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NEWS BRIEF CNN, Oklahoma Abortion Bill, First Woman Priest

May 24, 2010

Away From Prime Time, CNN Thrives 5/22/10 National Journal: CNN enjoyed its most profitable year ever in 2009. Oklahoma Governor Vetoes Abortion Bill 5/23/10 AP via Wall Street Journal: Gov. Brad Henry vetoed a bill that would have required women to provide personal information, including questions about their relationships, before getting an abortion. Italy Ordains First Woman Priest 5/23/10 BBC: A married teacher has become the first woman priest to be ordained in Italy. Sex Blogger Wins Libel Case Against Independent On Sunday 5/21/10 Guardian, UK: Author Zoe Margolis has been awarded damages over newspaper's 'hooker' headline. Has Reality TV Become Black Women's Enemy? 5/24/10 Root: From ''The Real Housewives of Atlanta'' to ''What Chilli Wants,'' these days, reality TV is fixated on black women. Palin: Press "Looking For That 'Gotcha Moment'" 5/23/10 Politico: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had a message Sunday for Rand Paul and other tea party or libertarian candidates this fall - never trust the press. The Nation: Sexism Creeps Up Again For Kagan 5/24/10 The Nation: Forty years after the birth of modern feminism, we are still not able to think about women who attain certain kinds of professional success as normatively gendered. Cuts to Child Care Subsidy Thwart More Job Seekers 5/24/10 NY Times: Despite a substantial increase in federal support for subsidized child care, states have trimmed support, and most have failed to keep pace with rising demand. Mammogram Cuts Affect More CA Women Than Expected 5/20/10 Mercury News: Cuts to a California program that provides mammograms to low-income and uninsured patients have affected more women than the state expected. Mosque Pray-Ins Against Segregation Of Sexes Are Springing Up 5/22/10 Washington Post: It was the third time this year that the women had staged a protest at a Washington area mosque. Women Have A Right To Information On Abortion 5/24/10 Telegraph, UK: Marie Stopes's TV advert has been widely condemned, but it provides a vital service. Anonymity For Rape Accused Is Yet Another Blow To Women 5/24/10 Wales Online, UK: The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition announced last week that it would extend anonymity in rape cases from victims to defendants. Mother's Helpers Hidden Inside Health Reform 5/24/10 Women's eNews: Three provisions in health reform give mothers some needed help. Haitian Women Regroup, Rebuild 5/22/10 Women's eNews: Haitian women's rights activists are still living in tents and cars, and mourning the loss of three leaders in the January earthquake. Friday Prayer Preachers Focus On Improper Women's Dress, Signaling Potential Crackdown 5/21/10 LA Times: Friday prayer leaders called for a crackdown on the immodest dress of women, potentially laying the groundwork for more harassment of women in public. South Africa, Aids And The World Cup 5/23/10 Guardian, UK: Don't blame women for South Africa's Aids problem: it's the men who pay for sex and a government that makes prostitution illegal. Elderly Women In Kenya Learn To Fight Back 5/24/10 Tonic: As an increasingly popular target for attackers, senior women are learning to defend themselves against rapists. Meeting The First Ladies Of Africa 5/17/10 BBC: Listening to Sierra Leone's Sia Koroma, Namibia's Penehupifo Pohamba, Ghana's Ernestina Mills, Zambia's Thandiwe Banda, and Uganda's Janet Museveni, the most striking thing is that these women care deeply about the condition of society. FDA Considers Endorsement Of Drug That Some Call A Viagra For Women 5/24/10 Washington Post: A German pharmaceutical giant wants to sell a drug which has shown prowess for sparking a woman's sexual desire by fiddling with her brain chemicals. Lady Rings, Tablets, Films To Ward Off HIV 5/24/10 The Independent: At the sixth biennial meeting of the International Microbicides Conference, researchers presented three new drug delivery methods to protect women against HIV-AIDS. The Death Of Sex And The City 5/24/10 Guardian, UK: The Sex and the City films have destroyed the legacy of a funny and fantastic TV show. Judging Women 5/23/10 NY Times: Were Sotomayor and Kagan of the generation facing new tradeoffs - pursue the career and sacrifice the family? Dorothy Kamenshek, ‘League Of Their Own’ Figure, Dies At 84 5/21/10 NY Times: Dorothy Kamenshek, a star player in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League passed. Filipina Represented FIFA In International Women’s Sports Confab 5/24/10 Inquirer Sports, Philippines: Cristy Ramos, former Philippine Olympic Committee president and FIFA committee member represented the world governing for football FIFA in the 5th International Working Group World Conference on Women and Sport. In Rock Climbing, Women Find Their Own Path To The Top 5/23/10 NY Times: In the male-dominated sport of rock climbing, few women are working as professional guides. Bring On The Female Footballers 5/21/10 Salon: It's time for schools to let girls get on the field and play rough.