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News Brief: Patti Smith Wins National Book Award, Time's Most Powerful Women, Iraqis Endure Ris

November 22, 2010

Punk Rock Legend Patti Smith Wins National Book Award for Memoir Just Kids


Democracy Now: The singer-songwriter, poet, artist and punk rock legend Patti Smith has won the National Book Award in the non-fiction category for memoir, Just Kids.

The 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century


Time: TIME surveys the women who have most influenced our world. Women at TIME share their favorites on the 25 Most Powerful Women of the 20th Century list.

Unmarried Iraqis Endure Risky Wait for Ticket Out


Women’s eNews: Iraqi war refugees in Syria are legally barred from work while they wait for resettlement. For single women the risk of forced prostitution and sex trafficking is so high that a U.S. legal advocate says they deserve priority refugee status.

Senators Want Negotiations Made Public in Retransmission Fights


Media Decoder: At a Senate hearing on Wednesday, Democratic senators suggested there should be more transparency in the tumultuous negotiations between television stations and distributors.

Daddy Blogger Skeeves Out Mommy Bloggers, Starts Flame-War


Jezebel: There is DRAMA in the world of mommy bloggers. More so than usual! Despite the post's address, it was intended for one man, one predator, and one blogger — who, apparently, has disabled his blog and been found out. All's well that ends well?

A Trailblazer With Her Eye on the Bottom Line


NY Times: She grew up sheltered and privileged, in a middle-class Irish enclave of Chicago at midcentury, attending Catholic schools and riding horses at a country club where blacks and Jews were not allowed. Yet from age 28, she blazed a trail for working women, persuading male-dominated Madison Avenue to get behind an upstart magazine called Ms.

'Sugar Daddy' Sites Push Line on Paid Sex


Women’s eNews: Matchmaking sites for wealthy men and younger women have been multiplying since launched eight years ago. They adopt varying procedures for separating themselves from prostitution sites, which are illegal.

Is TSA Exempting Women In Hijabs From Controversial Pat-Downs?


Tpm Muckracker: Contrary to reports burning up the right-wing media that Muslim women would get a free pass, the Transportation Security Administration isn't exempting anyone from those new intensive airport pat-downs.

My admiration for Simon Cowell – by Sarah Palin


Guardian: Republican praises American Idol judge for telling the truth to talentless contestants in excerpts of her new book leaked on the internet. Sarah Palin described Cowell as 'a little harsh' but said he upheld 'the highest standards'.

Carol Moseley Braun kicks off campaign for mayor


Chicago Tribune: Seizing on a message she used two decades ago in her historic run for the U.S. Senate, Carol Moseley Braun announced Saturday she was running for Chicago mayor to be a voice for the unheard and an advocate for the underrepresented.

KeyCorp Picks Beth Mooney as Next Chairman and CEO


American Banker: Longtime chief Henry Meyer 3rd to retire next year. Beth E. Mooney will become chairman and chief executive of KeyCorp next year, succeeding Henry Meyer 3rd, who plans to retire, the company said Thursday.

Andrea Peyser Can Tell You Sluts How to Land a Man


Gawker: Sextacular New York Post relationship consultant Andrea Peyser knows a thing or two about what men want, and she's about to hit you with some sexxxy wisdom, ladies. Rule One: don't be such a slut. She's talking to you, Maddie.

Trans Student To Rush Texas Sorority


Jezebel: For the first time, a trans woman will rush the Zeta Chi sorority at Trinity University in Texas. Hopefully her experience will be more positive than that of other trans people in the Greek system.

Zvi Bar'el / Iran's women defeat Ahmadinejad's 'legal prostitution' bill


Haaretz: Despite its views on Israel and Iran, Turkey is trying to prove it's still a friend to the U.S. The White House was quick to deny a Financial Times report two weeks ago that U.S. President Barack Obama has conditioned an arms sale to Turkey on Ankara's adopting a more sympathetic approach to Israel, but the Turkish-American arms deal is still being delayed

Chinese woman jailed over Twitter post


BBC: A woman in China has been sentenced to a year in a labour camp after posting a message on the social networking website Twitter. She had repeated a Twitter comment urging nationalist protesters to smash Japan's pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, adding the words "Charge, angry youth".

Pakistani President Pardons Christian Woman on Death Row 11/22/10

Christian Post: Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday pardoned Asia Bibi (also referred to as Asia Noreen by some media), the first woman sentenced to death for blasphemy. Bibi, who had been imprisoned for one-and-a-half years without being allowed to give her statement in court, was released soon after the presidential pardon.

Pope Says Condoms Acceptable 'In Certain Cases'


AlterNet: Until now, the Vatican had prohibited the use of any form of contraception -- other than abstinence -- even as a guard against sexually transmitted disease. Pope Benedict XVI says that condom use is acceptable "in certain cases", notably "to reduce the risk of infection" with HIV, in a book due out Tuesday, apparently softening his once hardline stance.

Students Turning to Prostitution and Stripping


AlterNet: A number of students have taken work in the sex industry as a source of income. Not everyone who enters sex work “has made a big mistake,” says Anderson, but he is skeptical of whether anyone could ever make an “informed decision” to enter sex work.

Thai Police Find 2,000 Illegally Aborted Fetuses


NY Times: Two thousand fetuses from illegal abortion clinics have been found hidden at a Buddhist temple here, igniting calls for stricter abortion laws in a nation that is both socially conservative and sexually tolerant.

Documenting Late-Term Abortion


Women’s Media Center: Journalist Catherine Epstein talks to two documentarians about their film on late-term abortion and their motives for creating it.

Wasserstein award for emerging female playwrights may be given out after all


Feministing: I wrote on Monday about the decision not to award any of the nominated emerging female playrights the $25, 000 Wasserstein prize. An uproar in response to their decision ensued, including an online petition with almost 1,500 signatures.

'Made in Dagenham'


NY Daily News: A woman and her female colleagues set off a firestorm that leads to Britain's Equal Pay Act. 'Made in Dagenham' is based on the true story of a strike of women Ford workers that lead to Britain's Equal Pay Act.

Your Highness Looks Depressingly Unfunny


Bust: In the trailer for the new medieval (first of many mistakes!) stoner comedy, Your Highness, James Franco plays a straight man for some reason, Danny McBride plays the slovenly stoner brother, while Natalie Portman a sexy sex object who can beat up guys which is funny because she’s little and stuff.

U.S. Moves Step Closer to Making World Cup


NY Times: Alex Morgan came off the bench and scored in the fourth minute of added time to give the United States a 1-0 victory over Italy on Saturday in the first leg of a playoff to determine the final spot for the Women’s World Cup.