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Katie Couric Explores the Woman's World with Jehmu Greene and Gloria Steinem (VIDEO)

June 24, 2010

WMC President Jehmu Greene and WMC Co-Founder Gloria Steinem recently sat down with Katie Couric on her web show, @katiecouric. Reflecting on recent stories in the news, including The Atlantic's cover story, "The End of Men", the discussion included the role of women in the workplace as well as changing dynamics in family structure. Women are still earning less than men and Steinem feels this is why more women have kept their jobs in the economic downturn, not because we are closer to equality. She also touched on this point when she visited the Colbert Report this week. Steinem and Stephen Colbert discussed the role of fathers and the unfair responsibilities placed on mothers. When fathers are involved things can be very different. Steinem told Colbert, "men who are childrearers and take care of the house as much as women do not only have better marriages, but are healthier, live longer, and have better sex." This information brought cheers from the audience. "I think my fallback position is 'nanny'," responded Colbert, eliciting a big laugh from Steinem.

The discussion also turned to the objectification of women and girls in the media. While the issue has gotten increasing attention in the news, Jehmu Greene believes that girls growing up today are showing signs that they are aware of the false messages in the media. She stated "From a media literacy standpoint, many of these young women are starting to separate those images from their reality and I think social media is contributing to that media literacy." Still, the offensive portrayals of women in the media, particularly in rap music videos and reality television, give young women a false sense of identity and many girls still aspire to unhealthy and unrealistic standards. The WMC has been looking closely at this issue, from partnering with Girls Learn International on Girls Investigate to collaborating with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. In addition to these partnerships, the WMC is working with True Child, Hardy Girls, Healthy Women, and ASAP Initative at Hunter/CUNY College on SPARK Summit, a day to speak out, push back on the sexualization of girls and have fun while igniting a movement for girls' rights to healthy sexuality. SPARK Summit will convene at Hunter College on October 22, 2010. Save the date and follow @SPARKSummit on Twitter!

@katiecouric has profiled some of the biggest names in the media, including Glenn Beck, Al Gore, and Michelle Obama. In this clip, Greene and Steinem reflect on the objectification of girls.
Click here to check out the entire episode!