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NEWS BRIEF Conservative Journalism, Abortion Laws, Malawi Polygamy Ban

May 3, 2010

Partisan Hacks 5/10 Washington Monthly: Conservatives have discovered the virtues of investigative journalism. But can their reporting survive their politics? Abortion’s New Battle Lines 5/1/10 NY Times: There have been a striking series of laws, enacted mostly by men that seek legal control over women’s bodies. Malawi Move To Ban Polygamy Angers Muslims 4/30/10 BBC: Muslims in Malawi have been angered by government plans to ban polygamy. Big Paydays For The Chiefs In The Media 5/3/10 NY Times: The media industry may be going through some rough times, but at least one aspect is business as usual. Andrea Wong Swaps For Liberty 4/29/10Lifetime Broadcast & Cable: Former Women's Executive Joins Liberty Media Board. Napolitano Criticizes Immigration Law 5/2/10 Washington Post: Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano said Arizona's new immigration law was unnecessary because illegal immigration is decreasing in that state. Healthcare Debate Drives Fundraising Efforts On Abortion 5/3/10 The Hill: The hostility surrounding healthcare reform has galvanized both sides of the abortion debate to vigorously campaign in the midterm elections. Pelosi Makes History, And Enemies, As An Effective House Speaker 5/2/10 Washington Post: Pelosi is a towering figure, perhaps even a historic one. Church Counsels Women Addicted To Pornography 5/3/10 NY Times: Churches have addressed pornography use among men and clergy, but a group for women who say they are addicted to pornography is new territory. Women's Advocates Don't Want Craigslist's Charity 4/30/10 Salon: Organizations that fight sexual exploitation say the classified giant's money comes from pimps and traffickers. Courage Of The Sisters 5/1/10 NY Times: The Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden are being punished for supporting health care reform. A Belgian Face-Veil Ban Would Be Senseless 4/22/10 Guardian, UK: Belgium's attempted veil ban is another case of politicians' failure to talk directly to Muslim women. Kenyan Churches Oppose Constitution Over Abortion 4/30/10 AP: Church leaders in Kenya are vowing to scuttle a decades-long quest for a more democratic constitution over the issue of abortion. Civil Rights Leader Dorothy Height Had Flair, Including Stunning Hats 4/28/10Fashion Washington Post: Height was known for her formal wardrobe of feminine suits in lush colors and, most specifically, her glorious hats. What Makes Marion Jones Run? 5/2/10 NY Times: Jones is trying to become the WNBA's oldest rookie. Shin Takes Over Top Spot In Women's World Rankings 5/3/10 Miami Herald: Jiyai Shin was victorious on the Japan LPGA Tour over the weekend and that helped her take over the top spot in the women's world golf rankings. South Africa's Women Soccer Readies For Fall Games 5/3/10 Women's eNews: South Africa hosts this year’s African Women's Championship. Victoria Manalo Draves, Olympic Champion Diver, Dies At 85 4/30/10 NY Times: Victoria Manalo Draves, an Asian-American diver who overcame ethnic prejudice early in her career to become the first woman to win springboard and platform gold medals in the Olympics.