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Join Us On The Bridge for International Women's Day

| March 4, 2011


Next week will mark the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.  The challenges women face in Libya, Italy or the US Congress might vary, but the overarching purpose remains the same: advancing women’s voices and standing together for gender equality.

Recent news has covered women marching against Berlusconi, organizing a sit-in in Benghazi, and standing up for women’s health in NYC. On March 8, women will come together, even on opposite sides of the world, for a common cause.

Organized by Women for Women International, the Join Me On The Bridge campaign aims to bring men and women together in solidarity to recognize how far we’ve come while bringing international attention to the hurdles that remain. They will meet on bridges around the world, from the Great Wall of China to the Brooklyn Bridge and the Grand Barriere Bridge that connects Rwanda and the Congo.

If you’re stuck in the office with no bridge in sight, Google has a solution. As an official partner for the Bridge campaign, Google is providing interactive web-based technologies to participants, like event registration, check-in, and video sharing. Using Google Street View, anyone unable leave their desk can still show their support online.

Find an event near you on March 8, or if it doesn’t exist yet, create one here.