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News Brief: Women at the U.N., Roe v. Wade Rhetoric, Chinese Women in Science

June 29, 2010

Actress Geena Davis Talks Media, Empowerment Of Women At U.N. 6/29/10 CNN: Davis, a best-actress Oscar winner who is trying to change the portrayal of women in media, appeared at the United Nations Monday promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women in children's media. The Rhetoric That Shaped The Abortion Debate 6/28/10 NPR: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Linda Greenhouse has collected the best of the Roe v. Wade briefs from both abortion-rights supporters and opponents — as well as important documents leading up to the decision — in a new book, Before Roe v. Wade: Voices that Shaped the Abortion Debate Before the Supreme Court's Ruling. Chinese Vice President Urges Women In Science To Contribute To Modernization 6/27/10 Xinhua: Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping said Sunday that China encouraged women employed in science and technology to contribute more to the country's modernization, social progress and the rejuvenation of the Chinese people. Civil Rights Organizations Question Nominee Elena Kagan Record On Race 6/27/10 Washington Post:  On the eve of Elena Kagan's Senate confirmation hearings, her record on race in the Clinton White House and at Harvard Law School is producing discomfort among some leading civil rights organizations, leaving them struggling to decide whether they want her to join the Supreme Court. In Nevada, Running For Senate And From Cameras 6/28/10 New York Times: In her silence, Sharron Angle has exposed a fault line in political journalism. In local races across the country, there are fewer reporters asking questions on behalf of voters, and there are more media alternatives than ever, including talk radio and Facebook. "They Will Let You Back": The Shame Of Lara Logan 6/29/10 Huffington Post: CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan has ripped Michael Hastings and his revelatory investigative piece in Rolling Stone that outed General Stanley McChrystal for insubordination and disloyalty--and which eventually cost McChrystal his job. Kathleen Parker--Why I'm teaming With Eliot Spitzer On CNN 6/27/10 Washington Post: Kathleen Parker will co-host a prime time CNN show with disgraced ex-governor of New York Elliot Spitzer. The Age Of Nancy 6/25/10 New York Times: Gail Collins pays tribute to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. More Women Without Children 6/25/10 Pew Research: Nearly one-in-five American women ends her childbearing years without having borne a child, compared with one-in-ten in the 1970s. While childlessness has risen for all racial and ethnic groups, and most education levels, it has fallen over the past decade for women with advanced degrees. Australia Ready For First Female Leader 6/25/10 BBC: What is most striking about the Australian coverage of Julia Gillard's rise is the lack of commentary dealing with this "female first". Mexican State Security Minister Can't Trust Her Own Police 6/27/10 LA Times:  Minerva Bautista and her entourage were attacked by gunmen in Michoacan, turf of La Familia drug gang. The chief suspects are well known to her. Chimps With Everything: Jane Goodall's 50 Years In The Jungle 6/27/10 Guardian:  Through detailed observations of Tanzanian apes, Jane Goodall revolutionized our knowledge of chimpanzee behavior. Trinidad's PM Breaks The Cultural Mold 6/24/10 BBC:  Barely 24 hours after she was sworn in as the first woman prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Kamla Persad-Bissessar donned a life jacket and waded into the flood waters to tour areas affected by torrential rains sweeping across the Caribbean. No, Sexual Violence Is Not 'Cultural' 6/25/10 New York Times:  Lisa Shannon discusses her experience with the Congo and perceptions of sexual violence. Australian Government Announces World-First Body Image Initiative 6/28/10 Feministing: Over the weekend, the Australian government unveiled a new body image initiative, created in partnership with the Butterfly Foundation, an eating disorders awareness and prevention group. The initiative includes a voluntary code of conduct for magazines, designers, retailers and modeling agencies, who will be recognized as "body image friendly" if they adhere to the recommendations of the government's National Advisory Group on Body Image. Exercise: Bicycling To Keep Off Extra Pounds 6/28/10 New York Times: Riding a bike is as effective as walking briskly at helping premenopausal women keep from gaining more weight, a new study reveals Scientists Say Blood Test Will Predict Menopause 6/27/10 Guardian: Doctors in Iran have developed what they believe is an accurate and simple blood test to establish when a woman will hit the menopause, it was reported today. No Sex Please, We’re Middle Class 6/25/10 New York Times: Will women soon have a Viagra of their own? Although a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recently rejected an application to market the drug flibanserin in the United States for women with low libido, it endorsed the potential benefits and urged further research. Being Overweight Doubles IVF Miscarriage Risk 6/28 BBC: Overweight women undergoing fertility treatment have double the risk of miscarriage of normal weight women, a UK study says. Popular culture Pat Benatar For The Sunday Conversation 6/27/20 LA Times: At 57, Malibu-based rock pioneer Pat Benatar is as busy as ever. U.S. First As Kerr Tops Women's Rankings 6/28/10 CNN: Cristie Kerr is the first player from the United States to top the women's world rankings after her runaway victory in the LPGA Championship at Locust Hill Country Club in New York.