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NEWS BRIEF Women In The Media, Nebraska Abortion Restrictions, DR Congo Gang Rape Crisis

April 15, 2010

Still Missing: Women In The Media
In These Times: A consolidated media system and corporate-controlled Internet will only deepen entrenched sexism and gender bias.

Legal Battle Looms Over Nebraska Abortion Restrictions
AFP: New abortion restrictions enacted in Nebraska target one of the few doctors in the U.S. who provides late-term abortions.

DR Congo Gang Rape Crisis 'Spreading', New Study Says
BBC: More than half of the victims of rape in the east of the DR Congo were gang raped by armed men.

Child Safety Group Fights For Facebook 'Panic Button'
NPR: Britain's online child protection agency met with Facebook executives in Washington to convince them to embed his agency's "panic button" so children can report disturbing contacts with a single click.

Stints In Court May Yield Clues To A Style
NY Times: a look at Elena Kagan's service as solicitor general provides unusually direct insights into how she would interact with her new colleagues were she appointed to the court.

Could The Abortion Debate Become More Partisan?
Politico: Circumstances leading to Stupak's departure could signal the end of the anti-abortion Democrat as a potent political force.

New Jersey's Governor Cuts Women's Health Out Of The Budget
Huffington Post: Gov. Christie proposes slashing $7.5 million in state funding for women's health and reproductive services.

Huckabee Compares Same-Sex Marriage To Incest, Polygamy
Washington Post: In an interview with college journalists Huckabee compared the push for same-sex marriage to an effort to accommodate drug abuse, polygamy and incest.

New Force Behind Agency Of Wonder
NY Times: Regina Dugan is the first woman to lead the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Michelle Obama In Mexico: Lessons On Fighting Childhood Obesity
Christian Science Monitor: Michelle Obama met with Mexican first lady Margarita Zavala to talk about combating childhood obesity, among other issues.

Pakistan Acid Victims Rebuild Ruined Lives
BBC: Victims of acid attacks in Pakistan try to rebuild their lives, as campaigners fight for changes in the law.

Hear Them Roar
Newsweek: Female dissidents are rewriting the rules in countries where they can't even show their faces.

Asylum Seekers Sue Britain After Hunger Strike
Women's eNews: Female asylum seekers held at the Yarl's Wood British detention center are suing the government for severe mistreatment.

Franco-Moroccan Visual Artist Majida Khattari Unveils Her Burqas
France24: Franco-Moroccan artist Majida Khattari examines how people perceive the much-debated burqa.

Lancet: Sharp Drop In Maternal Deaths Worldwide
AP: A British medical journal reports that the number of women dying in childbirth worldwide has dropped dramatically.

Women Are Brainy; That's All We Know for Now
Women's eNews: Dr. Louann Brizendine's latest book, "The Male Brain," tosses another log onto the media blaze about men and women having their "natural" places.

Remembering Chief Wilma Mankiller
OKGazette: Chief Mankiller’s life contains gifts and learning for us all.

Not So “Spectacular”: Kiely Williams, Black Erotics, And Sexual Responsibility
Racialicous: At best, Williams is celebrating some spectacularly unsafe sex; at worst, she is salaciously singing about a sexual assault.

The Tina Fey Backlash
Salon: The "30 Rock" star's single girl shtick is getting criticism from an unlikely source.

Unshaven Women: Free Spirits Or Unkempt?
NY Times: Some grooming choices are so brazen that not even an A-lister can make them palatable.

Women Gaining Strength In Capoeira
Oakland Tribune: Women were not only excluded from participating after capoiera became legal in the 1930's but were physically beaten if they tried.