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NEWS BRIEF Tumulty, Assistance for Non-Traditional Work, Moscow Attacks

April 1, 2010

Time's Tumulty Joins Wapo 3/30/10 Politico: Time magazine's Karen Tumulty will soon be joining The Washington Post as the paper's national political correspondent. US Department Of Labor Announces Availability Of $1.8 Million To Assist Women In Non-Traditional Occupations 3/30/10 Yahoo News: "In the America of the 21st century, the role of women in the workplace should be defined by their training and abilities, not their gender," said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. Women As Terrorist Weapons In Russia 3/29/2010 Salon: The coverage of Monday morning's subway attacks in Moscow has been awash with devastating images of body bags and bloodied commuters. But even given these gruesome visuals, there is one particular detail about the attacks that stands out: The suspected attackers were women. Cokie Roberts Assails Chris Wallace For Palin 'Lap' Joke: 'Appalling' 3/31/10 Huffington Post: NPR contributor Cokie Roberts took to the airwaves and from the Don Imus show, in which Wallace and Imus joked about whether or not Sarah Palin would be sitting on Wallace's lap during her "Fox News Sunday" interview. Overhaul Will Lower The Costs Of Being A Woman 3/29/10 New York Times: In the broadest sense, the new health care law forbids sex discrimination in health insurance. Previously, there was no such ban, and insurance companies took full advantage of the void. Karl Rove Book Tour Starts With A Bang 3/30/10 Huffington Post: Jodie Evans: After almost an hour of his lies, I had had enough. I leapt up with a set of handcuffs and my full-page arrest complaint, and was followed immediately by the event security. Four In 10 Babies Born In L.A. County Began As Unplanned Pregnancies, Study Finds 3/31/10 Los Angeles Times: About 40% of births in Los Angeles County each year are the result of unplanned pregnancies, which can endanger the health of babies, according to a study released Wednesday by the county’s Department of Public Health. Exclusive Interview With Dr. Jane Goodall 4/1/2010 Huffington Post: Whether talking about the significance of her life's work, the state of human evolution, her attitude towards aging or her definition of God, Goodall was passionate and profound. What Tiger Woods Could Do For Women 3/31/10 New York Times: Gail Collins: For me, the troubling thing about Woods’s adultery was not that a role model was betraying his image as a perfect family man. The social repercussions are not all that grave when you lose a hero whose fan base is almost exclusively made up of middle-aged men. What Makes Chechen Women So Dangerous? 3/30/10 New York Times: We all know the horror that suicide bombers can inflict. But do we understand what drives young women and men to murder dozens of people going about their daily lives? Main Opposition To Boycott Myanmar Election 3/29/10 New York Times: Members of the party of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the long-detained pro-democracy leader, defied Myanmar’s junta by announcing Monday that they would boycott the country’s first elections in two decades. Belgian Committee Votes For Full Islamic Veil Ban 3/31/10 BBC: A Belgian parliamentary committee has voted to ban face-covering Islamic veils from being worn in public. Haitian Women: Enter At Center Stage 3/31/10 Huffington Post: Of late, headlines have also focused on violence against women in Haiti, but few have emphasized its devastating impact on the Haitian population and its dire consequences for the development of the country. Who Put Failed Ab-Only Programs Back In Health Care Reform? And Why? 3/31/10 Amplify Your Voice: Lost in the shuffle of analysis of the new health care reform legislation is the fact that Democrats included over $250 million for failed Title V abstinence-only-until-marriage programs. Never mind that these programs place the health of young people at risk by denying them medically accurate information about condoms and birth control. Roundup: Crisis Pregnancy Centers Sue For Right To Mislead 3/30/10 RH Reality Check: The Archbishop and his supporters call the signs required of some abortion clinics, which are the size of a piece of paper and state "CLINIC NAME Does Not Offer or Refer For Abortion or Birth Control" in English and Spanish, a type of religious "harassment." Breast Cancer Screen Does 'More Good Than Harm' 3/31/10 BBC: Breast cancer screening does more good than harm, with any over-treatment justified by the number of lives saved, a study of 80,000 women has concluded. Assuring That Women's Stories Are Told 3/30/10 Huffington Post: The daily news is often referred to as the "first draft of history," so that's why it's so important that women's news get the coverage it deserves and that women's stories be preserved for those who follow us. A Vibrant Encounter Space Online: The International Museum Of Women 3/31/10 Women’s Media Center: The International Museum of Women is an innovative “new media” approach that utilizes women’s creative powers as a bridge for activism. Carol Burnett Looks Back In Her Memoir 'This Time Together' 3/30/10 New York Times: It was 32 years ago that Burnett tugged her earlobe and said goodnight for the final time. Since then, she has continued to appear on screens and stages, but never in the same enduring way. Women’s History Spotlight: Jeannette Rankin 3/29/10 Women’s Media Center: Director Kamala Lopez’s film tells the story of the first woman elected to the House of Representatives, one who bridged the suffrage, civil liberties, anti-war and women’s movements of 20th century America. Runner, Who Sparked Gender Controversy, Set To Return 3/30/10 Guelph Mercury: Caster Semenya says she will return to competitive racing this season, releasing a statement on the same day that she was denied a chance to run at a meet in South Africa because the results from her gender verification tests have not yet been released.