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NEWS BRIEF Sofia Coppola Wins Prize, New Obama Criticism, Bail Set for US Hiker

September 13, 2010

Sofia Coppola Wins Top Prize for Bittersweet Tale 09/12/10 Sofia Coppola's bittersweet tale Somewhere, about a dissolute Hollywood star trying to reconnect with his young daughter, won the Golden Lion for best film at the Venice International Film Festival last night Obama Faces New Criticism From Women's Groups Over His Team 09/12/10 The Hill: President Obama is facing new criticism from women’s rights groups for failing to nominate a woman to his core group of economic advisers. Women’s rights groups -- including the National Organization for Women (NOW) and The New Agenda -- have sharply criticized the White House for not including more women in prominent positions overseeing the economy and financial policy. Iran 'to release US hiker Sarah Shourd on bail' 09/12/10 BBC News: Iranian authorities are ready to release one of the three US hikers detained last year, state media has reported.Tehran chief prosecutor Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi said Sarah Shourd, 32, would be freed when $500,000 (£325,000) bail was paid, and could leave the country. Women Unite For More Media Airtime 09/12/10 The Sunday Business Post Online: In an attempt to overturn a male-dominated trend on TV and radio shows - most obvious in commercial radio - the group is preparing a series of free evening seminars for women that will give practical tips on how to manage broadcast appearances. Seeing a Tilt in Sunday Talk 9/12/10 New York Times: The study, of the five network Sunday shows from February to December 2009, found that while 14.6 percent of members of Congress were minorities, just 2.5 percent of the Congressional TV guests were minorities; and that while 16.9 percent of members were female, 13.5 percent of the guests were female. Days After ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Ruling, Another Challenge Heads to Court 09/12/10 New York Times: For 17 years, Maj. Margaret Witt rose steadily through the Air Force and Air Force Reserves, winning plaudits from colleagues, strong performance reviews from superiors and service medals from the department. A flight nurse, she treated wounded troops during Desert Storm and was featured in Air Force promotional materials for years. Republican Nightmare: Putting Elizabeth Warren to Work Now 9/12/10 What can Obama do that would mobilize his political base and put his opponents on the defensive? There is an easy answer: Appoint Elizabeth Warren. Daughter of John McCain Is a Rebel 09/10/10 New York Times: Ms. McCain, the 25-year-old politics and pop-culture columnist for The Daily Beast and daughter of Senator John McCain, is also the author of the just-published “Dirty Sexy Politics,” a frank, dishy and often scathing chronicle of her experiences during the 2008 presidential campaign. Career Ladder for Japan's 'New' Women Still Tilted 09/12/10 Women’s eNews: Married or single? Working full-time or part-time? Earning high or low? A few decades ago, Japanese women rarely attended university. But more choices and economic pressure have brought new polarities to their expectations A ‘Vital Voice’ on Women in India 09/13/10 The Wall Street Journal: As the president of Vital Voices, a Washington-based non-governmental organization that seeks to foster women’s leadership and entrepreneurship worldwide, she sees India having a unique equation when it comes to the issues her outfit cares about — similar in many respects to other countries but specific in other ways. First Lady Targets Women's Cancers 09/10/10 Times: Madiba-Zuma was elected chairman of the Forum of Africa First Ladies Against Breast and Cervical Cancer last month and spoke yesterday at a cancer conference in Johannesburg Clijsters Wins With Class, And Tennis Wins With Clijsters 09/12/10 USA Today: All the emotion and histrionics are on the other side of the net when Kim Clijsters takes the court, which is why she won the U.S. Open for the second time in a row Saturday night, and the third time in six years. The three times she didn't win, she didn't play.