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Health Care Fight Isn’t Over Yet – Watch WMC Prez Jehmu Greene on Fox News

March 23, 2010

WMC President Jehmu Greene appeared on “America’s News with Megyn Kelly” yesterday, responding to President Obama signing the historic health care reform bill. Recognizing the many victories for women’s reproductive health, Jehmu said, “There are pieces of this bill that are going to provide for women not to be considered a pre-existing condition, for women to actually access insurance for their birth control. This is landmark legislation.” Though Representative Bart Stupak’s agenda failed, the bill’s passage remains a bittersweet moment for women’s reproductive rights, as an executive order signed by the President will deny low-income women access to reproductive health care. Moving forward, Greene says, “The real issue is now to defeat Hyde, and to make sure that we are continuing to protect a woman’s right to choose, which is a legal right and a human right. The ability for a woman to access an abortion…is the only medical decision, the only medical activity that has been left out of this bill and that is a travesty and something that women will not stand for.” Watch Jehmu below! Plus, read Gloria Steinem’s reaction to the legislation, and join our discussion on health care reform!  What do you think?