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NEWS BRIEF Laura Bush, Women on Submarines, Mexico Abortion Rights

April 29, 2010

In Memoir, Laura Bush Reveals Painful Events During Husband's Presidency 4/29/10 Washington Post: One of the persistent questions about Laura Bush always has been whether she is more liberal than her husband. While this question isn’t explicitly answered, the former first lady does illuminate her thoughts on key issues of her husband’s presidency, including abortion and gay marriage. Navy To Allow Women To Serve On Submarines 4/29/10 Kansas City Star: "There are extremely capable women in the Navy who have the talent and desire to succeed in the submarine force," Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said. "Enabling them to serve in the submarine community is best for the submarine force and our Navy.” Control And Coercion: The Threats To Abortion Rights In Mexico 4/28/10 RH Reality Check: Abortion is highly restricted in all of Mexico (except for Mexico City), but it is supposed to be available in cases of certain situations such as rape. However, it is very common for state health and legal officials to blatantly ignore the law, lie to women, and deny women and girls their rights. Meet The New York Times' New Director: Carolyn Greenspon 4/29/10 Business Insider: Carolyn Greenspon, one of the member a 41-year-old psychotherapist who works in Wellesley, Mass., has just been voted in as a director of the New York Times board. She is a fifth-generation member of the family that controls The New York Times Co. Pioneering Journalist Evelyn Cunningham Dies In NY 4/28/10 Associated Press: Evelyn Cunningham, a pioneering journalist who covered the birth of the 1960s civil rights movement died Wednesday. She was 94. She was a reporter and editor for the Pittsburgh Courier, and earned the nickname "the lynching editor" for her reporting on lynchings in the segregated South. Newspaper Circulation Falls Nearly 9% 4/26/10 New York Times: The reality facing many American newspaper publishers continues to look stark, as figures released Monday show deep circulation declines, with average weekday sales down almost 9 percent since the same time last year. Tinker ... Bill? Disney Fairies Get A Sex Change 4/28/10 Salon: At long last, boys come to Pixie Hollow -- and that's a win for kids of both genders. His name is Slate -- and he's the joint's first guy. Like Peter Pan's famous blond friend, Slate has talent for tinkering. Strict Abortion Measures Enacted In Oklahoma 4/27/10 New York Times: The Oklahoma Legislature voted Tuesday to override the governor’s vetoes of two abortion measures, one of which requires women to undergo an ultrasound and listen to a detailed description of the fetus before getting an abortion. Breathing While Undocumented 4/26/10 New York Times: I’m glad I’ve already seen the Grand Canyon. Because I’m not going back to Arizona as long as it remains a police state, which is what the appalling anti-immigrant bill that Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law last week has turned it into. The Tea Party Comes Out 4/26/10 Women’s Media Center: A fear of diversity is at the center of Tea Party anger, argues The White House Project’s Marie Wilson—the very quality that produces good decision-making and the innovation that is likely to pull us out of the Great Recession. Wal-Mart Gender Case Divides Court 4/26/10 New York Times: In a closely watched case, a sharply divided federal appeals court on Monday ruled 6-5 that a sex discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart could proceed as a class action for more than a million women. The suit is the biggest employment discrimination case in the nation’s history. Ms. Wegner Takes On Wall Street 4/28/10 Huffington Post: This week, from Kansas City to Charlotte to New York, thousands of Americans who have lost their savings, their homes and their jobs because of Wall Street's reckless irresponsibility will show up at the doors of big banks across the country. Grass-Roots Choice Leads Race For Top Union Post 4/26/10 New York Times: Mary Kay Henry, a dark-horse candidate who is a leader of the health care division of the Service Employees International Union, has locked up the votes to succeed Andy Stern as the union president, several top union officials said Monday. One Lesbian Mother's Hard-Fought Custody Case Is A Victory For All 4/27/10 RH Reality Check: Thank you, Karen Atala. For years to come, lesbian and gay parents throughout the Americas will have you to thank for the seven-year fight you have waged to have your daughters returned to you. Cindy Adams: Female Sexual Harassment Victims Should 'Deal With It' 4/27/10 Huffington Post: New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams used her column Tuesday to tell female victims of sexual harassment to "deal with it" and bemoans the litigious nature of today's women. The Tea Party Movement – Taking the Pulse 4/26/10 Women’s Media Center: So far this election year, the angry grass-roots organizing energy is strongest on the right, but the Tea Partiers are hard to pigeonhole says veteran D.C. journalist and frequent WMC reporter Peggy Simpson. Dutch Muslim Women Striving To Integrate 4/28/10 BBC: At a time when the headscarf is a hot issue in Europe, it comes as something of a shock to meet Fatima Elatik, a feisty 36-year-old who combines her headscarf with bright red lipstick, and is mayor of Zeeburg, a large multicultural district of Amsterdam. Tehran Police Chief: Iran To Crack Down On Suntanned Women 4/28/10 New York Daily News: Tehran's police chief, Brig Hossien Sajedinia, according to London's Telegraph newspaper, has announced a national crackdown on "social misbehavior" that violates Islamic laws, including a sun-kissed glow. Female Bangladeshi Forces Carry Hope To Haiti 4/29/10 Women’s eNews: A female U.N. police force from Bangladesh is bringing hope of better protection to Haitian women in makeshift camps for those displaced by the earthquake. Women's activists in one camp say it's not enough. They need help urgently. Clues For Personalizing Breast Cancer Treatment 4/28/10 New York Times: A new study of women with the earliest form of breast cancer offers clues into which patients may need aggressive therapy and who can be spared unnecessary treatment. How I Found Alice Miller, And Lost Her 4/28/10 Huffington Post: As someone who had published books in psychoanalysis for over a decade, I felt that Alice Miller had something original to say--not just about childhood and narcissism, but about the human condition. Underage Gymnast Costs China Sydney Olympics Bronze 4/28/10 BBC: China have been been stripped of the Olympic bronze medal won by the women's gymnastic team at the 2000 Games in Sydney for using an underage gymnast.