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NEWS BRIEF: Oprah’s New Network, Female Serving On US Navy Submarines’,Brazil Elects Woman President

November 1, 2010

Oprah: No 'bitches' allowed 10/27/10 NY Post: Oprah is making one promise about her new cable channel -- they won't call anyone "bitches." While Oprah's new cable channel has been getting a lot of attention, the talk-show queen herself has said relatively little about it. Female Officers to Begin Serving on US Navy Submarines’ 10/25/10 Ms. Magazine: On Thursday, the US Navy announced that women will start serving on US submarines in December 2011. Twenty-four female officers began training in July and will become the first women to serve on American submarines, according to CNN. Brazil Leader’s Chosen Successor Is Elected 10/31/10 NY Times: Former guerrilla leader Dilma Rousseff won Brazil's presidential election in resounding fashion on Sunday and promised to stick to policies that have lifted millions from poverty and made Brazil one of the world's hottest economies. Maria Shriver Eyeing TV Return? 10/27/10 Huffington Post: Shriver, who spent 16 years at NBC before becoming California's First Lady, left the network after "executives became uncomfortable with her working as a journalist while she was the state's first lady," according to a 2008 Los Angeles Times article. PBS Responds to FAIR Studies 10/25/10 Fair: The PBS ombud and representatives of the public television programs studied in FAIR's new report, "Taking the Public Out of Public TV," have responded (10/21/10) to the research that shows an elite, inside-the-Beltway slant to the programs' guestlists. Rachel Maddow Enters Facebook Contest To Interview George W. Bush 10/22/10 Huffington Post: It may not come as a shock that, despite repeated efforts, Rachel Maddow has not been able to secure an interview with former president George W. Bush. Now, Maddow is trying to win an interview with Bush by entering a contest that he is running on Facebook in support of his upcoming memoir, "Decision Points." Katie Couric, On the Move 10/25/10 The Daily Beast: The CBS anchor is nearing the end of her contract—and signs point surprisingly to her staying put. Howard Kurtz talks to her about her salary, her next move—and her love of the campaign trail. Should We Mandate Positive Images of Women in the Media? 10/26/10 Women’s Rights: One of the most female-friendly pieces of legislation to be introduced in the last few years isn't terribly interesting or sexy at first glance. But once you consider the impact that the Healthy Media for Youth Act could have, the innocuous bipartisan bill starts to seem pretty empowering. Palin says she'll run in 2012 'if there's nobody else' 10/29/10 USA Today: Sarah Palin may be getting closer to a 2012 run for the Republican presidential nomination. "If there's nobody else to do it, then of course I would believe that we should do this," the former Alaska governor said in an interview on Entertainment Tonight. Palin ran for vice president on John McCain's ticket in 2008. Florida's 24th Congressional District: Suzanne Kosmas vs. Sandy Adams 10/25/10 Time: With Republicans confident they can retake control of the House and Democrats trying to contain the damage, looks at the key congressional and statewide contests across the U.S. Florida this year registered its highest unemployment rate ever, topping 12%, and few regions have felt the Sunshine State's economic gloom more than the Space Coast. Year of the Woman' Part II on Agenda for 2012 10/26/10 Women’s eNews: The 2010 elections could bring the first drop in women's congressional numbers in 30 years. Despite that, a bipartisan effort targeting the over-45 set aims to make the next elections, in 2012, a bonanza year for female politicians. Five Candidates Can't Carry All Our Diaper Bags 10/20/10 Women’s eNews:When mothers of young children got elected to Congress a nursing room and day-care center opened on Capitol grounds. That's the kind of representation and advocacy that parents with young children need out here in the real world. Meghan and Cindy McCain on Hate Campaigns, Sexism in Politics, and the Tea Party 10/26/10 Blog Her: At the California Women’s Conference last night, Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan and wife Cindy held a freewheeling conversation about the current state of politics in this country, and the need to get more women involved, especially younger women Political Wife-Swapping 10/27/10 Slate: The husband had political ambitions. Now she is the one running for office. When Democratic gubernatorial candidate Libby Mitchell moved to Maine 39 years ago, she had a political career in mind. Not for herself, though—her husband, Jim Mitchell, was taking a candidate-in-training job with Gov. Ken Curtis. The SBA List's 'Pro-Life' Lies 10/28/10 The Nation: Much attention has been paid to the agonized debate over that compromise within Democratic circles, but in some ways, the vote was even more defining for the so-called "pro-life" movement. The Ken Buck Rape Case 10/26/10 Mother Jones: As a district attorney, the Colorado tea party GOP Senate candidate