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More Coverage of WMC’s Report on the Status of Women in Media

| April 5, 2012


Check out this great media coverage of our recent Report on the Status of Women in the US Media:

Think ProgressWomen of Color In Television, Part 1: The Numbers

4/20/12: "Moving in from those general numbers on women’s employment, the numbers are substantially worse when you look at women of color. A Directors Guild of America analysis of the 2010-2011 television season found that women of color directed just 1 percent of 2,600 television episodes that aired during that period (men of color directed 11 percent of those episodes, numbers comparable to those helmed by white women)."

ForbesHow To Become A Media Expert: 8 Ways to Amplify Your Voice

4/15/23: "According to the Women’s Media Center, women make up only 19% of experts in the news. Women write fewer than 25% of OpEd pieces. Male guests outnumber female guests by average ratio of 4-to-1 on Sunday talk shows."

Huffington PostHollywood's Female Trouble: Part 2, The Directors

4/4/12: "An organization devoted to making women visible and powerful in media is The Women's Media Center founded by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem. Among their startling findings is a chart on page seven where only 4 percent of cinematographers, 5 percent of directors, and 14 percent of writers of the Top 250 grossing films of 2011 were women."

The Jane Dough“Two and a Half Men” Creator Says Too Many Women Are On T.V. — Numbers Show Otherwise

4/2/12: "In fact, let’s turn to the Women’s Media Center’s data on women and television, which outlines just how many women are employed in the entertainment industry. For starters, in its 2012 report on 'The Status Of Women In The Media,' let’s look at women in behind-the-scenes occupations in television, the people who control what kind of characters get on T.V."

Daily BeastHow NPR Became a Hotbed for Female Journalists

3/5/12: "In February, the Women’s Media Center’s annual report found that women make up just 18 percent of radio news directors and 22 percent of the local radio workforce overall."

genConnect: Female Directors Left Out of Oscar Awards Category

2/24/12: "By role, women accounted for 5 percent of directors, 14 percent of writers, 18 percent of executive producers, 25 percent of producers, 20 percent of editors, and 4 percent of cinematographers last year."

Beat the Press (audio)

2/24/12: For coverage of our report, go to 4:20.

NPR: The Contraception Mandate: Where Are The Women?

2/17/12: "The Women's Media Center, an organization that advocates for increased female representation in the media, recently released "The Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2012." The study found that women are still underrepresented in several media areas—print journalism being an immediate example."

The Knight Center for Journalism: Women still underrepresented in U.S. media, annual report shows

2/17/12: "The 2012 Report on the Status of Women in U.S. Media showed some good news -- women occupied 40.5 percent of newspaper jobs in 2011, compared with 36.6 percent in 2010 -- but 'by almost every other measure, media remains overwhelmingly male, and it's getting maler,' reported GOOD."

Vancouver Observer: Sexist bias. Women still being shut out of media: report

2/15/12: "The media industry has always been a difficult place for women to climb into the senior ranks, but according to a new report by the The Women’s Media Center, the gender gap shows no signs of closing."