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He's Just Not That Into You…

February 9, 2009

"He's Just Not That Into You" grossed $27 million this weekend -- 80% of the audience was women.  Reviewers knocked the film in general for being bad, and in particular for being "regressive" in its treatment of women.  They went further to call women "stupid" for seeing the film.  In a post for Women and Hollywood, Melissa Silverstein argues that critics have not only missed the point, but that they've bought into an "accepted, nasty misogynistic tone that pervades the criticism of movies targeted at women."  True, when women flock to theaters to support movies that perpetuate sexist stereotypes, they add to the problem.  However, in an industry where women "direct less than 6% of the films and write only 10%," it's not the fault of women viewers that bad films are made, and it's not appropriate to call them stupid for watching them.