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NEWS BRIEF Cable, Nikki Haley, Australia

June 24, 2010

The Unbearable Whiteness of Cable 6/24/10 The Daily Beast: Flip through the channels and there is no denying it: The world of cable news—and their network chat-show brethren—is very, very white Nikki Haley Is Winner in South Carolina Runoff 6/22/10 New York Times: Nikki Haley won the Republican nomination for governor of South Carolina on Tuesday, a commanding victory that elevates her to become one of the leading faces of the national Republican Party and places her within one step of being elected this fall as the state's first female governor. Australia Has First Woman PM As Gillard Replaces Rudd 6/24/10 BBC News: Julia Gillard has been sworn in as Australia's first female prime minister after a surprise leadership vote in the ruling Labor Party ousted Kevin Rudd. Break Media Gets in Touch With Its Feminine Side 6/23/10 ClickZ: Break Media isn't just about marketing to dudes anymore, now that the ad network has added verticals for advertisers looking to reel in women viewers. The Los Angeles-based company said it has added 23 new categories, while picking up four Web partners to increase its monthly unique visitors. Bookstore in Capital Seeks Its Next Chapter 6/22/10 New York Times: In the weeks since the owners said the independent bookstore Politics and Prose was on the market, a variety of potential buyers, including literary agents, authors and investors, have stepped forward to express interest. Gay Workers Will Get Time to Care for Partner's Child 6/21/10 New York Times: President Obama will soon expand the rights of gay workers by allowing them to take family and medical leave to care for sick or newborn children of same-sex partners, administration officials said Monday. DFL, IP Candidates Talk Women's Issues At Forum 6/23/10 Minnesota Public Radio:  Three DFL candidates and one Independence Party candidate for governor shared the stage at a forum today in Minneapolis to discuss issues impacting women. W. VA Women Who Sued DuPont And Won Are Suing Anew 6/23/10 The Associated Press: Two West Virginia women who won a class-action lawsuit against DuPont over long-term exposure to toxins from a former zinc-smelting plant are suing again, this time seeking damages for dozens of ailments they say were caused by the chemicals. Sexual Assaults Add To Miseries Of Haiti’s Ruins 6/23/10 New York Times: So many cases of rape go unrecorded here that statistics tell only a piece of the story. But existing numbers, from the police or women’s groups, indicate that violence against women has escalated in the months after the Jan. 12 earthquake. Women Struggle For A Foothold In Chinese Politics 6/24/10 New York Times: Currently, 21 percent of National People’s Congress deputies are women, but only 16 percent of members of the body’s more powerful Standing Committee are. Spain's Senate Votes To Ban Burqa 6/23/10 New York Times: In a significant escalation of Spain’s debate over how to handle radical Islam, the Senate on Wednesday narrowly and unexpectedly approved a motion to ban Muslim women from wearing in public the burqa or other garments that cover the whole body. Britain’s NHS Wants To Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking 6/24/10 The Daily Telegraph: All pregnant women should be breath tested to determine if they smoke, or if they are exposed to second hand smoke, so the NHS can intervene and help them quit, the Government's public health watchdog has said. Breast Cancer Kills More Uninsured Blacks 6/23/10 Reuters Health: Underinsured African-American women die more often from breast cancer than underinsured white women, even when treated at the same hospital by the same doctors, researchers said Wednesday. More Children, Higher Stroke Risk For Women? 6/23/10 Reuters: Women who have given birth to several children may have a faster rate of plaque build-up in the neck arteries than those with fewer or no children, hints a new study. Women’s Game Still Has A Long Way To Go 6/23/10 The Vancouver Sun: The induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame of Angela James and Cammi Granato represents another major and undeniable breakthrough in the evolution of women’s hockey. Plaintiffs Rest Case In Quinnipiac Title IX Suit 6/24/10 New Hampshire Register:  The lawsuit, which is being heard in U.S. District Court, claims that Quinnipiac would fail to comply with Title IX requirements mandating equal opportunities for male and female athletes. The volleyball team claims that if the school proceeds with its plans to eliminate the sport, it will be in violation of the federal mandate.