didn't prosecute an alleged rapist. Legal experts say it seems he had a case. Democrats have slammed Ken Buck, the tea party Republican candidate for Senate in Colorado, for failing to prosecute an alleged rape as district attorney in largely rural Weld County five years ago. Nikki Haley Could Actually Lose ... And It's Because of That Sex Scandal 10/22/10 The New Republic: As Election Day approaches, national pundits are naturally focused on certain highly competitive marquee contests. And when observers need some comic relief from the tension of the campaign trail, there’s always Christine O’Donnell to supply fresh material. Media, Stop Abusing Female Candidates 10/21/10 In These Times: It’s the fear of women—specifically, fear of women politicians and leaders. Because of this fear, female politicians, candidates and leaders face blatant sexism and misogyny in both corporate media and parts of the blogosphere for challenging the male-dominated political system. Democrats Stress Social Issues 10/28/10 Wall Street Journal: Polls show men leaning heavily Republican this year. That has Democrats and their backers trying in the campaign's last days to spur left-leaning and independent women to vote, by emphasizing abortion and other social issues. Women, Shwomen 10/27/10 Newsweek: The number of females in Congress has never been proportional, and will be even worse after this election. For all the ballyhoo about this being “the year of the woman,” the number of women in Congress looks certain to decline for the first time since 1978. The Female Factor 10/28/10 The New Republic: Last week, as Democratic candidates across the country reached out to female voters in the final swing before Election Day, the White House released a report on how the president’s economic agenda helps women. The women presidents of Latin America 10/31/10 BBC: Dilma Rousseff has just been elected President of Brazil, making her the country's first female president. She is the latest woman in Latin America to take up the top job. BBC News profiles the women presidents of the region - both past and present. Five myths about female candidates 10/31/10 Washington Post: From mama grizzlies to mean girls, much of the conventional wisdom about the women who are running for office this year is mangled or badly misguided. We've already heard a lot of grand pronouncements about what women will mean for the 2010 midterms -- and vice versa. Peru's capital has first woman mayor after long recount 10/27/10 BBC: The Peruvian capital, Lima, finally has an elected mayor after nearly a month of recounts. The election itself was held on 3 October but, amid challenges, more than a million votes were re-examined. Desirée Rogers: 'I Have Learned Who I Am' 10/25/10 Chicago Mag: After a sometimes controversial run as White House social secretary, Desirée Rogers is back in Chicago to tackle a new challenge. reviving Johnson Publishing and its Ebony and Jet magazines. United States Improves in Global Gender Equality Assessment 10/25/10 Ms. Magazine: The United States made considerable progress toward gender equality in 2009, according to the recently released Global Gender Index Study (GGIS), an annual index released by the World Economic Forum. The GGIS ranks countries in terms gender equality, evaluating such factors as women's access to education, the presence of women in politics, equal employment opportunities and salaries, and health, according to Bloomberg. Paycheck Fairness Act: More Than Pocket Change Is at Stake 10/29/10 Huffington Post: After the crash, the downturn was dubbed a "mancession." As the meme continues to circulate, the Roosevelt Institute's New Deal 2.0 blog asked leading thinkers to help sort fact from fiction. Are men suffering more than women in a weak economy? The New Momism 10/29/10 NY Times: They make for strange bedfellows, Sarah Palin, leading her pack of “mama grizzlies,” and Michelle Obama, now touring the country on behalf of beleaguered, largely female Democratic candidates as the self-described “mom in chief.” Profiting from sexism 10/21/10 Economist: Working women in South Korea earn 63% of what men do. Not all of this is the result of discrimination, but some must be. South Korean women face social pressure to quit when they have children, making it hard to stay on the career fast track. Many large companies have no women at all in senior jobs. Study Shows Women Excluded from International Peacemaking Processes 10/27/10 Ms. Magazine: According to a report released Monday by the MIT Center for International Studies and the International Civil Society Action Network, women still have not been fully included in peacemaking and peace-building processes in many countries. The study was released the day before the tenth anniversary of the enactment of United Nations Resolution 1325, which calls for nations to ensure women's "full involvement" in peacemaking and national security decision-making, according to the Associated Press. To the Women of Afghanistan 10/26/10 NY Times: Afghanistan has signed the same United Nations covenants and conventions that most of the rest of the world has signed. Although there’s no