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NEWS BRIEF Woman-Friendly Websites, Elizabeth Warren, Stoning

August 23, 2010

Tomorrow's Media Needs To Be Wired, Inspired And For Women 8/22/10 Guardian: Many national newspapers have more male readers than female. But that gap is closing fast, and the successes of female-friendly websites like Mail Online are beginning to suggest a clear direction for the future. Consumers Clamoring For A Leader 8/20/10 NY Times: With the president on vacation, nobody expects him to make an appointment to the new federal bureau until he returns at the end of August. But if he chooses anyone but Elizabeth Warren, he will be widely seen as helping the banks at the expense of the rest of us — something the government has been accused of doing far too often since those grim days of September 2008. Crime (Sex) and Punishment (Stoning) 8/21/10 NY Times: Much of the outrage generated from stoning in the 21st century seems to stem from the gulf between sexual attitudes in the West and parts of the Islamic world, where some radical movements have turned to draconian punishments, and a vision of restoring a long-lost past, in their search for religious authenticity. Why Do We Need Female Journalists With Technical Expertise? 8/20/10 Poynter Online: When reading Mallory Jean Tenore’s list of 20 South by Southwest Interactive panels that journalists should vote for, some people wondered: Where are all the women? Only two of the 20 panelists she mentioned are women. The Constitution According To Laura Schlessinger 8/20/10 Huffington Post: The First Amendment of the Constitution protects one's right to say whatever you darn well please. It does not, however, protect critics from responding. And it certainly doesn't permit one's corporate sponsors from exerting any sort of control over what they endorse. Will Women Ever Achieve Equality? 8/21/10 Alternet: Ninety years ago, a young man named Harry T. Burn, at the insistence of his mother to “be a good boy,” changed his vote from “nay” to “yea,” and the generations-long struggle for women’s suffrage was at last won. Sally Takes On Mosque Controversy On Fox News 8/18/10 Movement Vision: If we want to protect America, we have to protect our core values first and foremost. And that includes religious tolerance and freedom. Hawaii Passes On Chance Of Female Chief Justice 8/20/10 Women’s eNews: Female judges are certainly nothing new. But it was still noteworthy when Hawaii's first female governor tried and failed earlier this month to name the first woman chief justice to the Hawaii Supreme Court. Setback For Women's Rights In Afghanistan? 8/20/10 CBS: The prospect of bringing the Taliban to the bargaining table is raising fears that the rights of girls and women in Afghanistan will be sacrificed. Old Bombs Shatter Laotian Women's Lives 8/22/10 Women’s eNews: War-era ordnance kills and maims hundreds of Laotian villagers each year. Eighty-five percent of victims are men, leaving numerous women to fend for their families. Bangladesh Court Says Women Should Not Be Forced To Wear Burqas At Educational Institutes 8/23/10 Canadian Press: Bangladesh's High Court ordered the government to ensure women will not be forced to wear burqas at educational institutions after one college reportedly barred females without the veil from entering. At Least 150 Women Raped In Weekend Raid In Congo 8/22/10 NY Times: A mob of Rwandan rebels gang-raped at least 150 women last month during a weekend raid on a community of villages in eastern Congo, United Nations and other humanitarian officials said Sunday. Joumana Haddad: 'I Live In A Country That Hates Me' 8/21/10 Guardian: Joumana Haddad is a ferocious critic of sexism in Lebanon, and her erotic magazine has brought death threats. A new book is her fiercest attack yet on Arab culture. So what drives her? AS Byatt Says Women Who Write Intellectual Books Seen As Unnatural 8/20/10 Guardian: Grande dame of literature AS Byatt criticizes Orange prize for fiction saying there is no such thing as feminine subject matter. Women who write smart, demanding novels are perceived by critics as strange and unnatural, "like a dog standing on its hind legs," the novelist AS Byatt tonight told the Edinburgh international book festival. Harnessing Women's Spending Power To Help The Environment 8/23/10 Washington Post: While men and women are increasingly looking for healthier products, research shows that women are usually making the choices about what to feed their families and what kinds of detergents to use. "Women are looking for safer cosmetics, baby bottles, greener cleaners, safer health care, and for the most part they've only recently understood that something that's more environmentally friendly and green is likely to be safer and healthier." Birth Control Doesn’t Have To Mean The Pill 8/20/10 NY Times: About half of all pregnancies — three million annually — are unintended. About half of the women who have an unplanned pregnancy are using birth control at the time, according to a 2009 study by the Guttmacher Institute. Beer Linked To Psoriasis In Women 8/22/10 USA Today: Women who drink regular beer may be increasing their risk of developing psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder affecting the skin, new findings suggest. Other options, such as light beer and wine, were not linked to such a risk.