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News Brief: CNN Anchor O’brien On Race, Female Wall St. Chief Avoids Pitfall, Iranian Woman’s Hunger

November 15, 2010

Q&A: CNN Anchor Soledad O'Brien on Race


Time: Soledad O'Brien's philosophy has always been that it's about the news, not her. But the high-profile CNN journalist was getting a lot of questions about the documentaries she was working on — 2008's Black in America and 2009's Latino in America.

DealBook: A Female Wall St. Financial Chief Avoids Pitfalls That Stymied Others


NY Times:Today, as chief financial officer of Morgan Stanley and being among the highest-ranking women on Wall Street, her survivor skills will come in handy. She is trying to excel not only during difficult times for Morgan Stanley, but also in the face of a horrible track record of women who have made it this far, only to stumble.

Iranian Woman's Dry Hunger Strike- Nine Days Today


Ms.Magazine: After ending her one-month hunger strike in protest against the conditions of her imprisonment and the mishandling of her case on October 26, Nasrin Sotoudeh, human rights attorney, went on a dry (no water and no food) hunger strike this time after meeting with the Tehran General Attorney in Tehran's Evin Prison on October 31.

Reality Bites Back excerpt on Jezebel: The Exquisite Sadism Of America’s Next Top Model


Jezebel: On Tuesday, Jezebel posted (and Gawker cross-posted) an excerpt from the violence against women chapter of Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV, focusing on “The Exquisite Sadism Of America’s Next Top Model.” By 9am today, the post had received more than 31,000 views, 315 comments, and 414 “likes” on Facebook.

Girls, don't dumb yourselves down in social media


Chicago Tribune: Ashley Gonzalez, 16, won't reveal her politics or social values on her Facebook page. She doesn't want to be judged by "friends" who don't know her very well. But she said she would never downplay her intellect, kindness or efforts to be a positive influence.

The Anti-Abortion Clinic Across the Street


Ms.Magazine: Crisis pregnancy centers set themselves up as innocuous “alternatives” for pregnant women, but some are just steps away from abortion clinics and frequented by some of the most infamous anti-abortion extremists.

The GOP's gender gap


Politico: You could look at Rep. Michele Bachmann's long-shot leadership bid as the first real test of the tea party versus the GOP establishment. Or you could look at it another way: It's Bachmann versus John Boehner's boys — an early test of how newly empowered Republicans deal with a huge gender gap in leadership positions and chairmanships.

Next Chapter in the 'Republican War Against Women'


On The Issues Magazine: Republican women have become a not-so-subtle weapon for breaking apart the Democratic coalition, grounded in the women's vote, that gave Democrats control of the House and Senate in 2006 and 2008 and made Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House. This year for the first time since 1982, Democrats did not have a voting advantage with women. Men supported Republicans by a margin of 12 percent and women by one percent.

New study: Lesbian households produce a child abuse rate of 0%


Feministing: The U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study (NLLFS) just released its results on its 24-year long study on families with lesbian parents, finding that not one of the 78 adolescents in the study had reported being sexually or physically abused by their parents. This compares to 26% of American adolescents overall who report parent or caregiver physical abuse. 8.3% report sexual abuse.

'Superstar Manager' to Succeed Klein


Wall Street Journal: When Cathie Black takes the helm of the country's largest school system sometime next month, she'll be equipped with at least one high-level offer of assistance: from Michael Mulgrew, the president of the United Federation of Teachers.

The Risk-Taking Edge of West Coast Women


NY Times: Deborah Perry Piscione moved to Silicon Valley after a career in media and foreign relations on the East Coast, and it wasn’t the weather or wealth that amazed her. It was the women.

Free Again, Can "The Lady" Still Rally Burma's Opposition?


Time: When the barbwire and barricades finally came down after seven-and-a-half years, Burmese police officers quietly moved out of the way to a surge of running, screaming supporters shouting just one name: Aung San Suu Ky

Will Canada, U.S. deny Iran seat on UN board for women’s rights?


