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Lifetime's Fictional "Pregnancy Pact" Film Airs Tonight

January 23, 2010

Tonight Lifetime is airing a made-for-tv-movie about that mythological "pregnancy pact" amongst a group of teenage girls up in Massachusetts. The Frisky has a great blogpost about this: The doctor and school nurse at the Mass. high school where all the girls got pregnant have released a statement criticizing the film: “We took care of these kids and we know for a fact that there was no pact. The pact was totally a product of the media, and for the media in any way, movies or otherwise, to continue to take advantage of this idea of the pact is truly disgusting.” Lifetime has acknowledged in a statement that the pact is fictional but decided the story was too juicy to pass up. We'll see if the movie goes beyond the tabloid moral panic over girls having sex, and if the teenage boys play a role as well. If you are watching the film tonight, share your thoughts here!