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NEWS BRIEF Scarlet, Conservative Women, Afghan Women

June 21, 2010

Seeing red over Scarlet magazine 6/20/10 The Guardian: A smart and sophisticated women's magazine has closed because it was too subversive for mainstream readers. How Conservative Women Politicians Make Life Harder for Working Moms 6/20/10 The Nation: Conservative women politicians are profiting from the feminist movement while promoting policies that make the lives of everyday women more difficult. Working To Help A Haven For Afghan Women Blossom 6/20/10 New York Times:  An oasis of freedom for women, surrounded by the misogynist desert of the capital city in Afghanistan, is undergoing a rebirth. Rainy Day Woman: Agnes Jaoui 6/17/10 Huffington Post: In her new film, Let it Rain, French writer/director/actress, Agnès Jaoui, tackles race, class, gender, and politics. Shriver Lines Up Names for Women's Conference 6/20/10 San Francisco Chronicle:  140 "newsmakers and world opinion leaders" will be taking part in California first lady Maria Shriver's Women's Conference 2010, in October, with the theme of "It's Time." Campaigning for Common Ground in Abortion Debate 6/18/10 New York Times:  Adoption Access Network campaigns for options, informed consent and support for women trying to figure out what to do with an unwanted pregnancy. New York May Be Last In US To Approve No-Fault Divorce 6/20/10 Boston Herald: Last week, state senators pushed for a bill to allow one spouse to unilaterally opt out of marriage after swearing under oath that the relationship has broken down irretrievably for at least six months. Human Rights Defenders Seek Protection in Mexico 6/19/10 New York Times: With a drug war raging around them and an unreliable judicial system in place, Mexico’s human rights activists have their hands full as they grapple with a growing new class of victims: themselves. Indian Women Fighting To Assert Their Rights 6/21/10 AFP: Since it was set up in 2002, a state sponsored self-defense class has coached 70,000 women, at ten-day free courses organized at school premises during the summer break. Rwanda made me think again about positive discrimination 6/20/10 The Guardian: Under Rwanda's constitution, one third of MPs must be female. Over time, this has brought many talented women to the forefront. When a Woman Doesn't Want Sex 6/21/10 CNN: On Friday, an advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration declined to recommend approval of a highly anticipated new drug, flibanserin, saying it was not adequately effective at improving a woman's sex drive. 5-Day 'Morning After' Pill Gets FDA Advisers' Approval 6/18/10 CNN: An advisory panel of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave the green light Thursday to an emergency contraceptive for use up to five days after sex. New Women's Record In NH's Mt Washington Road Race 6/19/10 The Associated Press: A 23-year-old woman from Ethiopia who had to borrow a pair of running shoes just before the start of the Mount Washington Road Race set a new women's record Saturday for the uphill course to the summit of the Northeast's highest peak. New No. 1 Miyazato Wins At the Shore 6/20/10 Vancouver Sun: Ai Miyazato, a women’s golfer, recently became the number one ranked women’s golfer in the world.