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Newsbrief: House Votes to De-fund Planned Parenthood, Recession’s Unequal Blows

| February 23, 2011

House Votes to De-fund Planned Parenthood; Women Rally in Opposition

2/22/11 Care2: After the House vote to rescind all funding for Planned Parenthood, congresswomen along with men and women across the country are speaking out to protect access to health care and family planning services.

Men bounce back faster from recession's unequal blows

2/21/2011 Miami Herald: After the recession of the late 2000s, the early stages of the economic recovery are benefitting men far more than women. While men have gained438,000 jobs since June 2009, women have lost 366,000 over the same period.

Female Foreign Correspondents' Code Of Silence, Finally Broken

2/21/2011 Huffington Post:In sharing her story Lara Logan has broken a code of silence among female foreign correspondents, allowing more women to come forward and reveal their own stories of harassment, molestation, and violence in the field.


Arizona Moves to Ban Race & Sex-Selective Abortion

2/22/2011 Jezebel:The Arizona House has passed a bill that would prohibit abortions on the basis of sex or race. If it becomes law, this would force women to justify their motivation for seeking an abortion and receive approval from an outside body.

Report From UN Committee on Status of Women

1/22/2011 Beyond Chron: The week-long United Nation’s 2011 Commission on the Status of Women begins today with the theme: “Access and participation of women and girls in education, training, science and technology, including for the promotion of women’s equal access to full employment and decent work.” Rebecca Norlander will be attending as a delegate and reporting daily at Beyond Chron.

ABC Exclusive Interview with Hillary Clinton

2/20/2011 ABC News: Christiane Amanpour interviews Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about America's stance on the Mid-East uprisings.

The Fabricated Debate: Breastfeeding Wars

2/21/2011 RH Reality Check:Michelle Obama’s support for breast pump tax breaks sparks new discussion about the benefits of breastfeeding and what Republican Michele Bachman labels the creation of a “Nanny State.”

Facebook Recognizes Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships

2/18/2011 Feministing:The social networking site unveiled a new profile option, now allowing users to list their relationship status as “in a domestic partnership” or “in a civil union.”


Kabul Seeks Control Of Women's Shelters

2/22/2011 NPR:Thousands of Afghan women are at risk due to a proposed new law that will require women that seek safety at a women’s shelter to first gain approval from a governmental committee. Women would be subjected to medical examinations, including a virginity test, and may then be confined to the shelter after admittance. Critics say government control would mean interference and would turn the shelters into prisons.

Survey: Women still feel glass ceiling

2/21/2011 Chicago Tribune: A recent British study shows that 75% of women aspiring to senior management positions believe that the glass ceiling still exists.

Women Still Face Barriers in Hong Kong

2/21/2011 The New York Times:In one of the most Westernized cities in Asia, women still face career barriers.

DRC Colonel Jailed for Mass Rape

2/21/2011 BBC:49 women testified in court in Baraka, DRC, leading to a 20-year jail sentence for Lt Col Kibibi Mutware for crimes against humanity, including mass rape. It is the first conviction of a commanding officer for rape in the eastern DRC.

Misogyny Cuts Across All Cultures: Oppression in the West and Arab World

2/20/2011 Huffington Post:Are women in the Arab world “worse-off” than in the West? An editorial examines the ways in which oppression and misogyny cut across every culture, and how media handles the issue. HEALTH Republicans Cut Contraceptives for Women but Allow for Horses 2/21/2011 

African-American Women Less Vulnerable to Media-Driven Body Dissatisfaction

2/21/2011 University of Florida News: As National Eating Disorders Awareness Week gets underway, a University of Florida researchers emphasizes a 2010 study that shows African-American women are less susceptible to pressure from mainstream media about their body image.

Advances in Birth Control for Men

2/21/2011 Alternet:A new medical study shows promise for developing hormonal contraception for men, long absent from the market.

The New Adventures of Old Cosmetic Surgery

2/22/2011 Colorlines:Doctors describe themselves as amateur sociologists, remarking on ethnic trends in plastic surgery.


Reality show police women tell truth about job

2/21/2011’s new reality show starring four female police officers in Cincinnati is presenting a strong image of women and encouraging more women to consider careers in law enforcement.

Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama is a Hypocrite on "Let's Move"

2/22/2011 The Root:Rush Limbaugh’s latest comment on Michelle Obama calls her a hypocrite and criticizes her for not looking like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Pink Saris: Flouting Taboos to Defend Women

2/22/11 The Wall Street Journal:Recently screened at Delhi’s Persistance Resistance Festival, Kim Longinotto’s documentary, Pink Saris, follows Sampat Devi Pal, the founder of the Indian women’s activist group the Gulabi Gang.


Woman Pitches to Cleveland Indians

2/21/2011 ABC News: Justine Siegal made history became the first woman to pitch batting practice in a major league spring training camp when she threw to the Cleveland Indians on Monday.

On Brittney Griner's Dunk Making ESPN's 'Dunks of the Day'

2/21/2011 Swish Appeal:Baylor Lady Bears center Brittney Griner’s dunk being featured on ESPN’s ‘Dunks of the Day’ could mean a change in the lack of mainstream coverage of women’s sports.

Surf's Way Up for Women Going Pro as Wave Riders

2/21/2011 Women’s eNews: Women’s professional surfing’s biggest annual competition begins this week in Australia. Women’s participation in the sport is on the rise thanks to popular role models and the 1995 film “Blue Crush.”

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