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NEWS BRIEF: Talk Show Sexism, WikiLeaks Leaves Out Women, A Thank You To Elizabeth Edwards

December 14, 2010

The Sexism of 'Morning Joe:' The pathetic gender dynamics of MSNBC's hit show


The New Republic: Why does MSNBC, supposedly leading the liberal charge against conservative cable news, stand for such a dispiriting and old-fashioned gender dynamic? Anyone for a little sexism with their morning joe? Wiki Cables Give Women the Reindeer Treatment


Women’s eNews: Women are off the U.S. diplomatic map. A look at 200 WikiLeaks cables finds no mention of our rights or struggles, says Corinna Barnard, and a recent check of the State Department's Council on Women and Girls site found a top story about romping reindeer.

Thank You, Elizabeth: How Elizabeth Edwards rewrote the script for political wives like me.


Slate: Connie Schultz writes that after Hillary Rodham Clinton, Elizabeth did the most to champion a new role for political wives.


Feminism: A Moral Compass for Change?


Huffington Post: Author Barbara Hannah Grufferman explains how embracing feminism means embracing this fundamental truth: every human being has rights.

New York Times' newest fashion trend: 'transsexuals'!


TBD: The New York Times' William Van Meter has declared 2010 "the year of the transsexual," and he has a list of totally not-actually-trans celebrities to prove this thesis.

Flattery Will Get an Ad Nowhere


New York Times: Just looking at an object intended to enhance beauty makes women feel worse about themselves, according to a study from the April 2011 issue of The Journal of Consumer Research.

TEDWomen: Proving That Gender Does Not Determine Great Ideas


Huffington Post: Demos fellow Linda Tarr-Whelan recaps the TED Women conference, and asks: how about having all TED events have half women and half men as speakers, fellows and in the audience?

Women Combat Ready: U.S. Care for Women Flunks


Women’s eNews: The Military Leadership Diversity Commission says the Defense Department should eliminate restrictions on women serving in combat units and end all "gender restrictive policies.”

Hillary Clinton: Empower girls and women


CNN: At the TED Women Conference, Secretary of State Clinton devoted her talk to the importance of empowering women and girls around the world.

Elizabeth Edwards and the Intimacy of Friendship

12/9/10 Women’s Issues: The death of Elizabeth Edwards reminds us that in the midst of grief we should not lose sight of the joy in knowing one another.

In U.S., Afghan women find freedom to study


USA Today: The Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund seeks to jump-start the education of Afghan women whose studies stalled under the Taliban regime. The goal is for the women to obtain a college education to prepare them to return home and assist in the rebuilding of Afghanistan.

Colorado Swears In First Openly Gay Latina Justice


Jezebel: On Friday Monica Marquez became the first openly gay and first female Hispanic Colorado Supreme Court justice.


PHOTO ESSAY: Documenting the Lives of Girls in Haiti


World Pulse: Photographer Nadia Todres visited the camps of Port-au-Prince to document the precarious lives of girls on the ground.

Ambitions Meet Reality in India


New York Times: For a new generation of women workers in India, the challenges include discrimination that is "insidious rather than blatant" and breaking into sectors and roles that have traditionally been reserved for men.

Iran's Women: Canaries in the Coal Mine


Huffington Post: From the very start, many progressive Iranians felt that the fate of women was central to change in society, writes author Azar Nafisi.

Afghan Women


National Geographic: Afghan women suffer under the constraints of tribalism, poverty, and war. Now they are starting to fight for a just life.

Group Sets Goal to Get More Women on Boards


New York Times: Helena Morrissey, chief executive of the money manager Newton, wants to raise the number of women on British boards to roughly a third by 2015, without using quotas.


Anti-Abortion Wingnuts Eager for Joe Pitts to Do Battle as Chair of Health Subcommittee


Alternet: Anti-choice forces managed to get their hand-picked ringer - Pennsylvania Republican Joe Pitts - selected as chair of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. Pitts can be expected to make an attack on women's reproductive rights a key objective in his new role.

New Report Takes on Injustice of the Hyde Amendment


Our Bodies Our Blog: The Center for American Progress has released a new reportthat seeks to draw attention to how policies such as the Hyde Amendment disproportionately affect low-income women, women of color, and young women.

Study Finds Setbacks in Women’s Health


New York Times: The latest health report card for women, issued by the National Women’s Law Center and Oregon Health and Science University, paints a dismal picture.

New Screening More Effective in Diagnosing Uterine Cancer


Ms. Magazine: A new screening test may be able to detect early signs of uterine cancer in asymptomatic, postmenopausal women with over 80 percent accuracy.

Review Suggests Benefits in Estrogen


New York Times: A new review of data suggests that certain women who take estrogen to treat menopause symptoms may actually be protected from breast cancer.


Ani DiFranco, Then and Now


Mother Jones: Singer/songwriter and feminist Ani DiFranco talks music and motherhood with Michael Mechanic of MJ.


Rally for Girls’ Sports: To Cheer Or Not To Cheer?


Women’s Media Center: Is cheerleading empowering or exploiting women and girls? Is it a sport in its own right, or does it sideline girls by having them cheer for “real” (read: male) athletes? It’s easy to argue both sides, depending on where you look for examples.