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NEWS BRIEF Fox Anchor, Military Reproductive Health, AIDS Secret

June 17, 2010

Prime-Time Fox Anchor To Extend Her Contract 6/16/10 New York Times: Fox commentator Greta Van Susteren’s new contract is confirmed by Fox representative. Military Shifts On Reproductive Health 6/17/10 Politico: In February, the military began requiring all of its hospitals to stock emergency contraceptives. And now, a Senate amendment to the defense authorization bill would authorize military hospitals to perform elective abortions. Somali Keeps Her AIDS Secret Despite Wedding Plans 6/17/10 Women’s eNews: A Somali woman in Kenya faces an arranged wedding knowing she could infect her husband with HIV-AIDS. She contracted the disease through unsafe anal sex to preserve her virginity. Gender Apartheid Online 6/17/10 Alternet: We will know a critical threshold has been reached when every magazine asks of every news story, "What does this mean for women and girls?" Abortion-Related Bills Head To Jindal 6/17/10 Two bills pushed by anti-abortion forces headed to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s desk Wednesday for signing into law. No-Fault Divorce: Good For Women? 6/16/10 Salon: The New York Senate passed legislation approving no-fault divorce on Tuesday night. The bill, which allows for unilateral divorce when a marriage has gone past the point of no return, now moves on to the state Assembly. More Dirty Details From My BP Mole 6/16/10 Mother Jones: Mac McClelland reports about labor conditions inside BP’s cleanup operation. On Lying About Your Salary in Job Interviews 6/16/10 New York Times:  Following her earlier Daily Worth post, a woman describes how she lied about her current salary to a recruiter for a potential job, saying she was earning $5,000 more than she was. Winfrey on Oil Disaster: Obama’s Doing the Best He Can 6/17/10 CNN: Oprah Winfrey gave her support to those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf, saying “President Obama is doing the best he can to handle the oil disaster.” Arab Women Show Digital Prowess 6/14/10 The Media Line:  The vast majority of Arab women access the web from home, belong to a social networking site and use the Internet to connect with friends, a regional survey has found. Push To Market Pill Stirs Debate On Sexual Desire 6/16/10 New York Times: On Wednesday, an F.D.A. staff report recommended against approving the drug, saying the maker, Boehringer Ingelheim, had not made its case and that the benefits of the daily pill did not outweigh its side effects, which included dizziness, nausea and fatigue. World Cup Marketing Stunt Leads to Arrests 6/16/10 New York Times: On Wednesday, police in Johannesburg arrested two Dutch women for allegedly breaking the country’s laws against “ambush marketing” by attending Monday’s Netherlands-Denmark clash clad in short orange dresses distributed by a Dutch beer company, and enticing 34 other women to join them in their criminal enterprise.