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NEWS BRIEF FCC, Gay Health Care Rights, German Green Party

April 19, 2010

The F.C.C. And The Internet 4/19/10 NY Times: It is untenable for the U.S. not to have a regulator to protect consumers from potential abuse. Healthcare Rights Expand For Gays 4/16/10 Salon: New rules will let patients define family. Green Party Unveils A 'New Man' Manifesto 4/15/10 Spiegel: The feminist-minded Green Party pushes for the death of macho. ProPublica's Nonprofit's News Gathering Pays Off For Partners 4/19/10 Washington Post: If the New York Times was piggybacking on ProPublica, which covered about half the $400,000 cost of the investigation, the paper has plenty of company. Fox Canceled Hannity’s Attendance At Tea Party’s Tax Day Rally In Cincinnati 4/17/10 NY Times: Fox executives said they canceled Hannity’s appearance at the rally because they were unaware that Tea Party organizers were raising money based on his attendance. Embattled Gender Analyst Leaves Post At Amnesty 4/16/10 Women's eNews: Amnesty International parted ways with Gita Sahgal, its leading gender researcher. Is There A Crisis In Gay Journalism? 4/15/10 San Francisco Bay Times: The infrastructure of the gay media, on both the local and national level, is not nearly as strong as it once was. Judge Overturns Arkansas Adoption Ban 4/16/10 KFSM: An Arkansas Judge rules a ban on unmarried couples from adopting children as unconstitutional. Ending Sexual Violence -- Campuses Are Part Of The Solution 4/19/10 Huffington Post: Sexual and domestic violence are not just issues for the victim -- they are everyone's problem. Making Hospitals Do The Right Thing In The Equitable Treatment Of Gay And Lesbian Couples 4/18/10 Cleveland News: Many hospitals still refuse to acknowledge the rights of gay and lesbian partners. Out Of The Loop In Silicon Valley 4/18/10 NY Times: Candace Fleming pitched an idea to 30 venture firms, but had no success until she tried a fund that focused on women. The Graying Of The Abortion-Rights Crusade 4/19/10 Jezebel: It seems to be that generations of abortion defenders see abortion in "black and white," while today's youth prefer shades of gray. Iranian Cleric: Promiscuous Women Cause Quakes 4/19/10 AP: A senior Iranian cleric says women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes. Nawal El Saadawi: Egypt's Radical Feminist 4/15/10 Guardian, UK: Writer Nawal El Saadawi has braved prison, exile, and death threats in her fight against female oppression - and she isn't about to give up now. Cuba Clamps Down On 'Ladies In White' 4/19/10 United Press International: Cuba is clamping down on protests by the "Ladies in White" -- female relatives of political dissidents jailed since 2003. These Chinese Women Are Seven In A Billion 4/19/10 Strait Times via Asia One, Singapore: Half of the world's 14 self-made female billionaires are China-born. How Accessible Are IUDs? 4/19/10 RH Reality Check: The 2005 FDA approval of IUDs among younger women who do not have children has affected the increase in usage. NYC's Rising Black Maternal Mortality Unexplained 4/18/10 Women's eNews: New York City statistics find that black women here are nearly eight times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white mothers. Studies Clash On Vitamin Benefits 4/19/10 CNN: A study found that multivitamin and calcium supplements have a protective effect against breast cancer. Body Talk 4/12/10 NY Times: Questions for Jane Fonda. Out Magazine Finds Only Nine Gay Women Powerful 4/15/10 After Ellen: Out magazine's "Power 50," just like their Out 100, is always male-heavy, but this year, there are even less women than usual on the list. A Church Mary Can Love 4/18/10 NY Times: It isn’t inevitable that the Catholic Church would grow so addicted to male domination, celibacy and rigid hierarchies. Carolyn Rodgers, Poet, Is Dead At 69 4/19/10 NY Times: Carolyn Rodgers, a leading poet of the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and 1970s whose work wove strands of feminism, died on April 2. Dede Allen Dies At 86; Editor Revolutionized Imagery, Sound And Pace In U.S. Films 4/18/10 LA Times: Allen's work on 1967's 'Bonnie and Clyde' ushered in a new aesthetic that's now the standard in American film. Courtney Love’s Music Therapy 4/15/10 NY Times: Love is concentrating on "taming the Courtney Monster." Were The 'Mad' Heroines Of Literature Really Sane? 4/18/10 BBC: The mad heroines of classic Victorian fiction have long been objects of fascination. Women’s Rugby Surges, Especially On Campus 4/18/10 NY Times: Women are now joining rugby clubs in record numbers and relishing the hard-nosed nature of what has been called a gentleman’s game for ruffians.