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"My Little Red Book" Tells Stories of Women’s First Periods

February 25, 2009

Rachel Kauder Nalebuff collected 92 short reflections from women of all ages, from all over the world, telling the story of their first period.   The resulting compilation, "My Little Red Book" got a glowing review in yesterday's science section of the New York Times with a big photo of Rachel: “Seldom can a book stretch to accommodate both its author’s and its publisher’s fondest hopes: that it be original yet universal, artistic yet practical, and likely to sell briskly for centuries to come . . . it is hard to imagine any woman, from the most straitlaced and body-denying to the most uninhibited and body-embracing, who will not read right through it with pure enjoyment, small flashes of recognition and the urge to buy it for every female preteen in sight.” Rachel also developed a website to accompany the book, where readers can continue to contribute their first period stories.