iron fist of accountability in those documents, they are by and large the politics of embarrassment. Use them to demand the rights your Constitution gives you. Tell the negotiators you won’t back down. Remind them that you’re 50 percent of the population. Be prepared to march; to go to the barricades. The women in the rest of the world are with you. Tracking the journey of Mumbai's first woman train driver 10/28/10 BBC: Priti Kumari, 34, is the first woman train driver on India's vast western railway network. On 12 October, she became the latest to join the ranks of about a dozen women train drivers in India. Headscarf row mars Turkey's anniversary celebration 10/29/10 BBC: Turkey's main opposition leader and military officials have failed to attend the Republic Day reception hosted by President Abdullah Gul. Mr Gul had decided to allow his wife to wear the Islamic headscarf at the event in Ankara. In previous years he had held two separate receptions. Home for sexually exploited girls, young women set to open in Chicago 10/28/10 Chicago Tribune: A recent study into how pimps operate spelled out how they recruit with clear, chilling simplicity. They sought out runaways, dropouts, drug abusers, victims of physical abuse, people who need love, attention, money. Obama administration's sex-ed program criticized by both sides of abstinence debate 10/28/10 Washington Post: Over the past decade, politicians have battled about how to reduce the teen pregnancy rate: safe-sex vs. abstinence-only sex education programs, even as films such as "Juno" and births by famous teens such as Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn Spears seemed to make adolescent pregnancies more socially acceptable. New Test Will Increase IVF Success, Reduce Multiple Births 10/28/10 Jezebel: A new procedure analyzes embryos for chromosome abnormalities, allowing doctors to implant the healthiest specimens during in vitro fertilization. A Hidden Minefield at Pregnancy Centers 10/29/10 NY Times: Ms. Marzulla runs one of 12 Expectant Mother Care centers across the city, which have provided emotional and practical support to more than 100,000 women over the past 25 years, according to the group’s founder. But a recent report by Naral Pro-Choice America contends that they and similar centers do so in a deceptive way — by using erroneous medical advice to steer clients away from abortion, contraception and the morning-after pill. The People Behind the Viral Videos: Antoine Dodson, Up Close and Personal 10/29/10 The News Feed: Looks like viral video dynamo Antoine Dodson, whose fame came essentially from the attack of his sister by a would-be rapist in his home, is milking his 15 minute of fame to the last teet. She Is Janet. Hear Her Roar 10/28/10 Newsweek: Why do men always try to protect Michael’s little sister? With a new movie, look, and perspective on life after a painful year, Miss Jackson is serving notice: she can handle her own bruise control. Schomburg Center in Harlem Acquires Maya Angelou Archive 10/26/10 NY Times: Maya Angelou’s paper trail includes a rambling, typewritten letter from James Baldwin, dated Nov. 20, 1970, addressed to “Dear, dear Sister” discussing everything from his new book to his feelings about death. Why Sisterly Chats Make People Happier 10/25/10 NY Times:  “Having a Sister Makes You Happier”: that was the headline on a recent article about a study finding that adolescents who have a sister are less likely to report such feelings as “I am unhappy, sad or depressed” and “I feel like no one loves me. Does Glee Have a Mixed Message When It Comes to Body Image? 10/27/10 Vulture: It was a canny move for Glee to address body-image issues in last night's episode, though the execution was confused at best. Could it be that Glee itself is sending a muddled message on what a teenage body is supposed to look like? Taylor Swift Poised For One Of 2010's Biggest Sellers 10/26/10 NPR: Taylor Swift, one of the music industry's biggest money-makers, released a new album Tuesday. Her label is so confident that Speak Now will sell well that it's shipped more than 2 million copies to stores. Time for TV to Move Beyond Fat Jokes 10/28/10 Pop Watch: Marie Claire writer Maura Kelly has caused quite the stir on the Interwebs after comments regarding the “fatties” of CBS’ freshman sitcom Mike & Molly. In her post “Should ‘Fatties’ Get a Room? (Even on TV?)“ Kim Clijsters beats Caroline Wozniacki to win WTA title 10/31/10 BBC: Kim Clijsters won the season-ending WTA Championships for the third time with a battling win over world number one Caroline Wozniacki in Doha. The Belgian, 27, followed up her US Open victory in September by claiming another of the game's premier prizes as she beat Wozniacki 6-3 5-7 6-3. A Runner Finds Her Inspiration in the Example Set by Joe Montana 10/30/10 NY Times: Running was solitary and meditative. On the road I found clarity and calm. Problems shrank. Edges smoothed. Before long I was pushing myself to go 8, 9, 10 miles. Although running did wonders for my psyche, I missed being around athletes, so I became a reporter at Sports Illustrated, where I worked for almost a decade.