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NEWS BRIEF: Brown Bids for Newsweek, Pelosi Fears Wipeout of Dem. Women, Nordic Nations Lead in Gend

October 12, 2010

Tina Brown's Daily Beast bids for Newsweek--and a showdown with the Huffington Post


Guardian: British publisher Brown plans to strengthen her web magazine – and challenge rival Arianna Huffington – by a merger with the ailing weekly.

Nancy Pelosi warns that Democratic women face wipeout


Politico: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has sent out a fundraising plea, warning that female Democratic House members could face a wipeout in the midterm elections.

Nordic Nations Remain Gender-Equality Leaders


NY Times: Nordic countries continue to lead the world in gender equality, and the US made significant progress over the last year, according to a report to be issued Tuesday by the World Economic Forum.

Afghan Female Bloggers Wince and Then Upload


Women’s eNews: The Afghan blogosphere is small but female practitioners say their words are closely monitored. The backlash to what they say helps define a range of off-limit topics, from criticizing religion to advocating for women's rights.

NPR troubleshooter bullish about journalism's health, but leery of blogs, social media


Utah State University: NPR ombudsman Alicia C. Shepard spoke at USU’s Morris Media & Society Lecture Series about the benefits and challenges of traditional journalism in an Internet-influenced world.

Freed Journalist Laura Ling Will Host 'E! Investigates'


NY Times: Laura Ling, who was detained in North Korea with a colleague from Current TV last year, is restarting her television career at a channel much closer to home — E!, the entertainment channel.

Democrats in Tight Races Put Focus on Abortion Rights


NY Times: Democrats are working hard in the closing weeks of the campaign to convince voters that a conservative social agenda is waiting in the wings should Republicans be elected in large numbers.

Why Are There So Many Right-Wing Extremist Women?


AlterNet: The face of the right-wing is increasingly female. Why?

Ken Buck Explained To Alleged Rape Victim Why He Wouldn't Take Her Case


Huffington Post: A five-year-old rape case that was never prosecuted is suddenly causing major ripples in the Colorado Senate race and headaches for Republican candidate Ken Buck.

Shocking: College Rapists Almost Always Get Off the Hook


AlterNet: While a man who rapes off-campus could face years in jail for his crime, a man who rapes on-campus is unlikely to even be expelled.

Is the role of women in al-Qaeda increasing?


BBC News: While jihadists aim to exploit cases involving women, the role of women in al-Qaeda activities appears to have been increasing recently.

Linda Norgrove profile: aid worker was in love with Afghanistan


Guardian: Scottish woman murdered by kidnappers had been working with farmers to promote legal crops instead of heroin poppies.

Kashmir's half-widows considered only half in society


Women News Network:  WNN Kashmir correspondent Aliya Bashir talks with families whose husbands, brothers and sons have disappeared during years of conflict in Kashmir.

For Egyptians, Lebanese Pop Star's Murder Was Her Own Fault


NY Times: What do Egyptian woman have to say about the killing of the Lebanese pop star Suzanne Tamim by her real estate tycoon lover? Mostly, that she deserved it.

Where Having It All Doesn’t Mean Having Equality


NY Times: Despite excellent support for women’s health and childcare, France lags far behind in providing women equal career opportunities and pay.

In Syria, Iraqi Refugee Daughters Risk Being Sold


Women’s eNews: Iraqi women who have fled to Syria to escape the U.S.-led war face another form of violence: sales to brothels by male relatives desperate for money.

New Study Links Race and Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnosis


Women’s eNews: African American women are more likely than white women to be diagnosed at later stages of the disease and are more likely to die from it.

Nurse practitioner explains why she refuses to endorse routine mammography


Washington Post: A nurse practitioner’s search for answers and 20 years of experience caring for women led her to no longer endorse mammograms as routine screening measures.

The new anorexics: big increase in eating disorders among women over 30


Guardian: Anorexia and bulimia have become diseases of adulthood in the past five years, and psychiatrists blame the pressures of modern life for the change.

The True Mission of ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’


NY Times: Two New York City Council members are proposing legislation that would require the stance of crisis pregnancy centers to be clear to all women who visit them.

Breast Cancer Awareness: What Are We Buying Into?


AlterNet: Breast cancer awareness has become synonymous with the ubiquitous pink ribbon, but what does "awareness" mean?

Hormones linked with kidney stones in older women


AP: Kidney stones should be added to the list of health problems linked with hormone pill use after menopause, according to an analysis of landmark government research that first raised alarms about the products.

Ruby Dee, Missy Elliott among honorees of Black Girls Rock


USA Today: Ruby Dee and Missy Elliott will be among those honored as part of the Black Girls Rock! awards show on BET, which will air nationally on November 7.

Samuelson just misses yet another milestone


Chicago Tribune: On the 25th anniversary of her record-breaking victory, Olympic champion Joan Benoit Samuelson finished 43rd in the 10 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, becoming the fastest woman over 51 years old in history.

Sailing's Racing Women Say More Room on Board


Women’s eNews: Women are still scarce in this physically grueling sport, but Dawn Riley, director of Oakcliff Sailing Center, says "guys are more open to having women on the boat."