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Governor Sarah Who?

August 29, 2008

Cross posted from Tricia's Take:    I got up this morning hoping to talk about the success of the Democratic National Convention. Let’s face it, it was one of the most moving experiences this nation has had in sometime and it was no doubt historical. How can you not get teary eyed when deep down you know how enormous this is for all people who are working so diligently for peace and justice, and, most especially, those who deserve this change. Yes, our countrymen and women who have been segregated or marginalized by their government for no other reason than color. It is shameful that we even need to call this time ‘historic.’ Then, this morning I wake up not reliving Al Gore’s words about how important it is "not to recycle current policy” or Bill Richardson’s lexis about change due to eight years of despicable foreign policy and torture, but watching, instead, the media’s five hour stake out of John McCain who as you all know by now has chosen a woman to be his Vice President. Tell me this before I go on, did anyone tell Mr. McCain he is not running against Hillary Clinton? I think he is confused. Maybe he picked Mrs. Palin for nostalgia. Must of us do not know much about the Governor from Alaska, but one thing I do know is that in her view she single handedly stopped that bridge to nowhere, you know the one that was bringing $223 million to her state (she must be very popular with Senator Ted Stevens – note the sarcasm). All things considered, she seems nice enough and she may even know a thing or two about the economy. However, I am a bit skeptical about this as well because being governor of 670,000 is not nearly as hard as being a Borough President in New York City As for her mayoral stint, I myself manage more than 9,000 people just navigating Times Square in one afternoon. Talk about no experience. I wonder if she has a passport. More to the point, I can’t believe that someone who has basically ignored women’s rights for the last twenty some odd years, thinks for one minute that we women are going to fall for this blatant and purely political maneuver. McCain has consistently voted against any legislation to help women gain equality. Just read the latest snub of women’s rights for yourselves: Most recently, he [McCain] voted against Equal Pay Bill for Women, saying that women ‘Need Education and Training’ Instead. McCain skipped a vote on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that would ensure women have the opportunity to recover back pay for discrimination once they discover it. If he had been there to vote, he said he would have voted against it and that women “need education and training” rather than an equal pay bill. The bill addressed a recent Supreme Court decision that said Steelworker Lilly Ledbetter could not recover back pay for 19 years of discrimination at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. because she had not discovered the unequal pay until she retired. The bill would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to allow employees to file charges of pay discrimination within 180 days of the last received paycheck affected by the discrimination. [Source:; H.R. 2831, Vote 110, 4/23/08; Associated Press, 4/28/08] Actually I think it is men who need ‘education and training’ because for some odd reason they think giving women seventy cents equals one dollar. The whole process is absolutely and unequivocally insulting. It is completely offensive for Senator McCain to think that women are shallow enough to vote for Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman. For spite we should all buy Obama shirts and hats and line up early to cast our vote for the Democratic ticket. Then, as if one insult was not enough, I had to watch Mrs. Palin herself act like she has been running in this race since January 2007 just like everyone else. Really? Listen, I’m hard on Hillary Clinton, but by no means would I have the gall to compare myself to her, her accomplishments or to all her hard work in this Presidential campaign. Although Mrs. Palin may think being Vice President is going to mean something in a McCain campaign, she is dead wrong. She really should have taken a closer look. Anyone could see that John McCain was noticeably uncomfortable standing next to her while she so willing spent a half hour introducing herself to all those people who have no idea who she is or what on earth she has done besides shut down the "nowhere bridge" scam.  More importantly, how could you miss McCain’s eyes, which were saying, “Ok that’s enough about you. Don’t you know this is my show? You my dear are just a prop.” With a quick peck on the cheek and a thank you he quickly ushered her stage right. So, you women out there who are still mad about Hillary, please for the love of all of us wake up and realize that Mrs. Sarah Palin is no Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton.  A vote for her and John McCain will get you nothing less than the same old. You will continue to live in a flailing economy, continue to see the backlash of a disastrous foreign policy and continue to live with an abysmal health care system. More importantly, Mrs. Palin together with Mr. McCain, are two candidates who will have no qualms about denying women their rights. And to make matters worse, neither of them will have any qualms about taking more of those rights away. -Patricia DeGennaro