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NEWS BRIEF Christiane Amanpour, Elizabeth Warren, Sayeeda Warsi

August 2, 2010

Christian Amanpour Takes On ABC News' 'This Week' 8/1/10 Christian Amanpour makes her debut on ABC News’ Sunday show, “This Week.” Elizabeth Warren: My Mission Is To Restore The Great American Middle Class 8/1/10 At Netroots Nation, Elizabeth Warren spoke about how to make the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau help protect the U.S. economy. Sayeeda Warsi: 'What I Find Amazing Is the Media's Obsession with Having To Define Me' 8/1/10 David Cameron's minister responsible for community cohesion on why she thinks the constant references to her background and ethnic origin are irrelevant. "12th and Delaware" Offers Unique Inside Look at Struggle Between Abortion Clinic and Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Care Center 8/2/10 A documentary about  the pitched battle over abortion rights that’s being waged not just in Congress and the courts, but on the street corners of small-town America debuts on television tonight on HBO I Tweet, Therefore I am 7/30/10 How much, I began to wonder, was I shaping my Twitter feed, and how much was Twitter shaping me? Let's Make It Real 7/30/10 At the beginning of his much, much, much discussed visit to “The View,” Barack Obama squished himself into a long, low banquette where the five women who converse on the program were seated. $10 Million Approved For Paid Leave Programs 8/2/10 The Senate Appropriations Committee has voted to provide $10 million for competitive grants to help states pay for paid leave programs--including programs such as maternity leave. How Joe Biden Can Help Working Parents 7/30/10 Only 25% of families have a parent taking care of things at home full-time. Why aren't the rest of us - the 75% of us responsible for both jobs and kids -- getting things fixed faster? Girl Scouts Try to Shed the Campfire Image 7/30/10 Struggling to maintain its relevance after years of declining membership, the organization is rolling out a rebranding campaign — for the first time in 30 years — throughout the country this month, trying to shed the quaint image of crafts and campfire songs and reposition itself as an agent of change for girls. Immigrant Maids Flee Lives of Abuse in Kuwait 8/1/10 Lacking legal protection, foreign domestic workers seek shelter in embassies Brazil Offers Asylum to Iran Woman Sentenced To Stoning 8/1/10 Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has offered to provide refuge to a woman facing execution in Iran. Mistaken as an Iranian Martyr, Then Hounded 7/31/10 Zahra Soltani, whom everyone calls Neda, will never forget the day she saw her death announced on television, accompanied by the picture she had posted on her Facebook page. Brazil's Sex Tourism Boom 7/30/10 Young children are supplying an increasing demand from foreign tourists who travel to Brazil for sex holidays, according to a BBC investigation. Afghan Women Fear Loss of Modest Gains 7/30/10 Women’s precarious rights in Afghanistan have begun seeping away. Girls’ schools are closing; working women are threatened; advocates are attacked; and terrified families are increasingly confining their daughters to home. An Unabashedly Sexy Celebrity Gets Political 7/30/10 Ms. Perez was rebuked recently after announcing her candidacy in a local election in December in Pacitan, a town in east Java that also happens to be the hometown of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Another Pill That Could Change Women's Lives 7/31/10 Could the decades-long global impasse over abortion worldwide be overcome — by little white pills costing less than $1 each? True Confessions in New Women's Lit 8/1/10 Candace Bushnell's Sex and the City columns inspired some dire chick lit, but also a generation of more serious young writers The Age of Laura Linney 7/28/10 People who have worked with Linney constantly remark on the earnestness of her enthusiasm, usually just before or after they gush about what a humble, decent person she is. Saina Nehwal: India's Badminton Star and 'New Woman' 7/31/10 As India's badminton world number two Saina Nehwal is awarded the country's highest sporting honour, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, sports writer Suresh Menon says the young star is a symbol of the new Indian woman. Diamond Sparkles in 2012 Campaign 7/26/10 I had travelled to Windhoek to follow Merlyn Diamond for a few days. Merlyn is Namibia's fastest female sprinter and she is only 18-years-old.