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Newsbrief: Lara Logan Breaks Ground with Graphic Description of Rape, Kentucky Church Takes a Stand

| May 3, 2011

Lara Logan Breaks Ground With Graphic Description Of Her Rape, Injuries

5/2/11 Jezebel: Speaking candidly about her assault and injuries in a new interview, Logan stand up for all the women who don't want the possibility of sexual assault to curtail their freedom.

Kentucky Church Takes Stand to Support Same-Sex Couples

4/29/11 Ms.: A small church in Kentucky renounced their right to grant marriages to heterosexual couples until full equality for same-sex couples has been legalized at the federal level.

Russia’s Image of Woman—In a Country of Extremes

4/29/11 WMC: The filmmaker of a documentary about three women in a Siberian prison and a yearly May Day beauty pageant writes about the changing roles and images of women in Russia.


Social Media Reactions to bin Laden’s Death

5/2/11 Deanna Zandt: A range of emotions in lightning-speed reactions to the news, all fueled by social media outlets.

Family Research Council Expands H.R. 3 Push

5/1/11 Politico: H.R. 3, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” would strengthen bans on federal money being used in connection with abortion. The bill is up for a vote on Wednesday.

Thanks To Outdated Definition, FBI Still Only Counts "Forcible Rape"

4/27/11 Mother Jones: The Federal Bureau of Investigation is still operating under a "forcible rape" framework.

Planned Parenthood Still Fighting for Funds at State Level

4/29/11 AlterNet: The fight continues around the country.Kansas is attempting to strip the clinics from its 2012 budget, North Carolina wants to ban all state contracts with Planned Parenthood for teen pregnancy prevention and family planning.

Federal Court Condemns Shackling, Vindicates Woman

4/28/11 RH Reality Check:  A federal district court ruled that the Nashville Sheriff’s Office violated a woman’s rights by shackling her while she was in labor and after she gave birth.

You Know It's Good When the Boys Want In

4/28/11 Huffington Post: Marlo Thomas on Take Our Daughters to Work Day.

Mitch Daniels Continues GOP's Use of Women's Bodies as Political Pawns

4/29/11 RH Reality Check: The Indiana Governor promised to sign into law a bill that will forbid state funding of Planned Parenthood, will ban abortion coverage in the state health insurance exchange and will block women’s access to safe, legal abortion, even when their health is at risk.

Indiana Becomes First State to Defund Planned Parenthood

4/28/11 Feministing: If signed into law, the bill would also make Indiana the 5th state to jump on the unscientific “fetal pain” train and ban abortion after 20 weeks.

White House Hosted First Ever Trans Meeting

4/27/11 Washington Blade:Transgender activists discussed federal policy issues at aWhite House meeting that was the first ever held by the Office of Public Engagement to focus solely on trans issues.

Planned Parenthood Taking Flak for LGBT Outreach

4/28/11 Feminist Law Professors: A local politician objected to a Planned Parenthood billboard depicting a gay couple, which is part of the organization’s programming under a five-year grant from the State of New York to address documented health disparities in rural LGBT communities.

Trans Woman Banned From Casino For Using Bathroom

4/28/11 Jezebel: A transgender woman was banned for life from The Cosmopolitan casino in Las Vegas earlier this month for using the women’s bathroom.


Women Protestors Arrested in Syria

5/1/11 Haaretz: A group of female protesters  taking part in a silent protest were arrested as part of a crackdown on pro-democracy campaigners.

The Elders Visit Cote d’Ivoire, Stress Women’s Role in Rebuilding

4/29/11 allAfrica:Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson stressed the importance of including women in the process, saying that they must “have a place at the table at all levels of government and society. Successful nations draw on the talents of all their citizens.”

Libyan Troops Hide Behind Women

4/26/11 UPI: Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi are using women and children as human shields to protect themselves from attacks in Misurata.

Cyber-stalking laws: police review urged

4/30/11 BBC: A senior UK officer wants police to be given more powers to seize computers used to harass victims online.

Kate Middleton Drops “Obey” from Her Vows

4/29/11 The Guardian: The Duchess of Cambridge will not change the institution of royal marriage by dropping the promise to 'obey' – but through the wise use of her new power and influence.


Use Of Morning-After Pill Doubles After Going Over-The-Counter

4/28/11 Jezebel: As a result of emergency contraception being sold over-the-counter, between 2006 and 2008 about twice as many women used the pills.

The Secret to Longevity? Live Like a Woman

5/1/11 Huffington Post: Women live longer than men, and the main reason is that women tend to put a greater amount of time, energy and attention into creating and maintaining connections with others throughout their lives.


Amy Poehler On TIME’s Most Influential 100 List

4/28/11 Jezebel: In her acceptance speech, Amy Poehler thanked her nannies and women supporting other working women.

Jennifer Hudson Loved Her Old Body, Too

4/29/11 The Frisky: The actress talks about her body image before her dramatic weight loss. Doesn’t Like Women Who Have Their Own Condoms

4/28/11 Feministing: of the Black Eyed Peas recently told Elle that he thinks women who have their own condoms are a total boner-killer.


Historic Golf Club Could Admit Women

4/29/11 Jezebel: A major Scottish golf club is close to allowing women to become members. But the move has some surprising opponents: women.

Colleges Cut Men’s Programs to Satisfy Title IX

5/2/11 New York Times: Members of the men’s track at the University of Delaware have filed a complaint with the federal Office for Civil Rights alleging that the school is discriminating against its male athletes.