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NEWS BRIEF: Launch Of Espnw, Hillary Responds To Teen Suicides, India’s ‘Two-Finger’ Rape Test

October 25, 2010

ESPN Slowly Introducing Online Brand for Women


NY Times: This fall, the network is gradually introducing espnW, a brand marketed to women that will begin in the spring as a digital presence and could eventually expand to television.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: 'It Gets Better'


Ellen Show: In response to the tragic teen suicides and bullying in the news, hundreds of people have stepped up to tell youth who are being bullied that it gets better. Today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined the cause by releasing this video, in which she delivers a message to youth and reflects on the progress we've made and will continue to make.

India Relies on 'Two-Finger' Test to Verify Rape


Women’s eNews: The two-finger rape test in India is physically invasive and contradicts legal standards against using a victim's previous sexual experience against her. A rights group is calling for a ban and a lower court ruled that it should be stopped.

Glee’s GQ Photo Shoot Blasted by Katie Couric


Huffington Post: Katie Couric has joined the chorus of people coming out against GQ's racy photo shoot with the cast members of "Glee." The Parents Television Council also blasted the shoot, calling it "disturbing" and saying it "borders on pedophilia."

Whoopi Goldberg: I Would Have Been Fired If I Stayed On ‘View’ With O’Reilly


Huffington Post: Whoopi Goldberg made an appearance on Fox News' "On The Record" Wednesday night, and, unsurprisingly, host Greta Van Susteren brought up her heated clash with Bill O'Reilly on "The View" last week.

Lee Abrams, Tribune Executive Punished For Offensive Email, Quits


Huffington Post: The chief executive of Tribune Co. has informed staffers that a top executive he suspended this week after sending an inappropriate e-mail has quit. CEO Randy Michaels said in a one-paragraph memo sent Friday that chief innovation officer Lee Abrams offered his resignation and he accepted it. Michaels wrote that the resignation is effective immediately.

Pelosi’s Power, Gender, Made Her GOP’s Whipping Girl


AlterNet: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi–the first woman to hold the position–has been the GOP’s preferred whipping-girl for years, made into a wicked-witch “Cruela de Vil” caricature by the Right to drum up outrage, writes Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers. But one thing Pelosi’s infuriated critics haven’t been able to touch is her ability to get the job done.

Justice Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill


USA Today: On Oct. 9, Virginia Thomas, wife to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, called Anita Hill at her office at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass. Virginia Thomas asked Hill for an apology that she felt was nearly two decades overdue.

Democrats Try to Revive Female Voters’ Enthusiasm


NY Times: Women came out strong for Barack Obama in 2008. Now, with barely 10 days before the midterm elections that are looking increasingly perilous for his party, he is trying to win them back.

Yale Frat Punished For Stupid Chant


Jezebel: Delta Kappa Epsilon, the Yale frat that caused an uproar last week by chanting slogans like "no means yes," has been ordered to stop pledge activities, and more punishment may be forthcoming. According to Jordi Gasso and Nick Levine of the Yale Daily News, the Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity Board of Directors has directed Yale's DKE chapter to stop all pledge events, including the initiation of new members.

Court program helps women turn their lives around


LA Times: Women facing a return to state prison for nonviolent felonies plead guilty and enter treatment instead. Most are going on to lead crime-free lives.

Women more generous, more likely to donate, study says


USA Today: Women are more generous than men when it comes to charitable donations, a study released today suggests. In all income groups, women are more likely to give, and in four of five groups, they give more than men do — sometimes twice as much, according to the study by the Women's Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy.

Cheerleader, 11, ousted for refusing to ‘shake booty’


TODAY Show:  An 11-year-old girl who was thrown off a Nebraska elementary school’s junior cheerleading squad because she refused to “shake her booty” says that while the gyrations may be a crowd-pleaser, she doesn’t think young girls should be moving their bodies like that.

Brock urges more companies to add women to boards


Atlanta Business: Brock spoke at last week’s annual dinner meeting of the Board of Directors Network, an organization that promotes more women on corporate boards and more woman as executive officers on Georgia’s public companies.

