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NEWS BRIEF National Public Radio, Nevada Personhood Appeal, Italy Abortion Pill Ban

April 5, 2010

Where Are The Women? 4/2/10 NPR: NPR needs to try harder to find more female sources and commentators. Nevada's High Court To Hear 'Personhood' Appeal 4/5/10 Women's eNews: "Personhood," an extremist stratagem of the anti-choice movement, gets a court hearing in Nevada. Row Rages In Italy Over Abortion Pill 4/3/10 The Independent: Regional governors from Italy's resurgent right-wing have vowed to ban the abortion pill, just days after it was finally made available to Italian women. Death of the White House Press Corps 4/3/10 Daily Beast: Is the White House press corps teetering on the brink of obsolescence? Sarah Palin Fox News Show Gets Mixed Reviews 4/2/10 CBS: The Sarah Palin-hosted "Real American Stories" debuted on Fox News, and the reviews are less than glowing. Women At BBC To Blame For Ageism, Says Selina Scott 4/5/10 Telegraph, UK: Women at the top of the BBC are to blame for age discrimination against female presenters. Debunkers Of Fictions Sift The Net 4/5/10 NY Times: Snopes is one of the most popular fact-checking destinations on the Web. ABC News' Betsy Stark Let Go 4/2/10 Broadcasting & Cable: ABC News business reporter Betsy Stark has been let go. Abortion Ban Will Be On 2011 Ballot In Mississippi 4/1/10 USA Today: Abortion opponents collected enough signatures to put the proposal on next year's ballot. What Makes Gillibrand Scary To Rivals? 4/3/10 NY Times:  Gillibrand has been under siege almost from the moment Gov. Paterson appointed her to replace Clinton in 2009. Scott Roeder Gets Maximum For Tiller Murder -- Life, With No Possible Parole For 50 Years 4/1/10 ABC: A judge has sentenced the anti-abortion activist who shot and killed George Tiller to the maximum possible sentence. Transgender Inmates Freed From Hormone Lockdown 4/2/10 Salon: A Wisconsin law banning gender therapy is overturned. Cleveland Officials Must Follow Through To Make Women Safer 4/4/10 Cleveland Live: It's been five months since the unfolding horror on Cleveland's Imperial Avenue made headlines around the world. U.S. Troops Accused Of Cover-Up Over Women's Killings 4/6/10 The Age, Australia:  U.S. troops in Afghanistan have been accused of digging bullets out of the dead bodies of three Afghan women in an attempted cover-up of a bungled raid. U.N. Envoy Paves Diplomatic History for Women 4/4/10 Women's eNews: They work like stepping stones to pave a major fresh path in women's history. Russia Says Suicide Bomber Was Militant’s Widow 4/3/10 NY Times: The story of the woman, Dzhanet Abdullayeva, speaks to the challenges facing the Kremlin. Between Patriachy, Pornography And Pleasure 4/1/10 Pambazuka News, Africa:  If Africa is to deal effectively with the HIV/AIDS pandemic, there are issues that need to be spoken about, whether they are considered vile or not. Malaysian Custody Dispute Lost Between Courts 4/2/10 NY Times: Under Malaysia’s two-tier judicial system the lines have become blurred in cases involving interfaith disputes. Jailed Dubai Kissing Pair Lose Appeal Over Conviction 4/4/10 BBC: A British man and woman jailed in Dubai for kissing in public have lost their appeal against their conviction. The Myth Of Mean Girls 4/2/10 NY Times: Many of the news reports have invoked cases as evidence of a modern epidemic of “mean girls” that adults simply fail to comprehend. The 10 Best Female Comedians 4/4/10 Guardian, UK: Stephanie Merritt picks the leading ladies of stand-up. Ellen, ‘Idol’ And The Power Of Niceness 4/4/10 NY Times:  Ellen Degeneres leaves no opportunity untapped, not even a few seconds of chat on “American Idol.” Joan Bakewell: 'Women Have A Different Way Of Being Thick-Skinned' 4/4/10 Guardian, UK: The veteran broadcaster on being the thinking man's crumpet, Harold Pinter's lover – and fighting the label 'voice of the old.' There Is More To Baylor’s Griner Than Viral Videos On The Internet 4/3/10 NY Times: Though she is 6 feet 8 inches, Brittney Griner has often been shoehorned into more confining dimensions. Clijsters Back In Women's Tennis Top 10 4/5/10 United Press International: Clijsters, eight tournaments removed from a two-year layoff from tennis, returned to the world women's Top 10. Court Rules For Woman And Against Public Course 4/4/10 NY Times: Elaine Joyce, a champion amateur golfer, made a federal case of being barred from playing in a 2007 men’s tournament at Dennis Pines Golf Course.