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Newsbrief:  Hollywood Gender Gap Persists in Top Films, Transgender Rights Make Headway

| April 26, 2011

Hollywood Gender Gap Persists in 100 Top-Grossing 2008 Films

4/25/11 WMC: A new study from researchers at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism shows that females remain less visible and less valued than males in top feature films—both in front of and behind the camera.

Map: Transgender Employment Rights Make Headway

4/22/11 Mother Jones: Hawaii became the 13th state to protect transgendered people from public and private workplace discrimination.

Will the Post-Mubarak Egypt Shut Women Out?

4/25/11 Women News Network: About a month after the protests, hundreds of Egyptian women returned to Tahrir Square to rally for equal rights and an end to rampant sexual harassment.


Only 5% of TV ads feature ethnic minorities

4/21/11 Guardian: A new survey finds that commercials are drastically under representing non-white people.

The Death Penalty Gender Gap

4/25/11 Women’s eNews: Women oppose capital punishment more than men. And they're a force behind the national effort to end it.

A Different Kind of March Madness

4/22/11 Reflections on a month full of powerful events and inspiring women.

Beached White Male? Oh, Please.

4/22/11 BagNews: A critique of the “epidemic.”

Four months after the Tucson shooting, how is Gabrielle Giffords?

4/25/11 Feministing: The long, slow road to recovery for Representative Giffords.

“Smashing the Masher:” The early women’s movement against street harassment in America

4/18/11 GenderNews: Estelle Freedman, the Edgar E. Robinson Professor in U.S. History at Stanford University, recounts the history of street harassment.

Tennessee ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Advances, Sponsor Says Teachers Need Time for ‘Arithmetic’

4/21/11 The Wonk Room:The bill would prohibit teachers from discussing of any sexuality except heterosexuality in grades K-8.

Gendered toy marketing, word cloud edition.

4/22/11 Feministing: A graphic shows the how deep gender stereotypes run in toy marketing.

Judge Rejects Injunction Against Wichita Anti-Abortion Extremist

4/22/11 Ms.: A judge refused to issue an injunction requiring abortion opponent Angel Dillard to stay 250 feet away from Dr. Mila Means, her clinic and her home.

Oversimplifying Sex Slavery: Demi, Ashton, and Badvocacy

4/22/11 Feministe: The “Real Men” campaign provides an example of what’s wrong with celebrity aid today.

Elected Batterers: Abortion Restrictions as Violence Against Women

4/21/11 Alternet: A bill being debated in Missouri would allow pharmacy employees to refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control.

How Can We Best Empower Sex Trafficking Survivors?

4/22/11 Colorlines: Sex work is an issue that pulls in race, gender, personal power and powerlessness, and ties the political and systemic to the personal and internal.


Corruption Kenya Drives Rise in Girl-Trafficking

4/19/11 Women News Network: The largest number of missing persons inside Kenya is girls.

Pakistan Transgenders Pin Hopes on New Rights|

4/25/11 BBC: There has been little opposition to the decision by Pakistan's Supreme Court to allow a third gender category on the national identity card.

World Pulse Delivers Letters to Michelle Bachelet of UN Women

4/19/11 Worldpulse: World Pulse founder Jensine Larsen delivered  bundle of letters from grassroots women leaders worldwide directly to the newly appointed UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, Michelle Bachelet.


Newer Birth Control Pills Have Higher Blood Clot Risk

4/25/11 Jezebel: There's now additional evidence that newer types of birth control pills, including Yaz and Yasmin, are more dangerous.


Hanna’s Hair May Be Tangled, But She’s No Rapunzel.

4/12/11 Ms: Hanna gives us a movie rarity–a female protagonist who is strong, smart, brave and decidedly not in need of male rescue.


Germany Preparing for Women’s World Cup

4/25/11 ESPNW: The 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup kicks off in Germany in two months.