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Newsbrief: Most Americans Support Keeping Abortion Legal, Islamic Extremists Publish Women’s Mag

| March 15, 2011

Majority of Americans Support Keeping Abortion Legal

3/14/11 RH Reality Check: Despite the recent GOP attack on women’s reproductive rights, a new study released earlier this month found that the majority of Americans support keeping abortion legal.

Islamic Extremists Publish Women’s Magazine

3/15/11 The Star: An Al Queda propaganda group has published a women’s magazine that mixes beauty tips with advice on finding the right jihadist and raising little holy warriors.

Wisconsin Budget Battle Targets Women and People of Color

3/11/11 WMC: Budget cutters are manipulating stereotypes to scapegoat groups of women and undermining public sector unions in the ongoing Wisconsin battle.


Bill to Ban Georgia Abortion Clinics Tabled

3/11/11 11Alive: Anti-abortion lawmakers suffered a setback in Georgia when a bill was tabled indefinitely. It would require all elective abortions to be done in hospitals.

Hillary Clinton and Others Inspire at Women in World Conference

3/14/11 Village Voice: The second annual Women in the World Summit, hosted by Tina Brown, brought inspiring women together from every industry, from fashion to politics, medicine and media. Speakers included Anna Holmes, Arianna Huffington, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Diane von Furstenberg, and Melinda  Gates.

Fighting Hate with Hate: Anti-Asian Rant Inspires Misogyny

3/15/11 Ms. Magazine: A UCLA student’s video rant about “Asians in the Library” quickly became a viral hit, inspiring an outpouring of violent, woman-hating responses.

Utah Passes 3 Anti-Abortion Bills

3/11/11 Fox13: Three bills making abortion less accessible in Utah passed the State House and Senate. The bills allow medical professionals to refuse to perform the procedure based on religious or moral beliefs, require health insurance companies to deny claims for elective abortions and require twice yearly State inspections of clinics without any notice.

Senate Votes Down Bill That Would Have Defunded Planned Parenthood

3/9/11 MSNBC:  Two competing bills to cut funding were rejected by the Senate, including the Republican-backed bill that would have defunded Planned Parenthood . If a budget bill does not pass by March 18, both chambers will have to approve another short-term measure to avoid a government shutdown.

Female Candidate Attacked for Being Unmarried

3/14/11 Care2: A Republican candidate in Florida is being attacked by a mail campaign that suggests she is incapable of valuing family or holding office because she is unmarried.

Oregon Considering Anti-Abortion Legislation

3/9/11 Oregon Live: Now that the Oregon House is split 50-50 down party lines, anti-abortion legislation is back on the table. Possible bills would outlaw abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and require more State oversight of clinics.

Florida Moves to Restrict Abortion Access

3/14/11 Palm Beach Post: The Florida Senate Health Regulation Committee approved two anti-abortion bills, including a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban public financing of abortions even in cases of rape or incest.

Professor Fired for Burlesque Night Job

3/14/11 USA Today: A former assistant professor of psychology is suing for sex discrimination, claiming that she was fired because of her part-time job as a burlesque dancer.

Lifting ban on women in combat

3/14/11 Feministing: Does the Congressional recommendation to lift the ban on women in combat disrepute the thousands of women already thousands of women already working overseas for our country?


Nawal El Sadaawi Honored Among Top 100 Feminists

3/9/11 Ahram Online: The Guardian newspaper honors Egyptian activist, psychiatrist and professor El Sadaawi on a list that also inludes Oprah Winfrey and Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma. Despite her eighty years of age, El Sadaawi recently took to the streets to oust President Mubarak.

Clinton, Bachelet Head to Egypt & Tunisia to Push Women’s Role

3/14/11 Ms. Magazine: After their pivotal role in the revolution, women in Egypt have been shut out of the transition process. Hillary Clinton and former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet will travel to the region this week to encourage greater inclusion of women in the government transition.

Libyan Women March for a No-Fly Zone

3/13/11 AFP: Thousands of Libyan women marched in the streets of rebel-controlled Benghazi to demand a no-fly zone to halt the bombing of rebel fighters.

250 Palestinian & Israeli Women in West Bank Civil Disobedience Conference

3/15/11 Lo Metsaytot: Palestinians and Israelis came together for an unprecedented women’s conference in the West Bank, celebrating civil disobedience.

Strip Clubs Outpace Laws in Kenya

3/13/11 Womens eNews: High wages and tourism are fueling the rise of the strip club industry in Kenya, despite the law.

UN Says Gender-based Violence Neglected in Lebanon 3

/11/11 Daily Star: New UN reports claim that insufficient resources are being used to tackle an epidemic of gender-based violence in Lebanon.

South Korea Sex Scandal in Shanghai

3/9/11 BBC: South Korea is investigating an alleged scandal involving sex and visas at its consulate in Shanghai.

Chechnya Mandates Female Dress Code

3/10/11 AP: Chechnyan President Ramzan Kadyrov has imposed an Islamic dress code on women.

Clinton Says US To Keep Helping Afghan Women

3/10/11 Washington Post: Despite the removal of some gender-equity provisions in USAID contracts, Clinton told a House panel that the US commitment to Afghan women remains undiminished.


People with HIV at Greater Risk for Broken Bones

3/11/11 Medical News Today: Due to reduced bone mineral density, HIV-positive women tend to have problems with the femoral neck and vertebra, while men have more fractures of the wrist and vertebra.

A Warning for Japan on Radiation and Pregnancy

3/13/11 New York Times: The Japanese government may not be doing enough to warn pregnant women about radiation exposure.

Womb Tube

3/14/11 Slate: In a new You Tube trend, women are announcing their pregnancies to the world with videos of their home pregnancy tests.

Pregnancy Drug Now Costs $1500 a Dose

3/11/11 Time: A drug used to prevent premature pregnancy that used to cost $10 a dose will now be 150 times more expensive, after the FDA approved a branded version of the drug made by KV Pharmaceuticals.


India’s First Female Photojournalist Showcased in Mumbai

3/14/11 New York Times: An exhibition featuring the work of India’s first female photojournalist, Homai Vyarawalla, is being showcased at the National Gallery of Modern Art through April 11.

Gloria Steinem and Marlo Thomas Discuss the State of Feminism Today

3/14/11 Mondays with Marlo: As part of her weekly live video series, Marlo Thomas sat down with Gloria Steinem to discuss her books, the women's movement, and the state of feminism today.

Love or Lust: Why Do People Have Affairs?

3/14/11 Alternet: American celebrity culture tolerates cheating in the name of love but not libido. How is this double standard tied into a romanticized view of marriage?


A history of women in NASCAR

3/14/11 Yahoo! Sports: A brief history of the women in NASCAR from 1949 to the present. To support Newsbriefs like these, donate to the Women’s Media Center here.