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Newsbrief: First Female Executive Editor at New York Times, Egyptians Protest “virginity tests.”

| June 2, 2011

Jill Abramson to be First Female Executive Editor at the New York Times.

6/2/11 Feministing: Jill Abramson, the Washington bureau chief for the New York Times, will be replacing Bill Keller as the executive editor, making her the first woman ever in this position.

Activists Battle Victim-Blaming Coverage of NYPD Rape Trial After Acquittal of Officers

6/1/11 WMC: The woman who accused two NYPD officers of rape released a statement expressing her devastation at Friday’s verdict of not-guilty, adding, “everything they say about the difficulties of a rape trial is sadly true…you are tested beyond what any crime victim should have to endure.”

Egyptians Protest Over 'virginity tests' on Tahrir Square Women

5/31/11 Guardian: Activists call for investigation into abuse after Egyptian general admits tests were conducted and defends practice


The Feminization of the College Degree?

5/31/11 WMC: College students are graduating this year with record debt, and women, who constitute most of the graduates, struggle for financial independence.

Schultz Apologizes for Ingraham Remarks

5/25/11 MSNBC: The TV Host quickly apologized after calling Laura Ingraham a “slut” on his radio program, and the subsequent public outcry.

Media: Stop victim blaming coverage of IMF Chief's alleged sexual assault! The New York Post should be ashamed for framing their coverage of sexual assault about concerns for an alleged attacker, rather than the impact of a violent sexual assault on a woman at her place of work.

Zero Tolerance: Trump, Schwarzenegger, and Strauss-Kahn

5/26/11 Huffington Post: Jim Wallis says it's time for good men to hold accountable those who abuse women.

Holocaust Women's Rape Breaks Decades of Taboo

5/30/11 Women’s eNews: The rape and sexual abuse of Jewish women during the Holocaust have been long overlooked. But when researchers probed, stories began to emerge as if they were old photographic film waiting for the right chemicals.

Outraged Women of the Texas Leg Just Lay Down the Law on the Body's Misogyny

5/27/11 Alternet: Female law-makers in Texas have had enough with the their colleagues' War on Women.

If a Woman Isn't Bruised and Bleeding, Will Her Rape Be Counted?

Spring/2011 Ms. Magazine: The concept of “forcible rape” has long been used and is still being used to limit the reporting of rape at the federal level

5 Reasons Americans Are Delaying Marriage

5/23/11 AlterNet: Women are getting married at later ages and the divorce rate is going down, trends that correlate with widespread changes in the American family.

White Feminist Privilege in Organizations

5/22/11 Hepshiba’s Pad: An analysis of the key problems of white privilege and the investment of many white feminist institutions in racist practices.

OMG Comcast! Pick on Someone Your Own Size

5/20/11 Huffington Post: After Seattle's Reel Grrls,  an award-winning nonprofit group that trains teenage girls in making their own media, tweeted criticism of Comcast, the media giant yanked their funding.

Behind Closed, Sequentially Numbered Doors

5/22/11 New York Times: The country’s 250,000 housekeepers are in a difficult position.

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

5/25/11 WMC: Israeli journalist Merav Michaeli explains why a Brooklyn newspaper recently removed Hillary Clinton from a famous photograph: another case of Photoshop in service to the patriarchy.

The Fight For Abortion Access For Military Women

6/1/11 Jezebel: Under current Department of Defense policy, servicemembers and their families can't use their insurance to pay for abortions. A separate policy prohibits abortions from being performed in military facilities even when using private funds.


Saudi Woman Accuses Chauffeur of Rape Amid Row

6/1/11 AFP:A Saudi businesswoman, forced by law to hire a male driver, has accused her chauffeur of raping her, a newspaper reported Wednesday amid a growing campaign to allow women to drive themselves.

Basta Bunga Bunga

6/6/11 New Yorker: Have Italians had enough of Silvio Berlusconi and the sexist culture he embodies?

Egyptians Protest Over 'virginity tests' on Tahrir Square Women

5/31/11 Guardian: Activists call for investigation into abuse after Egyptian general admits tests were conducted and defends practice

U.S. Takes Action Against 'Gendercide'

6/1/11 IPS: Human rights activists, demographers and researchers gathered in Washington to denounce the dark side of China's attitude towards its young – the rise of "gendercide" thought to be associated with the One- Child Policy

Does Machismo Cause Rape?

6/1/11 Salon: As France reexamines its sexual mores post-DSK, an expert examines whether there is an actual connection between an environment of machismo and rape.

In Argentina, Power Still Overwhelmingly in Men's Hands

5/30/11 IPS: A new study in shows that in Argentina the overwhelming majority of decision-making posts in the most diverse areas are occupied by men, with the exception of the presidency, held by Cristina Fernández.


Consequences Of "Personhood" Bills Would Go Far Beyond Abortion

6/1/11 Jezebel: Passing "personhood" legislation would be severely harmful for women in more ways than one.

FDA Will Conduct Safety Review Of Newer Birth Control Pills

5/31/11 Wall Street Journal:The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it is conducting a safety review of certain types of birth-control pills to see if they increase the risk of blood clots beyond that of other pills.

Fed Deny Indiana Law Restricting Funding to Clinics Offering Abortions

6/1/11 National Journal: The federal government told Indiana on Wednesday that it cannot endorse a state law attempting to keep Medicaid dollars away from clinics that perform abortions


Oprah’s Conflicted, Empowering, Shaming Bond With Women Like Me

5/25/11 Colorlines: Oprah’s shaming tactics provided a simplistic cultural criticism without discussing the structural disparities that shape people of color’s lives.

Reviewing the ABC Upfront: Gender Issues

5/17/11 NY Mag: ABC has ordered thirteen new shows this season, too bad the shows not marketed directly to women seemed to pretty much hate women.


Badminton’s New Dress Code Is Being Criticized as Sexist

5/26/11 New York Times: The Badminton World Federation says women playing at the elite level must wear dresses or skirts to create a more “attractive presentation."