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NEWS BRIEF Women's Groups Call Out Political Sexism, Obama's Speech, Congo Rapes

September 2, 2010

Women’s Groups Call Out Political Sexism 9/1/10 Washington Post: The list includes the talk radio host who called a female senator a "prostitute" for cutting a deal to benefit her state, the male challenger who referred to his female rival "attractive" and "probably a good mother," and the TV host who noted that the candidate's wife looked like an angry woman. Obama’s Speech: A Baghdad Family View 9/1/10 The Guardian: What has my Iraqi family gained? They can criticize the government publicly without fear, but they fear being in public. U.N. E-Mail Shows Early Warning of Congo Rapes 8/31/10 NY Times: United Nations officials had been warned about rape occurring in a remote Congolese area much earlier than officials originally said, according to an internal United Nations e-mail and a humanitarian bulletin. Want to Stop Sexism in Media Coverage of Female Candidates? Name It. Change It. 8/31/10 Remember the old Saturday Night Live "Weekend Update" skit (circa 1977-78) with Dan Aykroyd baiting his co-anchor Jane Curtin with the catchphrase "Jane, you ignorant slut"? Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury October 2010 Vanity Fair: Even as Sarah Palin’s public voice grows louder, she has become increasingly secretive, walling herself off from old friends and associates, and attempting to enforce silence from those around her. Why We Should All Mourn Lisa Murkowski 9/1/10 Washington Post: Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) conceded her primary race Tuesday night. And despite the crowing from the enviro left and the climate-skeptic right, this is bad news. Hillary Clinton vs. Sarah Palin 2012: Can You Imagine Who Would Win That One? 9/1/10 AlterNet: Sarah Palin is a popular media creation, but the public doesn’t think much of her as presidential timber. Let’s keep that in mind. Boxer, Fiorina Debate: California Economy is Center Stage September 2010 The Christian Science Monitor:  Neither candidate made any large gaffes or scored a knockout. The proceedings were fast-paced and informative, with both participants articulate and combative, feminine but in charge. Young Women’s Pay Exceeds Male Peers’ 9/1/10 The Wall Street Journal: The earning power of young single women has surpassed that of their male peers in metropolitan areas around the U.S., a shift that is being driven by the growing ranks of women who attend college and move on to high-earning jobs. Gas Sickened Girls in Afghan Schools 8/31/10 NY Times: Blood tests have confirmed that a mysterious series of cases of mass sickness at girls’ schools across the country over the last two years were caused by a powerful poison gas, an Afghan official said Tuesday. Fidel Castro Takes Blame for Persecution of Cuban Gays 8/31/10 BBC: Fidel Castro has said that he is ultimately responsible for the persecution suffered by homosexuals in Cuba after the revolution of 1959. Scarf of Hope to Remember Peru’s Missing 8/30/10 BBC: There is something warmly familiar and comforting about the quiet chatter of women and the clickety-clack of knitting needles. Egypt Renews Crackdown on Female Mutilation 9/1/10 BBC: There are giggles and shouts as little children play boisterously in the dusty street by the Hadad family home in the village of Abu Nashaba. For the A-Cup Crowd, Minimal Assets Are a Plus 9/1/10 NY Times: It is commonly assumed that small-chested women feel that nature’s lottery has left them coming up short. It’s a Movie. A Rock Musical. And It’s Rooted in 9/11. 8/31/10 NY Times: There have been songs about Sept. 11, 2001, and there have been movies, and so it has always just a matter of time — 8 years and 51 weeks, it turns out — before New York learned whether it is ready for September 11: The Rock Musical. The Girl With the Gun 9/2/10 The Wall Street Journal: What do women want on TV? Producers say: blood and action. Under Armour Wants to Dress Athletic Young Women 8/31/10 NY Times: With brawny athletes wearing its sleek, sweat-absorbing apparel in hard-changing sigusations, the sportswear maker Under Armour became the brand choice for young men in their teens and 20s. Now the company is aiming to win over a new audience—active young women.