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Newsbrief:  CBS Reporter Sexually Assaulted, Pentagon Sued, Italian Women Protest Berlusconi

February 16, 2011

News Brief:  CBS Reporter Sexually Assaulted, Pentagon Sued, Italian Women Protest Berlusconi

Blogger Implies Lara Logan Attacked in Tahrir Square due to her “Hollywood good looks”

2/16/2011 LA Weekly: After news emerged that CBS reporter Lara Logan was attacked and sexually assaulted during Tahrir Square celebrations, media were quick to focus on Logan’s looks, dating history and political leanings. Jezebel provides a comprehensive media critique of the aftermath.

Servicewomen File Lawsuit Against Pentagon for Enabling Rape

2/15/2011 MSNBC: Over a dozen current and former members of the US military filed a class action lawsuit against the Pentagon for turning a blind eye to rape and sexual assault. Attorneys, activists and servicewomen lamented the deficit of justice for victims of sexual abuse and lack of repercussions for perpetrators of these crimes within the military system, calling for changes in the military system.

Italian Women Take to the Streets Against Berlusconi

1/14/2011 CNN: Thousands of Italians took to the streets over the weekend, protesting Prime Minister Berlusconi’s treatment of women. He has been charged with paying for sex with an underage prostitute and abuse of power: the trial has been fast-tracked and will begin on April 6 in Milan


Obama’s 2012 Budget: A Striking Contrast to Republicans’ on Programs Affecting Women and Girls

2/14/2011 Ms.Magazine: In sharp contrast with the Republican’s proposed budget cuts for the fiscal year 2011, the President’s newly released 2012 Budget would decrease funding for the DoD while increasing funding for programs that benefit women and girls. The budget proposes 777 million dollars to support victims of violence, including domestic abuse and sexual assault, as well as a significant increase in Title X Family Planning Programs.

South Dakota Law Would Legalize Murdering Abortion Providers and Pregnant Women

2/15/2011 Feministing: If a new law passes in South Dakota, any killings intended to prevent the harm of a fetus could be ruled “justifiable homicide.” This expanded definition of  “justifiable” could incite violence against abortion-providers and even pregnant women. The Republican-backed legislation is expected to face a floor vote soon in the state’s House of Representatives.


Women Join Protests in Bahrain

2/15/2911 BBC News: The US and Saudi Arabia are closely monitoring conditions in Bahrain as protestors, inspired by events in Egypt, call for reforms and a new constitution. Unlike Egypt, however, women are much more visible and involved in the protests.

Teenage Syrian blogger sentenced to 5 years in Prison on spying charges

2/14/2011 The Washington Times: 19 year-old blogger Tal al-Mallohi has been sentenced to 5 years in prison by a Syrian court after a secret trial. The charges are spying for a foreign country but the government has not specified which country or whether the charges are related to her blog. Held in prison since December of 2009, Tal’s blog focuses on social commentary and poetry. The US State Department has condemned the trial and appealed for her immediate release.

Afghan Official Says Women’s Shelters are Corrupt

2/15/2011 New York Times: Afghanistan’s top female official accused women’s shelters, often funded by Western charities and governments, of corruption and mismanagement.

Digital rape campaign reaches South Africa’s top leaders

2/15/2011 Women News Network: A new digital campaign provides a new forum for women to advocate against rape in South Africa.

The Woman-led Protest Movement in Yemen

2/16/2011 Time: Yemen's most active activist, Tawakul Karman, doesn’t look like most protesters in the media. Chairwoman of Women Journalists Without Chains, she is also the mother of three children.


New Heart Health Guidelines for Women

2/15/2011 Los Angeles Times: Cardiovascular disease still causes a woman to die every minute but newly released health guidelines are largely familiar and common sense advice.


Tina Fey Answers This: What’s the rudest question you can ask a woman?

2/12/1011 ForbesWoman: In a New Yorker personal history piece, Tina Fey talks about how she “juggles” it all and prompts a discussion about how single working mothers are viewed and treated in the media and society at large.

‘House’s’ Lisa Edelstein Campaigns for Right to Choose

2/16/2011 Huffington Post: The actress appears in a controversial new ad campaign, funded by MoveOn, to take a stand against proposed Republican legislation that would severely limit reproductive choice.