United Nations Report Focuses on Global Lot of Women


NY Times: American men who maintain they are doing more housework have a second source to back their claim — a United Nations report released Wednesday — although it would be premature to argue that the sexes had reached parity on domestic chores or nearly any other issue.

What About Afghan Women?


NY Times: Women are fearful, no question. Here in Kabul, far fewer women wear the burqa today than on my previous visits. But several women told me that they were keeping burqas at home — just in case. The gnawing fear is that even if the Taliban do not regain control in Kabul, fundamentalist values and laws will gain ground.

Condoms, Porn, and HIV


Mother Jones: An adult-film performer tested positive for HIV last week, leading several production companies in Los Angeles County to halt filming indefinitely to contain a potential outbreak, the Los Angeles Times reports. The news is rattling a multi-billion dollar industry that routinely tests performers for the virus but does not require them to wear condoms.

Anti-Choicers Hide Their True Aim: Jailing Women Who Have Abortions


AlterNet: Chances are that if an actual ban were to be instated, anti-choicers would eagerly seek to punish women caught having abortions.

Why women outlive men


India Times: The reason for women outliving men has been put down to the possibility that the cells of male bodies are not genetically programmed to last as long as those of the females. Professor Tom Kirkwood, a leading gerontologist at the University of Newcastle, believes there is now growing evidence to suggest that men are literally more disposable than women.

The Social Network:  Actually Sexist, or an Unwelcome Reflection of Our Times?


Vanity Fair: In terms of digital cocktail conversation about success, gender, and the way we live now, The Social Network is the gift that just keeps on giving. Aaron Sorkin finally felt compelled to emerge from the lonely screenwriter’s citadel (his office) and respond to the debate about misogyny in the film.

Horror Show: Feminist Horror Films to See This Ladyween


Bitch Magazine: It is really hard to find a horror film that is unequivocally feminist. So hard, in fact, that when I went to a local video store that specializes in cult and hard-to-find films and asked the dude working there if he had any suggestions for feminist horror, he hemmed and hawed for a while, suggested some rape-and-revenge films, and then pretty much gave up.

More Details On Tiger Eyes


Jezebel: Some new info regarding Tiger Eyes, the upcoming feature film based on the Christine O'Donnell-friendly novel by Judy Blume: Blume's son Lawrence, who co-wrote the screenplay with mum, will direct. And did you know this is Judy's first big-screen movie?

‘Glee’ Star Apologizes for Magazine Photos


NY Times: Dianna Agron, one of three members of the cast of “Glee” who is featured in a racy cover shoot in GQ magazine, apologized on her blog for the shoot while defending its contents. The pictures, taken by Terry Richardson, depict the actors in high-school settings, wearing revealing clothing and standing in suggestive poses.

Angelina Jolie refutes 'nasty rumor' about her Bosnia film


USA Today: In an exclusive interview, she says ugly accusations about the untitled Bosnian war drama she wrote and is currently directing in Eastern Europe are unequivocally false, and says she intends to handle the drama about the conflict respectfully.

NBC Builds a Sitcom Around Comedian Whitney Cummings


NY Magazine: It's been a long time since the eighties and nineties heyday of networks making surefire hits out of comedians' acts (Jerry Seinfeld, Roseanne, Tim Allen, etc.), but that doesn't mean broadcasters have stopped trying.

'Teen Mom' Under Investigation for Domestic Abuse in Front of Child


PopEater: Amber Portwood, the fiery and sometimes violent star of 'Teen Mom,' broke down during a reunion episode Tuesday night after Dr. Drew Pinsky confronted her about the abuse she inflicted -- on camera -- on her former fiance, Gary Shirley.

Sexualization of School-Aged Girls Harms Women of All Ages, Expert Says


Fox News:What is it with photo shoots about sexy schoolgirls? “Glee” stars Dianna Agron and Lea Michele got down and dirty for a GQ magazine spread released last week, set in high school, sucking lollipops, with their legs wide open.

Mongolian women wrestling for sumo success


BBC: Sumo wrestling has taken Mongolia by storm. Its male wrestlers have reached the peak of the sport in Japan, from where it originates, and in recent years, more and more women have been entering the ring.