The Globe and Mail: Iran’s controversial bid to join the board of a powerful new United Nations agency promoting equality for women is running into intense resistance from a group of countries including the United States and Canada. The campaign by Iran has enraged activists and disquieted officials from a range of nations.

Here’s a Woman Fighting Terrorism. With Microloans.


NY Times: An old friend of mine here fights terrorists, but not the way you’re thinking. She could barely defeat a truculent child in hand-to-hand combat, and if she ever picked up an AK-47 — well, you’d pray it was unloaded.

Global leadership: Voters launch a power surge of women


CS Monitor: Brazil's President-elect Dilma Rousseff is the latest in a power surge of women in global leadership positions. When Johanna Sigurdardottir campaigned to be prime minister of Iceland last year, she vowed to bring an end to the "age of testosterone."

Number Of Female Leaders Turns Heads In Seoul


NPR: When Dilma Rouseff takes office as president of Brazil in January, four of the G-20 leaders will be women. (The others are Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina, Angela Merkel of Germany and Julia Gillard of Australia.) Collectively, the G-20 economies make up 85 percent of global gross national product and 80 percent of world trade.

Argentine Torture Survivor Patricia Isasa Tells of Her Struggle to Bring Her Torturers to Justice


Democracy Now: Patricia Isasa, is a torture survivor from Argentina’s military dictatorship. She was a 16-year-old student union organizer in 1976, when she was kidnapped by police and soldiers and tortured and held prisoner without trial for two-and-a-half years at one of the 585 clandestine detention and torture centers set up during the dictatorship. After a long legal battle to bring her torturers to justice, six of her nine torturers were recently sentenced to prison.

Suu Kyi 'ready for talks' to resolve Burma's problems


BBC: Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has told the BBC she is ready for talks with all groups to achieve national reconciliation. Ms Suu Kyi  said she intended to listen to what the Burmese people and her international supporters wanted as she planned her next steps.

Job strain 'raises risk of heart problems in women'


BBC: Women with high job strain have a 40% increased risk of cardiovascular disease compared with those in less demanding posts, a US study suggests. They have an 88% raised risk of a heart attack, and more chance of strokes and damage requiring coronary artery bypass surgery, researchers said.

My Patients Deserve Complete Care: Why I Support New York City’s Crisis Pregnancy Center Bill


RH Reality Check: Beliefs about abortion and reproductive health are all over the map. Some women in Michelle’s situation will choose parenting or adoption. But traumatizing women with misinformation doesn’t help anyone. Pregnant women need care and counseling based on medical evidence and compassion, not lies. That’s why I support the effort to give women in New York City clear information about what happens inside crisis pregnancy centers.

Everything I Learned About Women I Learned From Reality TV


Newsweek: Which means I must think they’re all desperate, competitive, plastic-surgery-obsessed bimbos. The problem? Today’s reality entertainment is a lot more like fiction. Pop quiz: Do you remember the story of Rick Rockwell and Darva Conger? If you’re under 30 or burdened with a short memory, here’s a refresher.

Tina Fey accepts the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor


Washington Post: Tina Fey may have burst into the American comedic consciousness barely a decade ago, but it's been a pretty rich, and very amusing, decade. The Fey Decade and its author got an appropriate tribute Tuesday night at the Kennedy Center.

Sarah Palin's 'Alaska': 7 Secret Political Messages in Her New Reality Show


Newsweek: Her new TLC series isn't just about the great outdoors--it's also about her greater career ambitions. Watching Sarah Palin's new reality show Alaska is like listening to Sgt. Pepper. You want to play it again, slow it down and then try it backwards to find the "hidden" messages.

When You're Forced to Cheer for the Man Who Raped You


AlterNet: The story of a high school cheerleader from Texas who was forced to cheer for her rapist has become a horrifying Rorschach test for how our culture views rape and rape victims.

Transgender Women's Basketball Player Makes His NCAA Debut


Jezebel: Kye Allums, the NCAA basketball player who made headlines by announcing he was transgender, played his first game as a man on Saturday.