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Journalism Advice for a New Decade

December 22, 2009

As 2010 fast approaches – and the future of journalism remains ambiguous – our friends at The Media Consortium have highlighted five priorities that journalism orgs (and anyone invested in journalism’s future) should focus on: Increase Experimentation, Broaden Diversity, Creating Engaged Communities, Cultivate Collaboration, and Make Media Mobile.  Authored by Progressive Women’s Voices alum Tracy Van Slyke and Josh Stearns of the Free Press, the piece encourages specific techniques – from engaging communities to mobilizing media – and references outlets from the Texas Tribune to The Young Turks. The piece concludes with 10 journalism resolutions for 2010 (i.e. “Include more women and diverse voices at the table discussing the future of journalism”), and encourages additions from readers like you. Tweet #Jres2010 to add your own, and check them out on a widget at SaveTheNews. And as if they hadn’t done enough this year, Van Slyke and Stearns have also published a comprehensive report titled “The Big Thaw,” which aims to chart the evolution of independent media, and provides even more insight and advice from experts in new media. It’s a new decade, folks, and we can’t do it alone. Let’s work together to keep the media responsible and strong.