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NCNW and WMC Call for the Immediate Reinstatement of Shirley Sherrod

July 21, 2010

The Women’s Media Center stands in solidarity with The National Council of Negro Women and their call for Shirley Sherrod’s reinstatement to the Department of Agriculture. We support Shirley Sherrod and condemn the misrepresentation of her words in the name of an irresponsible and fabricated media controversy.

The National Council of Negro Women

Calls for the Immediate Reinstatement of Shirley Sherrod

The National Council of Negro Women stands in support of our sister, Shirley Sherrod and urges the President to reinstate her to the Department of Agriculture effective immediately.  Ms. Sherrod has dedicated her life to helping those families who are key to the very fabric of our nation—our farming community.  She has provided farmers all across this land with the critically important assistance no one else could or would provide; and in the process, quite literally saved countless family farms.  How tragic to see a lifetime of service reduced to a few fleeting misrepresentative snippets looped time and time again on websites and Cable news networks without benefit of full disclosure of a transformative experience she underwent decades ago.  In light of the recent release of her entire speech, we urge the President to not only reinstate Ms. Sherrod immediately, but to use her journey of transformation and racial reconciliation as a teachable moment for the entire nation.  We need more brave Americans like Ms. Sherrod who are willing to talk openly and honestly about race and her own personal journey toward racial healing.  Hers is a lesson that could benefit an entire nation.  And as such, it is certainly not deserving of condemnation or even worse, termination.