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NEWS BRIEF Woman to lead Boutique Publisher, Elizabeth Warren, 1st Female Australian Prime Minister

September 16, 2010

Boutique Publisher Names New Chief 9/15/10 NY Times: Susan Lehman, a communications executive, editor and lawyer, has been chosen to replace Jonathan Karp as publisher and editor in chief of Twelve, a tiny, well-regarded imprint of Grand Central Publishing. Her appointment was announced Wednesday. Warren to Unofficially Lead Consumer Agency 9/15/10 NY Times: Elizabeth Warren, who conceived of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, will oversee its establishment as an assistant to President Obama, an official briefed on the decision said Wednesday evening. Gillard Sworn in as Australian Prime Minister 9/14/10 BBC: Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been sworn into office, making her the first woman elected to the post in the nation's history. Rebel Marching On, With Baggage 9/15/10 NY Times: In the bright light of Wednesday morning, Christine O’Donnell, whose Republican primary victory upended the calculus for future control of the United State Senate, became quickly known to Americans as the woman who once made dire warnings about the negative impact of masturbation. California Nurses Ambush Whitman’s Governor Bid 9/16/10 Women’s eNews: The California Nurses Association is strenuously opposing Meg Whitman's bid for governor. The union is antagonized by Whitman's cost-cutting plans and doubts she will defend high nurse-to-patient staffing ratios. Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of DC Public Schools, Discusses Future in the Wake of Fenty Defeat 9/15/10 Huffington Post: Today, Rhee -- who called Fenty "truly the best leader I have ever worked for" -- told O'Donnell that she was not "demoralized" by last night's results, but didn't say either way whether she was planning on staying, only that she was looking forward to meeting with Vincent Gray, (who will easily win election in November, barring some sort of unprecedented, titanic disaster). Study Finds Wider View of ‘Family’ 9/15/10 NY Times: A majority of Americans now say their definition of family includes same-sex couples with children, as well as married gay and lesbian couples. For Female-Aphrodisiac Makers, Effort at Parity 9/13/10 NY Times: A woman in her early 40s pops up on the TV screen. “Women are starting to talk about something they have been feeling for a long time,” she says, “wanting more sexual satisfaction.” Women Sue Goldman, Alleging Bias 9/16/10 Wall Street Journal: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. was sued by three former female employees who allege that the investment bank practices a system in which women are paid less, promoted less and "systematically circumvented and excluded." In Kenya, Lawyers Ask Men to Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation 9/16/10 Human rights lawyers are asking Kenyan men to be a stronger part of the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM), which despite being illegal in Kenya, is still widely practiced by some communities. Rape: Rights Group Calls Test to Determine Sexual Activity a ‘Second Assault’ in India 9/13/10 NY Times: An international human rights group urged India last week to ban a “degrading and unscientific” test commonly performed on rape victims to see if they have previous sexual experience. Zainab Bangura: Sierra Leone’s Unlikely Minister 9/13/10 BBC: The grave rests in the dappled shade of papaya and mango trees. As Zainab Bangura reaches out and touches the cream ceramic tiles that mark the plot she is visibly moved. The Public’s Quiet Savior From Harmful Medicines 9/13/10 NY Times: She is unlikely to be mentioned at any 50th-birthday parties this year, but she is the reason many of those celebrations will take place. Lebanese Poet Haddad Pushes Boundaries on Erotica 9/13/10 BBC: Joumana Haddad, the editor of an erotic Arabic-language magazine and author of a new book that challenges sexual taboos in the Arab world, is drawing praise and death threats alike. Pornography 101: Why College Kids Need Porn Literacy Training 9/15/10 AlterNet: Mobile technology and abstinence-only guarantee that more young people get their sex ed from pornography. It's time to talk to them about what they're watching. Middlesbrough Women Footballers Head to North Korea 9/15/10 BBC: A team of women footballers from Teesside is setting off for a visit to one of the world's most secretive societies.