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Join the She Party on Wednesday 3-6 pm (EST)!

May 4, 2010

New Picture

Have you noticed the media’s love affair with the politics of anger? In response to the Tea Party movement, the media has devoted nonstop coverage to the drama of the angry protesters. In doing so, they have decidedly elevated white, male, conservative voices over all others, allowing a subset of our diverse population to define the American story.

Yet, we have been hosting tea parties since we were four years old – where’s our media coverage? To counter this media trend, the Women’s Media Center is launching a much-needed She Party! Every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm to 6pm (EST) this summer, we invite you to join us for virtual happy hours. During these open forums, women can share their wit, insights, stories, and thoughts on the Tea Party movement, the media’s obsession with the politics of anger, and whatever else is on their minds. Log in to Twitter this Wednesday afternoon and search the #sheparty hashtag to join in conversation with @womensmediacntr and others!

Amplify women’s voices! Change the conversation!