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NEWS BRIEF Executive Order, Hyde Amendment, Quebec Niqab Bill

March 25, 2010

Obama Signs Executive Order On Abortion Out Of Sight Of Media Glare 3/24/10 Washington Post: There were no glaring lights or TV cameras when President Obama signed an executive order this afternoon affirming the continuing ban on federal funding for abortion. No East Room speeches. Not even a photo op handshake. A New Push Against Hyde Amendment Faces Some High Hurdles 3/22/10 Washington Post: "Achieving this goal means increasing the number of lawmakers in Congress who share our pro-choice values. Otherwise, we will continue to see women's reproductive rights used as a bargaining chip," Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said. Quebec Niqab Bill Would Make Muslim Women Unveil 3/25/2010 Toronto Star: Quebec Premier Jean Charest and his cabinet have introduced sweeping legislation that effectively bars Muslim women from receiving or delivering public services – including consulting a doctor in a hospital or attending university – while wearing a niqab. Women Have Own White House 'Club' 3/24/2010 Associated Press: Women fill several top jobs in the White House. Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett is considered one of his closest aides. And Nancy-Ann DeParle runs the White House health care policy team, a position that aides say has put her in closer contact with the president than nearly anyone else in the administration. Post-Stupak, California Will Test Political Women 3/25/2010 Women’s eNews: California's U.S. Senate and governor races are seeing bids by three women: Boxer, Fiorina and Whitman. Women are also running for statewide offices, meaning 2010 might be a high-water mark for political women. Supreme Court To Review Immigration Law That Favors Children Of US Mothers, Over US Fathers 3/22/10 Los Angeles Times: The law makes it easier for children whose mother is a citizen to become citizens themselves. Even after reform legislation in 1986, children of American fathers face higher hurdles claiming citizenship for themselves. Behind Consumer Agency Idea, A Fiery Advocate 3/24/10 New York Times: Elizabeth Warren is an Oklahoma native, a janitor’s daughter, a bankruptcy expert at Harvard Law School and a former Sunday School teacher. She brims with cheer, yet she is she is such a fearsome interrogator that her husband describes her as a grandmother who can make grown men cry. Backing It Up In The Desert: A Veteran's Take On Sex And Emergency Contraception In The Military 3/24/2010 RH Reality Check: I served in Balad, Iraq in 2004 as a photojournalist with the United States Army. At the time, emergency contraception was nowhere to be found. In recent months, the Department of Defense changed its policy to carry emergency contraception at virtually all overseas military treatment facilities. Midge Costanza, A Top Assistant To Carter, Dies At 77 3/24/2010 New York Times: Costanza, a top assistant to President Jimmy Carter whose habit of criticizing her boss and whose fractious relations with his inner circle of advisers led her to resign after less than two years on the job, died Tuesday in San Diego. Saudi Women’s Move Into Workplace Aids Bid To Diversify Economy 3/25/2010 Bloomberg: “By including more women in the labor force, you increase productivity” and thus add jobs to the economy, said John Sfakianakis, chief economist at Riyadh-based Banque Saudi Fransi. “By employing them, the government will get a return on its investment in education.” Ukrainian Women Berate 'Neanderthal' PM For Sexist Remarks 3/24/10 The Guardian: Mykola Azarov enrages feminist groups by suggesting women are unsuitable for high political office. Iraq Election Increases Women In Parliament--Regardless Of Vote Count 3/24/10 New York Times: Iraq election results are due this week, but parliamentary seats held by women will automatically increase because of a new quota that says men can hold no more than three-quarters of all seats. Myanmar: Dissident Against Role In Next Elections 3/23/10 New York Times: The detained leader of the country’s democracy movement, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, opposes registering her party for the elections planned this year in Myanmar because the governing junta’s many restrictions are “unjust,” her lawyer said Tuesday. Caesarean Births Are At A High In U.S. 3/23/10 New York Times: The increases have caused debate and concern for years. When needed, a Caesarean can save the mother and her child from injury or death, but most experts doubt that one in three women need surgery to give birth. Jessica Simpson Skimming The Surface Of "Inner Beauty" 3/25/2010 RH Reality Check: Simpson’s new VH1 show signals an opportune moment for her to turn the nasty press about her weight on its head, and for VH1 to clean up its reputation after a number of its sleazy reality-show contestants were revealed to be hardened criminals. Women's Fiction: All Misery And Martinis? 3/19/2010 Salon: Female authors and readers are accused of having no taste. Perhaps this was news in the 1800s.