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NEWS BRIEF Black Women, Supreme Court Nomination, Afghan Schoolgirls

April 26, 2010

How Does It Feel To Be A Black, Female, Single Problem? 4/24/10 Huffington Post: The media has waged a war on single black women. Wood, Kagan Are On High Court Short List, Again 4/25/10 Women's eNews: Two women are once again making the radar in Supreme Court nomination season. 'Mass Illness' Hits Afghan Schoolgirls In Kunduz 4/25/10 BBC: Scores of schoolgirls in Kunduz have fallen ill, in what authorities allege is mass poisoning by insurgents. 'Enlightened Sexism' In Media Obscures Reality 4/23/10 Women's eNews: The treatment of women on TV is putting a haze over young women's awareness of sex discrimination. A Little Too Ready For Her Close-Up? 4/25/10 NY Times: It took years for Hollywood to create the perfect woman. Now it wants the old one back. Allison Cowles, Sulzberger's Wife And Media Matriarch, Dies At 75 4/25/10 Huffington Post: Allison Stacey Cowles, wife of retired New York Times patriarch Arthur "Punch" Sulzberger, has died at the age of 75. ASME National Magazine Awards: Glamour Takes Top Prize 4/23/10 Media Bistro: The most prolific winners of the night were New York, National Geographic, The New Yorker, and Wired. The Revolution Will Be Commercialized 4/25/10 New York Magazine: Sarah Palin is already president of right-wing America, and it’s a position with a very big salary. Abortion Doubletalk By Obama? 4/23/10 LA Times: Is Barack Obama talking out of both sides of his mouth on whether he will impose an abortion litmus test on his next Supreme Court nominee? Unexpected Governor Takes An Unwavering Course 4/24/10 NY Times: Jan Brewer of Arizona has drawn new attention over a strict immigration law. Nebraska Legislation Aimed At Undoing Roe Vs. Wade 4/25/10 LA Times: Nebraska’s new law is yet another attempt to abolish a woman's constitutional right to a pre-viability abortion. Young Women Lead The Way To Green Economic Development On The Navajo Nation 4/22/10 Women's International Perspective: The Navajo Nation offers a dependable, constantly renewable supply of solar and wind energy which has largely remained untapped – until now. Laws Fail To Remedy Workplace Inequality Of Women 4/26/10 Washington Post: A complex mix of national polices and personal choices contribute to unequal employment conditions for women. A Graying Population, A Graying Work Force 4/25/10 NY Times: In an aging population, the elderly are increasingly being taken care of by the elderly. Playing Politics With Dying Mothers 4/22/10 Globe & Mail: Developed nations have thrown hundreds of millions of dollars at the maternal death problem, yet progress has been non-existent. South Africa Redoubles Efforts Against AIDS 4/26/10 NY Times: The South African Government has broadened access to AIDS drugs for H.I.V.-positive pregnant women and babies. Cuba's 'Ladies In White' March Blocked Again 4/25/10 Washington Post: Cuban government supporters demonstrate against members of Ladies in White. The Virginity Industry 4/24/10 BBC: Young Arab women wait in a medical clinic for an operation that will possibly save their lives. Got Breast Cancer? Goodbye, Health Insurance 4/23/10 Salon: A report alleges that WellPoint drops coverage for women recently diagnosed with the disease. Promises The Pill Could Never Keep 4/25/10 NY Times: Few of the pill's promoters in 1960 imagined how it would quickly become known as a powerful tool for transforming women’s lives. The Race To Discover Viagra For Women 4/25/20 Guardian, UK: According to some accounts almost half of all women suffer from sexual dysfunction. Financial Advice By Women For Women 4/24/10 NY Times: Though studies show that women tend to save a slightly higher percentage of their paychecks then men but ultimately end up with smaller balances because of their lower earnings. Korean Woman Climber's Himalayan Record Challenged 4/23/10 BBC: A Korean climber may this weekend become the first woman to scale the world's 14 highest peaks.