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NEWS BRIEF Desiree Rogers, MA Maternity Leave Limits, Argentina's Reproductive Policies

August 12, 2010

Desiree Rogers: The Ex-White House Staffer on Her New CEO Job 8/11/10 Wall Street Journal: Desiree Rogers, the former White House social secretary who left that job after a D.C. couple crashed a state dinner, has been named CEO of Johnson Publishing, the Chicago firm that puts out Ebony and Jet magazines. MA Supreme Court Reaffirms Maternity Leave Limits 8/11/10 Ms. Magazine: The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled 4 to 3 Monday that the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act (MMLA) guarantees women only 8 weeks of protected maternity leave. Argentina Faulted for Reproductive Policies 8/10/10 NY Times: The government of Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has reversed steps toward protecting women’s health and reproductive rights, and backtracked on its intention to guarantee access to legal abortions, according to a Human Rights Watch report released Tuesday. Spinning It Bloomberg Style 8/9/10 Huffington Post: New York's Mayor Michael Rubens Bloomberg is a controversial political figure. Women Challenge Gender Apartheid in the Catholic Church Summer 2010 On the Issues Magazine: If ever there were doubt about the relationship between the Catholic Church's spectacular failure to address the clerical child sex abuse crisis and the church's glaring system of gender apartheid, the Vatican put it to rest in July. A Sanctuary for Women, Even Today 8/9/10 NY Times: Of all the clichés about this town that are provably untrue — no one reads, or has the lips that God gave them — it is undeniable that Los Angeles has often been a poor guardian of its physical history. Statistics Show More Afghan Women Attempting Suicide 8/11/10 ABC: The government says every year about 2,300 women or girls attempt to kill themselves, mainly due to mental illness, domestic violence and poverty. India Probes Tribal Woman ‘Forced to Walk Naked’ 8/11/10 BBC: The Women's Commission in the Indian state of West Bengal has announced an inquiry into allegations that a tribal woman was forced to parade naked. Menstrual Cramps May Affect the Brain 8/11/10 WebMD: Menstrual cramps may actually change the structure of women's brains, according to new research in the journal Pain. Half of Women Would Give Up Sex Rather Than Gain 10 Pounds 8/11/10 USA Today: For some women, weight control is more important than sex, according to a new poll of 1,001 people. Bill O’Reilly: Jennifer Aniston ‘Destructive to Our Society’ 8/11/10 Huffington Post: Bill O'Reilly says recent comments Jennifer Aniston made about the role of men in child-rearing are "destructive to society." Girls at Comic-Con Find Marketers Ready for Them 8/10/10 NY Times: For years, the stereotypical Comic-Con International attendees were male comic book fans who gathered every year in San Diego to dress as their favorite superheroes and debate esoteric topics like which Green Lantern is the best ring slinger and whether Darth Vader wears socks. Committed to Family, Dedicated to Basketball 8/9/10 NY Times: The bruises come with Taj McWilliams-Franklin’s territory in the low post. More painful are the wounds opened by e-mails like the one from her husband saying a kindergarten classmate had punched their daughter in the nose and threatened to kill her.