Title

3/20/11 Jezebel: Female coach molds mediocre basketball team and brings them to state.

Obama Publishes Personal Bracket for Men’s and Women’s NCAA March Madness

3/17/11 Sportifi: Amidst international crisis, Obama makes sure to give his March Madness input.

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