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Newsbrief: Celebrating International Women’s Day, South Dakota Attacks Abortion Access

| March 8, 2011

Celebrating International Women's Day with Reflections from Renowned Women

3/7/11 WMC: In a WMC Exclusive, for the centenary of International Women's Day, Marianne Schnall samples assessments from a wide range of women on where we stand around the world.

South Dakota Bill Attacks Women’s Access to Abortion

3/3/11 RH Reality Check: An extreme bill has passed the South Dakota legislature that would place unprecedented restrictions on access to abortion.

Bias Against Female Farmers Shrinks Food Harvest

3/711 Women’s eNews: A new UN report discloses how the gender gap in agriculture leaves female farmers with 20 to 30 per cent less smaller harvests and closing that gap could rescue hundreds of millions from undernourishment.


Selling Hillary Clinton’s Pro-Woman Agenda

3/1/11 Jezebel: On the cover of a rebooted Newsweek Magazine, Hillary Clinton is mainstreaming women’s causes and making them central in her agenda as Secretary of State.

Fewer Than 5% of New Jobs Went to Women in Last Year

3/7/11 Feministing: Not only do women continue to make only 75% of men’s wages; women have filled fewer than 5 per cent of the new jobs created in the last year.

Women’s Groups Urge Supreme Court to Give Wal-Mart Women Hearing

3/2/11 Women’s eNews: More than 30 organizations filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday asking it to approve a court hearing for the historically large class action by Wal-Mart employees charging company-wide sex bias.

The Monogamy-Happiness Connection?

3/7/11 Slate: Are women who marry younger happier? A critique of Ross Douthat’s stipulation that female happiness is connected to sexual stability.

Kansas Abortion Doctor Targeted by Extremists, Sound Familiar?

3/2/11 Ms.Magazine: In Wichita, where abortions have not been available since the murder of Dr. Tiller in 2009, anti-abortion protestors have launched an aggressive campaign against a would-be provider.

Georgia Plays Front-runner on Anti-Choice Agenda

3/3/11 Women’s eNews: Anti-abortion activists in Georgia denounced abortion as black genocide.

DNA Confirms East Coast Rapist

3/4/11 New York Times: DNA has confirmed the identity of the man suspected of terrorizing women over a 12 year span.

Idaho Bill Seeks to Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks

3/4/11 CNBC: Idaho lawmakers introduced a bill that would restrict access to an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

30 Month Sentence for Would-Be Abortion Clinic Bomber

3/5/11 Care2: The man convicted of attempted bombing of an abortion clinic in North Carolina was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison.

Rutgers OKs Gender Neutral Dorms

3/3/11 Time: To better accommodate the LGBT community, Rutgers University has announced it will allow male and female students to share a dorm room.


Republican Attack on Women’s Health Goes Global

3/7/11 Colorlines: Women’s health is not only under assault in the US; GOP legislators are attempting to cut funding for international family planning programs.

US Shifts Strategy Away from Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

3/6/11 WashingtonPost: USAID has removed targets about women’s rights from a $140 million contract in Afghanistan, among other initiatives.

Nepal Advances On Women’s Rights

3/1/11 RH Reality Check: A groundbreaking ruling by Nepal’s Supreme Court recognized a woman’s unequivocal right to an abortion.

Women Protesters Gunned Down in Ivory Coast

3/5/11 Care2: Security forces gunned down at least 6 women protestors marching peacefully against incumbent president Gbagbo.

The Forgotten Victims in Ivory Coast: Women

3/7/11 Euronews: International focus turned to the Ivory Coast when 6 peaceful women protesters were gunned down, but the attack on women there has been ongoing since 2002.

Women Seek to Maintain a Role in Rebuilding Egypt

3/5/11 New York Times: As change happens rapidly in Egypt, women fight to maintain a voice post-Revolution.

Syrian Women Protest Price Hikes

3/1/11 YNET: Hundreds of women protested in Damascus against recent price hikes.

Tanzanian Girls Risk Rape to Go to School

3/4/11 BBC: The risk of rape and sexual assault looms for Tanzanian girls who want to et an education.

Men Dominate UK Newspaper Journalism

3/4/11 Guardian UK: Women’s presence in established UK news outlets still lags far behind men’s.


Safe Motherhood Still Unreachable for Most Women

3/2/11 IPPMedia: After 20 years of campaigning, 10 million women have died from maternal causes and it is estimated that 88-98 per cent of those deaths could be prevented.

Baseball Study: Women Get Sad, Men Get Angry

3/7/11 Jezebel: A new study suggests that people associate sadness with women and anger with men.


The Disposable Woman

3/3/11 New York Times: In the context of Charlie Sheen’s recent tailspin, Jezebel’s Anna North discusses the media’s apathy about white men behaving badly and violence against women.

Top Documentaries By and About Women

3/8/11 In honor of International Women's Day, a comprehensive list of the best documentary films made by and about women.


Women Lead Rebirth in College Ski Jumping

3/4/11 New York Times: The first collegiate ski-jumping championship in 31 years included women.

Growing TV Exposure of Women’s Basketball

3/6/11 IndyStar: Women’s basketball is enjoying increasing exposure  on television and the Big Ten network of teams has been at the center of that coverage.

BYU Basketball Player Dismissed for Premarital Sex

3/4/11 CNN: In a violation of the school’s honor code, a star basketball player was dismissed for admitting to having premarital sex with his girlfriend.

The 2010 Racial and Gender Report Card: College Sport

3/4/11 WomensSportsFoundation: A new report asserts that while racial hiring practices in collegiate athletics have improved, gender hiring practices have remained constant.

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