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News Brief: An Obama Report Card, Sex Workers Murdered, An Update on Birth Control

January 28, 2011

An Obama Report Card: State of the Union for Women and Children

1/27/2011 Women’s Media Center: In the wake of President Obama’s State of the Union Address, Shelby Knox looks at his record on a series of essential issues. Overall grade? Pass, but with ample room for improvement.

Police Say Slain Women Worked as Prostitutes

1/24/2011 New York Times: Four women have been named as victims of a possible serial killer. Their bodies were found scattered over a desolate quarter-mile of grassy dunes on Long Island.

Birth Control Update, in Thousands of Interviews

1/24/2011 New York Times: The National Center for Health Statistics conducted 7,356 interviews to collect data on births, pregnancies, marriages and cohabitations, sterilization operations and other social and demographic characteristics.


Horrifying Abortion Doctor Charged With Murder

1/19/2011 Jezebel: Philadelphia abortion clinic doctor charged with murder after a woman and several already-born infants were killed.

Rep. Giffords Opened Her Eyes - Have Members of Congress? - Lessons From Tucson - Media Trust

1/23/2011 Huffington Post: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords opened her eyes, Beverly Wittenstein writes. Have members of Congress? Have Americans? Have you?

15 Women Win Golden Ticket to Alain Ducasse’s Kitchens

1/17/2011 New York Times: Alain Ducasse, holder of 19 Michelin stars, welcomes 15 women into a valuable work experience program geared to help immigrants or 1st generation North African women into the tough culinary profession.

Williams, Harris to co-moderate Reagan Library debate; MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo to air

1/24/2011 Politico: To be aired on MSNBC, CNBC and Telemundo, the first presidential primary debate has been set for May 2. Co-moderating with be NBC's Brian Williams and POLITICO'S John F. Harris.

Obama Pushes Hu on Rights but Stresses Ties to China

1/19/2011 New York Times: As Chinese President Hu Jintao visits Washington, Obama gently prods to make progress on human rights issues but states differences were an “occasional source of tension between our two governments.”

Maryland May Recognize Gay Marriage

1/13/2011 Jezebel: Maryland gets closer to equality for GLBT couples with a greater chance of gay marriage law being passed. 

Hospital Visitation Rights for Gay, Lesbian Partners Take Effect

1/19/2011 ABC News: A small step in equal rights for GLBT couples; new regulations allow patients to decide visitors regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.

Dagmar Wilson, Anti-Nuclear Leader, Dies at 94

1/23/2011 New York Times: The founder of Women Strike for Peace, Dagmar Wilson, dies at 94. Wilson helped organize demonstrations around the world calling for nuclear disarmament.

Is Pink Necessary?

1/21/2011 New York Times: Peggy Orenstein writes about how young girls do not go through a natural “princess phase” in her new book “Cinderella Ate My Daughter.” The book explores how girls are being inundated with marketing messages before they are even old enough to read.


Bangladesh Praised for Reducing Acid Attacks

1/28/2011 Women’s eNews: Bangladesh is singled out from neighboring India and Cambodia for taking stronger measures to stop acid attacks on women in a report released Thursday. The attacks to disfigure and isolate victims are called acts of gender terrorism.

For Women in the Workplace, an 'Upgrade Problem'

1/27/2011 New York Times: Despite efforts to recruit ever more women into management in Europe, the number of female leaders dwindles drastically, the closer one gets to the top.

Gunmen kill female police officer in Pakistan

1/14/2011 Salon: Female Pakistan officer and her family killed after refusing to resign from her position in conservative area.

More Peace Corps Horror Stories, And How You Can Help

1/19/2011 Jezebel: One coalition, First Response Action, is responding to horror stories of sexual assault and rape in the Peace Corps by meeting with the organization to review current rape and sexual assault policy and protocol.

U.S. Students Design Ultrasound of Ugandan Midwives

1/25/2011 Womens ENews: A low-cost ultrasound system is on it way to Uganda in early summer. Produced by students at the University of Washington, it’s intended to help midwives battle the high death rate in the country’s rural areas.

Toughness and Charm at the Top

1/27/2011 New York Times: Dong Mingzhu, president of the air-conditioning powerhouse Gree, is a rarity in China: an entirely self-made woman at the pinnacle in a country where, in her words, “men are in charge, politically.”


Granite State May Pass Must-Tell Parents Law

1/18/2011 Womens ENews: New Hampshire may pass a parental notification law this year and spur other states to follow. Nebraska could take leadership on fetal pain legislation.

Teen Mom Advertiser Has Secret Pro-Life Agenda

1/28/2011 Jezebel: During episodes of Teen Mom on MTV, commercials can be seen for a "pregnancy help line," claiming to be a source for "options." However, what's really offered is a collection of scary misinformation about the morning-after pill and abortion.


What Lies Beneath “Skins?”

1/23/2011 RH Reality Check: MTV launches new show, Skins, that shows “real teens” for a “gritty” scripted drama that shows teenagers doing drugs, having sex and having few regrets about it beyond their own self interest.


Christy Martin, Boxer, Takes Another Shot

1/21/2011 New York Times: Christy Martin, the only female boxer to make the cover of Sports Illustrated, announced that she win begin training for a return to fighting after being viciously attacked by her husband two months ago. Ms. Martin will return as the “special attraction” with the Miguel Cotto vs. Ricardo Mayorga bout, which will be on Showtime pay-per-view on March 12.

Andy Gray Fired: Sky Sports Commentator Axed For Sexist Comments

1/25/2011 Huffington Post: After 20 years of being the face of Sky Sports’ soccer, Andy Gray, was dismissed by the broadcaster after “new evidence of unacceptable and offensive behavior” that took place off-air last month.