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NEWS BRIEF The Maddow Blog, Elena Kagan, Uganda Antigay Bill

May 10, 2010

Rachel Maddow Touts The 'The Maddow Blog' 5/7/10 New York Observer: The Maddow Blog is one of the more ambitious attempts to date by an MSNBC star trying to rise above the low expectations of the genre. Obama On Kagan: ‘A Trailblazing Leader’ 5/10/10 Wall Street Journal: Obama formally nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court today referring to her as a “trailblazing leader” in the legal realm. Uganda Panel Gives Setback To Antigay Bill 5/9/10 NY Times: A special committee organized by the president of Uganda has recommended that a harsh antihomosexuality bill be withdrawn from Parliament. Black Editor, Gray Lady 5/10 Columbia Journalism Review: Gerald Boyd, Jayson Blair, and journalism’s diversity problem. Bianna Golodryga Named 'GMA' Weekend Co-Anchor 5/7/10 Huffington Post: ABC News has announced that Bianna Golodryga will be joining the weekend edition of "Good Morning America" as a co-anchor. Media Should Advance Women's Voice in Leadership 5/10/10 Public Agenda via AllAfrica, Ghana: Intense media scrutiny given to women legislators and uncalled-for portrayal of women as playing second fiddle to men by the media has been identified as a major factor that affects women's participation in politics. New Union Leader Wants Group To Be More Of A Political Powerhouse 5/9/10 NY Times: Mary Kay Henry is set to be elected president of the Service Employees International Union. A Spreading Peril For Women’s Privacy And Freedom 5/9/10 NY Times: Abortion-rights groups are newly anxious about new assaults on women’s reproductive rights. Abortion Foes Add Hits Against Mollohan 5/6/10 Politico: Anti-abortion groups are targeting West Virginia Rep. Alan Mollohan with a last-minute campaign push as the Democratic incumbent fights a serious primary challenge from state Sen. Mike Oliverio. Marriage Law Is Challenged As Equaling Discrimination 5/7/10 NY Times: Advocates for gay rights have little hope that Obama will actively seek a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, given the political climate and the priority of other issues. Arizona Law Compounds Immigrant Women's Vulnerability 5/9/10 Huffington Post: The "immigration enforcement above all else" model has a particularly brutal impact on immigrant women. Marquette Rescinds Offer To Sociologist 5/7/10 NY Times: Officials at the Roman Catholic university changed their mind about a deanship after reading the works of the lesbian professor who wrote about her sexuality. Immigration Status Of Army Spouses Often Leads To Snags 5/8/10 NY Times: Immigration lawyers and Department of Homeland Security officials say that many thousands of people in the military have spouses or close relatives who are illegal immigrants. Actress Mia Farrow Bears UN Message Of Hope And Help For Guinea's Afflicted Children 5/4/10 AllAfrica: Farrow aims to boost funding for maternal and child health in Guinea. Sheena Duncan, White Who Fought Apartheid, Dies At 77 5/8/10 NY Times: Sheena Duncan led the Black Sash, a group of middle-class white women in South Africa who protested against apartheid and counseled blacks victimized by the racist laws of that era. A Woman's Mission: To Teach Birth Control In Nigeria 5/6/10 NPR: Daphne Mae Hunt wanted to teach Nigerian women about their menstrual cycles as a form of birth control. Geomagic's Ping Fu Rises In Tech Firmament 5/10/10 Women's eNews: Ping Fu survived China's Cultural Revolution and was later deported to the U.S. for her reporting on female infanticide. Now she's one of the few women in the CEO ranks of commercially innovative technology. Madagascar's Hidden Crisis: Women's Rights And Human Rights Abuses 4/29/10 Pambazuka News: With Madagascar's political crisis still far from resolved, economic and social rights have remained outside of the concerns of the country's leadership and mainstream media alike. Cuts To Breast Cancer Program Wider Than Expected 5/9/10 USA Today: State budget cuts to a breast cancer screening program for low-income women leave many eligible women and those formerly eligible without a place to turn. Doctors Defend Genital "Nick" For Girls 5/7/10 Salon: The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests a new way to fight female genital mutilation in the United States. Lena Horne, Singer And Actress, Dies At 92 5/10/10 NY Times: Lena Horne was the first African American performer signed by a major Hollywood studio. Betty White Charms On "SNL" 5/9/10 Salon: The 88-year-old lives up to expectations, despite jokes about "drier, crustier" old lady parts. Rhonda Copelon, Lawyer In Groundbreaking Rights Cases, Dies At 65 5/9/10 NY Times: Rhonda Copelon was a human rights lawyer who played a major role in several groundbreaking cases. Atlanta Women's Soccer Gets Stadium To Call Home 5/9/10 Women's eNews: The year-old Women's Professional Soccer scores today when the Atlanta Beat unveils the first soccer-specific stadium for the league. A Football Coach Used To Tests Insists Her Players Pass Theirs 5/9/10 NY Times: A coach that emphasizes academics over athletic achievement may be even rarer than a woman coaching at this level.