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NEWS BRIEF: Al-Jazeera, New Mexico, and Saudi Arabia

June 3, 2010

Al-Jazeera Presenters Quit Over 'Modesty' Dress Comments 5/31/10 Telegraph: Al Jazeera Channel's five news presenters have resigned from their seats on the conflicts of the fashion issues of the dresses they wore on-air. One station committee member said the channel hs the right to supervise the general appearance of the anchors on screen. New Mexico To Get First Female Governor 6/1/10 The New Mexican: Republican voters in the state elected Susana Martinez to be the GOP nominee to run against Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, the unopposed Democratic candidate. Both candidates for Governor are not only female; they are both Hispanic. Talk of Women’s Rights Divides Saudi Arabia 5/31/10 New York Times: Rowdha Yousef is outraged at the number of campaigns for personal freedoms for women in Saudi Arabia. With 15 other women, she has started a campaign, “My Guardian Knows What’s Best for Me.” They have collected more than 5,400 signatures on a petition demanding “punishments for those who call for equality between men and women” and other unacceptable behaviors. Kim Masters Joins The Hollywood Reporter 6/1/10 Hollywood Reporter: Kim Masters, an award-winning journalist for The Daily Beast and host of the Radio Show “The Business” has been named editor-at-large for The Hollywood Reporter by Janice Min. Radio Program About Faith Defies The Skeptics 5/28/10 New York Times: Krista Tippett, host of “Speaking of Faith” on public radio, says her work involves “essential, exacting, majestic questions.” “Speaking of Faith” draws nearly 600,000 listeners on 240 stations across the country, a sixfold increase in both measures since 2003, and gets 1.3 million downloads a month. Abortion Foes Advance Cause at State Level 6/2/10 New York Times: At least 11 states have passed laws this year regulating or restricting abortion, giving opponents of abortion what partisans on both sides of the issue say is an unusually high number of victories. In four additional states, bills have passed at least one house of the legislature. The Fake Feminism Of Sarah Palin 5/30/10 Washington Post: When running for vice president in 2008, Sarah Palin flip-flopped on the feminist question, but today, Palin is happily adopting the feminist label. It's not a realization of the importance of women's rights that's inspired the change - It's strategy. For Nannies, Hope For Workplace Protection 6/2/10 New York Times: Nannies, as well as other domestic workers who make possible the lives of New York’s eternally striving work force, have long gone without basic workplace guarantees that most employees take for granted. Obama Orders Some Federal Employee Benefits To Same-Sex Couples 6/2/10 Business Week: President Barack Obama today extended some federal employee benefits to same-sex couples and their children, and called on Congress to pass legislation providing gay partners who work for the government with the full range of benefits. Gender Gap For The Gifted In City Schools 5/31/10 New York Times: Though the public school system in New York City over all is 51 percent male, its gifted classrooms generally have more girls. 3 Namibian Women With HIV Say They Were Sterilized 6/2/10 NPR: Supporters of three HIV-positive women in Namibia who say they were sterilized without their consent held protests to support the women's decision to sue the government, a legal aid group said Wednesday. In Camouflage Or Veil, A Fragile Bond 5/29/10 New York Times: Troops on the ground in Afghanistan have started an edgy experiment with 40 female marines: sending full-time “female engagement teams” to accompany all-male foot patrols in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan to win over the Afghan women who are culturally off limits to American men. Malawi Pardons Jailed Gay Couple 5/29/10 BBC: A gay couple jailed in Malawi after getting engaged have been pardoned by President Bingu wa Mutharika. Hopes For Breast Cancer Vaccine 5/31/10 BBC: American scientists say they have developed a vaccine which has prevented breast cancer from developing in mice, and are planning to conduct trials of the drug in humans, but it could be years before the vaccine is widely available. What Girls Want: Boyfriends 6/3/10 New York Times: Today’s teenage girls “reluctantly endure the hookup culture,” but what they really want is boyfriends, an article says. Popular culture reflects this desire in Taylor Swift’s songs, “High School Musical,” the “Twilight” series and “Glee.” On Television, Highlights Of Women's Sports Are Running Low 6/3/10 Washington Post: Female athletes and the people who watch them don't ask for much; they're used to being marginalized in the sports news, given that they are a smaller audience (for now). But lately there seems to be almost no news coverage at all, and it's not your imagination. 'Knuckle Princess' Takes Swing at U.S. Baseball 5/30/10 Wall Street Journal: Eri Yoshida, is a former Japanese minor-leaguer who just joined the world of U.S. professional baseball. Ms. Yoshida is one of only a handful of female athletes to play professionally in a sport that has long been the domain of men, and the first woman to pitch professionally in two countries.