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NEWS BRIEF Women on Sunday Shows, Maternity Leave, 'Year of the Woman'

June 14, 2010

Women Scarce On Sunday Shows June 13, 2010 Politico:  Even as women have vaulted to be House speaker and hold a host of other influential positions on Capitol Hill, female lawmakers continue to be under-represented as guests on the Sunday shows. Why Unpaid Maternity Leave Isn't Enough June 13, 2010 Washington Post: When it comes to paid maternity leave, the United States is in the postpartum dark ages. US Primary Results Lead Media To Hail This The 'Year Of The Woman' June 12, 2010 Guardian, UK: Women emerged as winners in election contests across the US last week, but of the 100 Senate seats, 83 are occupied by men. New Health Law Could Shield Women from Poverty June 14, 2010 Women's eNews: Medical debts send far more women than men into poverty and keep them there. If health reform is to offer any aid, it will have to provide women not just more health insurance, but comprehensive coverage as well. Abortion Bills by the Numbers June 14, 2010 RH Reality Check: Abortion opponents are also using their newfound leverage to advance many of their old ideas-such as requiring ultrasounds before an abortion-and to push through a few novel ones, as well. Plan Would Allow Abortions at Military Hospitals June 10, 2010 NY Times: The fight to allow gay and bisexual people to serve openly in the military is already drawing political blood in Washington, but tucked into the same 852-page Pentagon policy bill as the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" is a little-noticed amendment that takes on another emotionally charged issue: making abortion easier for military women in war zones. In Memo, Kagan Took Broad View of Religious Freedom June 11, 2010 NY Times: As a young White House lawyer, Elena Kagan waded deeply into politically volatile issues like abortion, immigration and religious freedom that may eventually come before her if she is confirmed to the Supreme Court, according to documents released Friday. Gay Couples Gain Under Violence Against Women Act June 10, 2010 NY Times: The Justice Department has decided that federal prosecutors should enforce criminal provisions in the Violence Against Women Act in cases involving gay and lesbian relationships, a newly disclosed memorandum shows. Niger Drought Made Me A Beggar June 14, 2010 BBC News: Hadja, like more than half the population of Niger, has no food reserves left because of a prolonged drought. UK charity Save the Children warns some 400,000 children are at risk of severe malnutrition. Fiorina Looks To Shift Focus Away From Barbara Boxer's Hair June 13, 2010 San Jose Mercury News: Carly Fiorina on Sunday deployed the age-old nonapology apology strategy: She said she regretted creating an unfortunate situation but stopped short of apologizing for mocking the Democratic senator's locks. What It Takes: She Quit Wall Street To Start Stores That Help Families Serve Healthy Meals June 14, 2010 Washington Post:  Elizabeth Marcotte worked on Wall Street as an investment banker, but when she was approached with a business opportunity that focused on family dinners, she signed on. Calif. Teen Sailor Thought Rescue Might Take Weeks June 13, 2010 Boston Globe: The California teenager who was plucked from her disabled sailboat in the turbulent southern Indian Ocean said Sunday she is in awe of the effort to rescue her and thought it might take much longer before she was saved. Bangladesh 'Eve teasing' Craze Takes A Terrible Toll June 11, 2010 This Sunday (13 June) has been designated "Eve Teasing Protection Day" by the education ministry in Bangladesh.The announcement reflects increasing concern over the worrying number of girls and women who have recently committed suicide in the country to escape "Eve teasing", a euphemism for sexual harassment. War Insight, Beyond Bang-Bang June 13, 2010 NY Times: NYU film professor Carol Dysinger wanted to know about Afghanistan and so spent five years working on a documentary that is now being shown as part of the Humans Rights Watch Film Festival. Coerced Abortion Inside the Church of Scientology June 14, 2010 Feministing: Several women say they were coerced into having abortions while they were part of the Sea Organization, Scientology's religious order. The Tonys and Hollywood June 14, 2010 Women and Hollywood: At the 64th Annual Tony Awards, three of the four acting trophies were taken by current Hollywood actors: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Scarlett Johansson , and Viola Davis. Why Must Black Female Performers Adopt Dual Identities In Order To Express Their Sexual Power? June 11, 2010 The Root: Two of rap music's most visible female emcees, Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj, are clamoring for the title of hip-hop's reigning sexual icon. Teresa Edwards inducted into Women's Basketball Hall of Fame June 14, 2010 Red and Teresa Edwards, the most-decorated women's basketball player in the history of the sport, was officially inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. Speedsisters: Battling sexism in West Bank motor-racing June 10, 2010 BBC News: Among the 70 competitors for the Nablus leg of the Palestinian motor-racing season there is no shortage of boy racers. But not all of them. Suna is a self-proclaimed Speedsister - a team of women drivers trying to break into the testosterone-fuelled world of Palestinian motor-racing.