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NEWS BRIEF Australian Prime Minister, Infanticide Cases, Under Hamas’s Veil

September 9, 2010

BBC NEWS: AUSTRALIA PM JULIA GILLARD TO FORM MINORITY GOVERNMENT‎ 09/07/10 Julia Gillard will stay as Australia's prime minister after winning the backing of two key independent MPs. The dramatic announcement ended more than two weeks of political deadlock following indecisive elections. It gives Ms Gillard's Labor Party the backing of one more MP in the lower house than the Liberal-led coalition. LOS ANGELES TIMES: 7 MEXICAN WOMEN FREED IN SO-CALLED INFANTICIDE CASES 09/09/10 The seven women were accused of killing their newborn babies and handed long prison sentences. They insisted they had suffered miscarriages and should not be punished; one claimed she wasn't even sure she was pregnant PEEKING OUT FROM UNDER HAMAS'S VEIL 09/07/10 Doaa Abdel Latif appears to be part of the reason for the sway that Hamas wields over this crammed strip of humanity, home to an estimated 1.5 million Palestinians. Just under half the people here are women and girls who experience a double hold over their lives: by the Israelis who surround Gaza, and the men who dominate within it. GLOBAL POST: THE DREAMS OF DHAKA'S GARMENT GIRLS 09/08/10 47 percent of poor Bangladeshi women don’t get enough to eat — leaving many underweight, vitamin deficient and vulnerable to the predations of illness. So too, are their children: among the country’s poorest families, 60 percent of kids are malnourished. NEW YORK TIMES: ISABEL WILKERSON'S JOURNEY TO 'WARMTH OF OTHER SUNS' 09/08/10 To finish “The Warmth of Other Suns,” her magisterial new history of the black migration in America, which carried millions of Southerners northward or westward, Isabel Wilkerson had to complete a sort of reverse migration. THE EDITOR OF LUCKY MAGAZINE IS REPLACED 09/08/10 Kim France, the editor who invented Lucky magazine in 2000 along with James Truman, the Condé Nast editorial director at the time, has been replaced at the magazine. NEW YORK TIMES: THE HEALERS OF 9/11 09/08/10 A Jewish woman who lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks is planning to speak at a mosque in Boston. She will be trying to recruit members of the mosque to join her battle against poverty and illiteracy in Afghanistan. WASHINGTON POST: CRAIGSLIST ADULT SERVICES TAKEDOWN COULD LEAD TO MORE CRIME, MICROSOFT RESEARCHER SAYS 09/07/10 A senior researcher at Microsoft said Tuesday that censoring of adult services on could lead to more sex crimes, not less. CNN: SON SEEKS PROOF IRANIAN STONING CASE 'ON HOLD' 09/09/10 The son of an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning said he wants proof that his mother's adultery and murder case has been put "on hold." CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: WHY IRAN SUSPENDED WOMAN'S STONING SENTENCE 09/08/10 Iran suspended the stoning sentence for a woman convicted of adultery amid mounting international pressure, including the European Parliament's 658-1 resolution against such punishment. USA TODAY: DISCOVERY OF GENE MUTATIONS MAY BE KEY VS. OVARIAN CANCER 09/08/10 Scientists have found gene mutations that may cause an estimated 10% of ovarian cancers, a finding that could help them develop new treatments and better understand which women are at high risk for the disease. NEW YORK TIMES: GLAMOUR PROMOTES ITS BRAND AND ITS READERS 09/07/10 Glamour, published by Condé Nast, is readying a promotional campaign, aimed at advertisers as well as readers, that proclaims its coverage of fashion, relationships, women’s issues and other subjects is followed closely by the “young & posh.” USA TODAY: KAYLA HARRISON WINS USA'S FIRST WOMEN'S JUDO GOLD IN 26 YEARS 09/08/10 Kayla Harrison defeated Mayra Aguiar of Brazil in the 78-kilogram final Thursday to become the first American woman to win a gold medal at the judo world championships since 1984.